The Obsession of Breasts in Todays Society

America’s “breast obsession” is in full swing, even after the couple of years we usually to give to any fad – whether it be a clothing fad, or accessories – there are also fads with body types, and body parts, if you will. A woman’s breasts are no exception to the cyclical fads that occur, but the lust for bigger breasts, and pretty, shapely breasts seems to be fueled further all the time.

Just about everyday we see an article about a celebritys new breast size, did she or didnt she? Recently on a talk show, someone asked Jennifer Aniston if she had breast work done and she attributed her new voluptuous breasts to gaining ten pounds! So, this would tend to make us think that men and women are just genetically programmed to zero in on women’s breasts, as both an object of sexual desire, and an object of natural beauty to be envied as well as respected as the hallmark of womanhood.

Well, first of all, there is the trend of bigger breasts turning up on our adolescent women everywhere, thanks to breast enhancement availability as well as diet advances and changes and other factors such as changing hormone patterns in our youth. The disadvantages of breast enhancement through surgery can be somewhat numerous, especially if your body rejects the implants, but that doesn’t stop thousands of women from getting them in pursuit of bigger breasts.

It’s called evolution! On a more primal, instinctual level, breasts serve as a sign of fertility, youth, and womanhood, and significant change and development in the female body that signifies her ability to mother and nurture a child, which also most definitely plays in the more “subliminal” and instinctual attraction that human males have toward a woman’s breast. As we have seen television documentaries about tribal culture, women often are topless and it’s very natural, normal, and non-sexual. Our culture seems to breed the feelings that breasts are sexual rather than a functional part of the body. Our culture tends to glamorize and therefore obsess over breasts, which give some women a certain sense of power and others, feelings of insecurity. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman with full breasts bouncing as she walks. No wonder we take notice!

So, while the breast obsession is primarily a product of our media and culture obsession, many of us cannot help but want larger, rounder, firmer breasts. Now women can have this without emptying their pockets. Breast enhancement has become more affordable, through exercise, diet and natural breast enhancing supplements.