The Top 10 Reasons For Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are commonly associated with teenagers because of the fluctuation in hormones of individuals of that acne can occur at any time of life and for any number of reasons. This is not what many people want to hear because we all like to think that we leave the problem behind when we hit 18. That is not the case. In fact, nobody knows exactly why we suffer with acne, and indeed why some suffer more than others.

There are plenty of myths and supposed facts floating around about acne breakouts and particularly what causes them. This article is designed specifically to offer you a good overview of the top 10 causes of acne so you have a good foundation of information available. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to find a solution to the problem:

1.Stress – Stress can cause acne because of the amount of pressure it places on your body and, more specifically, the bodily functions. Your body becomes less efficient when you get stressed and this actually serves to reduce its ability to flush out waste, which in turn can cause acne.

2.The Climate – The climate can have a greater impact on acne sufferers because it can damage the skin, which in turn causes breakouts. Cold air can rob the skin of moisture and cause dryness, which is ideal for the settling of bacteria. On the other hand, humidity can encourage the excess production of oil. Either way, those spots will come racing to the surface.

3.Sunlight – Many people are mistaken when they think that sunlight is an acne cure. It is not, but instead can cause it because the UV rays can damage the skin and cause more pore blockages and thus more spots.

4.Irritation – Any minor skin irritation can cause acne because it will provide the ideal area for bacteria to develop and grow into those unsightly red patches of acne that we all hate. Avoid anything you may be allergic to in order to avoid this effect.

5.Picking – If you pick your spots then the likelihood is that you will see more and more developing because squeezed spots spread the bacteria and leave the skin broken so it becomes more susceptible to infection.

6.Drugs – Certain drugs are well known for causing acne because they have it listed as a side effect. This is largely because they disrupt the balance of the body and is largely unavoidable.

7.Birth Control – Birth control pills can cause acne because they are effectively injecting hormones into your system. This hormone imbalance may or may not cause acne, depending on the birth control pill that you are on.

8.Natural Fluctuations In Hormones – If you are pregnant or growing up then natural fluctuations in hormones can cause acne because of the changes extra hormones bring to your body. This cause of acne is completely natural.

9.Cosmetics – Cosmetics do not allow the skin to breathe and thus can help to contribute to any acne breakouts that you may experience. They block the pores and prevent the recycling of skin cells, so they provide a haven for bacteria.

10.Chemicals And Oils – Oils will clog the pores and cause blockages that ultimately cause acne. This can be natural oils produced by the skin or oily skincare products. Either way, this problem is easily solved.