Treating Acne With Oregano Oil

Acne vulgaris (acne) is a common skin affliction that is experienced by teenagers, young adults and older adults alike. The lesions are most commonly referred to pimples, spots or blemishes. Affecting more than 89 percent of teenagers, the side effect of acne goes beyond scarring as it plays with self-esteem as well. Treating acne with Oregano oil has been done way back then but it is now a scientific fact that oregano oil has potent antibacterial activity that makes it a good candidate for acne treatment. Here are steps to follow to treat acne, using oregano oil.

Oregano oil is sold in various concentrations. Pure oregano oil has the highest oregano concentration and must be diluted before it is used. With acne, it is wise to practice caution by checking the label of the oregano oil to find out its level of concentration. Pure or super strength oregano oil burns the skin. So the first crucial step is to dilute the oregano oil. For the specific use for acne treatment, oregano oil is diluted with water. Just add in 2 to 3 drops into a glass of water. Avoid dilution with carrier oil as oil is pore-clogging to your acne-prone skin.

Next step is the application of the diluted oregano oil onto your acne skin. If this is your first time experimenting with oregano, you must perform an allergy test to assess whether your skin is able to tolerate the oil. Apply a small amount of diluted oil at a hidden area of the skin like under your arm. You may proceed in using it for your acne once you have ensured that no skin irritation occurs.

Make sure that your face is properly cleansed before applying the diluted oregano. Use a cotton ball to dab the oil onto your acne gently. You may experience a slight tingling sensation but that is alright. Keep doing the same thing for the whole face or area affected with acne. With regularity, you will start to notice lesser acne break outs in no time at all!