Tasks That You Will Perform As A Dental Assistant

The job of a dental assistant is not just about passing tools and other equipment to the dentist. There are a whole lot of different tasks that a dental assistant needs to perform during his (or her) working hours.

These tasks not only require training, experience and skills but also a lot of consistency and dedication towards the job. 10 of the main tasks that a dental assistant needs to perform is as follows:

*To console and give confidence to the patients before their dental surgery. Apart from this, a dental assistant needs to sanitize all the dental tools that are going to be used in the surgery and has to set up the apparatus trays and assist the dentist during the surgery.

*To expose the dental diagnostic x-rays.

*Keep a proper chart and information about the current and old patients for future reference.

*Other than the record keeping of chart and information, a dental assistant also needs to keep a proper record of the dental histories of the patients. It allows all the data to be intact which ultimately improves the efficiency of work environment.

*After every dental procedure or surgery, it is dental assistant’s job to provide patients with post-operative directives after discussing the case with the dentist.

*Assisting the dentist in management of dental emergencies is also a very important task that a dental assistant needs to perform.

*After every dental surgery and procedure, a dental assistant needs to guide the patients towards oral hygiene and ways to control the plaque effectively. In case of braces, a dental assistant also guides patients about the best way to maintain good oral health even when the braces are on.

*Responsible for ordering all the dental supplies, other inventory and general items which are running out.

*Cleaning all the removable appliances within the office.

*Set the appointments for the patients as well because dental assistant is the only person who is aware of the entire schedule of the dentist. In case of cancellation of any appointment, a dental assistant directly reports to the concerned dentist and ask for his directions.

There are surely a whole lot of tasks for a dental assistant that he needs to perform on daily basis. However, the rewards are also great in terms of paid leaves as well as salary packages that are on offer to a dental assistant.