The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Negative Ion Clothing

Have you ever wondered why a trip to the beach or day outside in the fresh air is so invigorating? Have you noticed that you feel better, happier and more content, and even sleep better after a day spent outdoors? University studies have shown that there is a reason for these good moods that are not simply attributable to relaxation or a day off work. The great news is that you can help to create an environment to give you these same benefits every day at home, at work, and every place you go.

The air we breathe is electrically charged with both positive and negative molecular ions with the composition of the balance or imbalance of these ions affecting our moods and health. An imbalance of ions exists in the enclosed spaces where we spend most of our time. Electrical appliances like computer screens, TVs, radios, and air conditioning create a surplus of positive ions resulting in a kind of electrical “smog” that has a negative effect on our moods, energy levels, alertness, and health. This requires the addition of negative ions, or anions, to the air to regain the balance.

Scientific studies demonstrate the powerful impact that negative ions have on our mental and physical health. Ionic air purifiers work by emitting negative ions that attach to particles and bacteria, removing them from the air to create a more healthful environment. This was found to be helpful particularly to those suffering from asthma. Further studies discovered that negative ions directly affect the serotonin levels in the bloodstream and stabilize the brains alpha rhythms resulting in increased mental agility, alertness, enhanced performance, and a feeling of well being.

We cannot control the air quality and ion balance everywhere we go but we can now surround ourselves with a “Negative Ion Shield” by wearing negative ion clothing. After many years of research, Japanese scientists have developed durable negative ion fibers, named Teviron, to create clothing and bedding that generate negative ions to positively benefit the mental and physical health of those wearing the garments.

Clothing made from Teviron produce anions for the life of the garments when cared for correctly to help maintain a healthy balance of ions both inside and outside of the body. The fibers have the added benefit of keeping the wearer warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. It is safely worn by everyone, including children and women who are pregnant, offering only healthful benefits.