Various Style Of Acupuncture Practiced Today

Human beings now have become very health conscious.Whenever they face some health problem they now are seen to rely on the alternative medicines instead of the conventional ones.With the advancement in medical sciences the allopathic treatments are very effective in healing even the complex diseases.

But it has also proved to render many harmful side effects as well as it is an expensive treatment.It is safe as no drug or surgeries are used to cure the diseases.So the alternative medical practices like acupuncture have gained a lot of recognition.

Originating in China more than 2000 years ago, acupuncture has proved to be a very safe treatment for healing various diseases.In this alternative treatment it is believed that all through the body energy flows which is also known as chi. When there is disturbance in the flow of the energy health problems starts occurring.Thus the acupuncturists try to bring back the balance in the energy flow to bring back good health conditions.Now acupuncture has even spread to the western countries, which some years back used to debunk this medical treatment claiming that it was prejudiced and unreliable.

Though acupuncture originated in China other styles have also been developed by Japan and Korea.In the Chinese acupuncture thin needles are inserted in specific points in the body that are connected to pathways called meridians which have direct connections with some vital organs.This helps in the proper flow of the chi or energy throughout the body, thus releasing all stress from it.

The Japanese Style Acupuncture is little different from the Chinese, it is much gentler,giving a pleasant experience to the patients. Lesser and very thin as well as shorter needles are inserted shallowly in the body, which makes the patient feel lesser pain.Moreover in this style of treatment a lot of emphasis is given in the sense of touch, by which they try to locate the meridians thus helping in the whole treatment process.As the Japanese style is less painful or gentler more and more patients are seen to rely on it.

Finally the last popular style of acupuncture is the Korean one.This is completely different from the other two.Specific points in only the hand and feet areas are stimulated by inserting very thin needles. It is believed that pathways in these areas can regulate the flow of the chi in the whole body.

Among all these three types of acupuncture, it is the Japanese Style Acupuncture has gained the most popularity, as its methods are milder than the other two.In Australia this style of acupuncture is practiced in many clinics. In fact Acupuncture in Adelaide has become well recognized for a number of such clinics practicing it.These clinics have incorporated other new techniques along with acupuncture to get better results. Many people in the city are availing the medical services of these clinics to improve their health conditions.