The Reality Of Male Menopause

Women basically do not monopolize the market corner of menopause. Perceived as a natural physiological process brought about by aging, menopause is more or less an anticipated phenomenon. Menopause being the transition from being reproductive to non-reproductive in women is instigated by a decline in ovarian hormones and can bring about discomforting and even distressing symptoms. As aging is not exclusive to women alone, aging in men likewise bring about physiological and hormonal changes. Forty percent of men in their 40s to 60s experience what they call male menopause, otherwise known as andropause. Male menopause can be very real and has been widely recognized in the recent years.

Male menopause is characterized by a gradual decline in the production of the male hormone testosterone. When such occurs, there may be discomforting and troubling symptoms that can manifest. Others may generally disregard the idea that they are going through male menopause and simply call it “aging”, but the fact is, the symptoms can be very real and may even require medical attention. A gradual waning of testicular functions are experienced by men at around the ages of 40s to the 50s and as the functions decrease, so do the hormonal levels. It is until such time that male menopause symptoms can crop up.

Unlike female menopause wherein the reproductive function completely ceases, testicular functions during male menopause simply decline. Common indications of male menopause can be joint pain and hot flashes. Joint pain has the tendency to manifest with other conditions and hot flashes on the other hand are triggered by hormonal disruptions akin to female menopause. Fatigue is also prevalent among men experiencing male menopause. It is in fact foremost among the list of symptoms experienced during the aging process. Fatigue as a manifestation of male menopause can be severe and can go hand in hand with a sense of overall loss of well-being.

Another symptom triggered by male menopause and considered as the most troublesome is low libido or decreased sex drive. Sexual drive may slow down as a result of decreased testosterone production and once the manifestation becomes severe, it may be a cause for concern. Along with this indication of male menopause can come difficulty in maintaining erections or erectile dysfunction. Sleep problems can also arise which can bring about increased irritability. Such mood changes can be triggered by sleep disturbances or can be attributed to the ongoing hormonal changes. Depression can likewise crop up during male menopause and if this particular male menopause symptom becomes chronic, it may be time to seek professional help much more so if it lasts for several weeks at a time or may be associated with thoughts of suicide.

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