Weight Loss With Honolulu Ear Acupuncture

Nowadays, people have been applying a lot of methods to loose their weight, and ear acupuncture is considered as one of the most effective ways by some people. They prefer this acupuncture treatment to the different diet pills that may contain harmful chemicals and cause side effects.

Like many other areas in the world, acupuncture Honolulu is becoming more popular due to its effective methods. Acupuncture is a process in which needles are pierced into the body. In addition to wellness support, pain management and stress reduction, acupuncture Honolulu also help people avoid stress, anxiety and frustration caused by overweight with ear acupuncture.

How does ear acupuncture works for weight loss?

This treatment method involved is the placement of thin acupuncture needles or minute electrical pulses on the real acupuncture points on the outer surface of the ear to stimulate the points in the ear. According to ancient acupuncture, each area of the ear is related to a different anatomical portion of the body. The ear has pressure points, which react in the presence of disease or injury on the other parts of the body as well as the cravings for food. When your ear is triggered, the pierced needles help in releasing the Endorphin hormone which helps to relax you and make you control your food cravings. Apparently, this method helps you lose weight by eating less of what you would normally eat.

Maybe you will wonder if ear acupuncture can hurt you. Dont worry as this procedure is entirely pain free, and allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable during applying it. Besides helping you loosing your weight, ear acupuncture can be an effective treatment for those who wish to quit smoking as well as for other addictions, such as addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today this therapy technique is widely used by a great number of people thanks to its effective results and side effects free. If you are treated by a qualified acupuncturist that strictly follows the guidelines of the Elector Therapy Association like Honolulu acupuncturist, it can be said that there are almost no negatives.

The timetable for treatment

Normally, the timetable for treatment is once or twice a week for 8-12 weeks. It takes time for you to attain your desired weight. However, you shouldnt consider this treatment as the miracle. In order to maintain your desired figure, it is really important and necessary to keep a healthy diet and do exercise regularly.