Reasons you should attend Medical Assistant School in Miami

There is a lot to think about when trying to figure out what career path you want to choose, especially when you have your own family. The years and money that go into earning a degree can sometimes be overwhelming. If the idea of working in the medical field has been a dream of yours for quite some time, medical assistant school may be a great place to start. The following are some of the top reasons to become a medical assistant:

1. You will be certified in less than two years

When becoming a medical assistant, there are two different paths you may choose. You can either get a medical assisting diploma or degree. Both programs will certify you to work as one of them, but the biggest difference between the two is the amount of time you attend school. A diploma can be earned in as few as 15 months, while an associate’s degree would take as little as 19 months. Most individuals that go for the associate degree value the time spent in the additional 30 credits that will help them prepare for the certification exam.

2. Job Growth is above-average

The average projected job growth for most jobs is expected to increase at a rate of 11 percent through 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the job growth for this career is estimated to increase at 29 percent that same year. That rate of growth is much faster than the average. This means the demand for these professionals will be up the roof.

3. Career stability

Just as with doctors, physicians, and nurses, there is a need for medical assistants every hour of every day. Unlike other careers, the medical field just can’t take breaks. There are always patients that need your help. You will no longer have to scramble for extra shifts or compete with your coworkers for more hours. There will always be a need for medical assistants.

4. Job flexibility

The skills that a medical assistant possesses are always needed in clinics and hospitals all over the country. This means if you’re considering moving to a new state for personal reasons, finding a job wherever you end up won’t be a problem.

5. You may work in different settings

You will have the opportunity to work in the environment that makes you feel most comfortable. Medical assistants are needed in hospitals, clinics, private practices, and in ambulatory care.