Why Blaming Yourself is Unhealthy for Eczema

If you have eczema most like have felt some measure of shame. Although you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, you may still feel embarrassed to have this common skin disorder. You may have just recently been plagued with this skin allergy for the first time. If so, you might be concerned about the other people’s response. You should understand why blame is bad for eczema.

Having to deal with this skin condition usually means, you constantly have an ugly rash. While you may feel like you’re the only person you know with this disorder, you’d be surprised how many people suffer with this everyday. As a matter of fact, you most likely know someone who suffers from this as well. Any area of the body can be affected, so some can be hidden under clothes. You are not alone when it pertains to various types of dermatitis. Actually, you can search for support groups both locally and online so you can associate with others.

As mentioned earlier, some people have bouts of skin rashes on hidden areas of the body like the thighs and chest. You or someone you know may have to endure being in public with bright red patches on the elbow. So should you stay in your home while you’re dealing with an outbreak or wear long sleeves in the summer? It is not wise to hide. Hiding will only cause your condition to become more difficult. Not to mention the stress that is involved with living in seclusion.

If you get severe skin dermatitis, the inflammation and redness on the skin are seen easily. Scars can even develop from past outbreaks and itching. Some people may start to whisper or stare. Use it as an opportunity to teach others about this common skin ailment and assure them that it is not contagious.

Worrying about what others think should be the least of your problems. People fear what they don’t understand. So teaching others will help them know that you aren’t to blame for this. Instead, you need to concentrate on ways to get much needed relief.