Major and Minor Side Effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment method can be used for chronic pain or other chronic diseases. Acupuncture also provides variety of health benefits to the patient who needs treatment for multi disorders but this treatment also has some side effects. Although Acupuncture is the most secure form of medical treatment but many people still think whether it will harm them or not?

Whenever somebody is talking about acupuncture major accent is on safety and efficiency then there are talks how acupuncture does not have any side effects, no interaction with other treatment modalities, cost effective treatment option, etc. But let’s face the truth; there are no treatments without side effects (major or minor). Now we will talk about major side effects of acupuncture. Some people also use Acupuncture for fertility.

Pain free body and peace of mind: acupuncture is safe treatment choice for many pain related health problems. In some cases results are visible after first treatment, sometime after several treatments but in almost 90% cases there will be experience of positive results after treatment. Where we are pain free we are also happier, peaceful and content. So, popular acupuncturist like Acupuncture clinic Chicago knows what kind of treatment is required for which patient.

Better sleep is second major side effect of acupuncture: As we know that proper sleep of 6-8 hours is very much necessary to live a balanced lifestyle. After you complete series of treatments there are great chances that you will sleep much better. You will easy fall asleep, stay asleep and woke up refresh and content.

Third major side effect is more energy throughout the day: Energy boost is very reasonable side effect to expect with acupuncture treatment, and you will not need any energy boost, nap or extra cup of coffee to finish daily routine. So, with this treatment you will always feel full of energy as this is good for your life. Your body will produce use and maintain great energy level. Even, some of the people are using Acupuncture for Weight Loss and it is very effective there.

After elaborating major side effect of acupuncture treatment it is only fair to present minor possible side effects. Whenever acupuncture is performed by Licensed Acupuncturist there is even smaller chance for minor side effects. Occasionally there is possibility of redness and bruise at puncture site, nothing that a little more fluid will not resolve in a couple of days. There are some major side effect will take place in case of dangerous complication may include infection, injury to underlying tissue and transmission of infectious diseases like hepatitis.

Most of the popular researchers found that side effects will take place only if the patient doesn’t follow the guidelines of treatment for example it is very important to use sterile needles as otherwise it will cause infections. In the most of minor health complications, doesn’t require the advanced form of medical treatment so only in this case only minor risks of acupuncture includes like skin irritation at the injection sites or bruising at the injection sites.

At the end, don’t forget that every journey starts with a first step, so let your knowledge to lead your first step on your own -Bridge to Health-