Overcoming Menstruation Problems

Its that dreaded time of the month for almost all women. For a week or so, you can turn into an emotional wreck or a hideous monster because of hormonal changes. Not to mention physical discomforts such as migraines, bloating and dysmenorrhea and it’s so messy. Menstruation may make a woman a woman, yet may take so much time of her life, too. Being a part of her biological process, is a woman just supposed to “live with it”? I am a woman in my early forties, and after several decades of “living with it”, I seem to have gotten tired of that predicament.

Yes, my menstruation problems have become a predicament for me as the years went by. As I got older, my menstruation problems got worse. My periods consequently became heavier and longer. Considering it is the course of nature, should I just wait for my horrendous menstruation problems to go away? Menopause could well be my best liberator, but waiting for it for several more years is torture. I thought about undergoing a hysterectomy. But then again, it may be another form of torment as it would take six weeks to recover from that procedure. There is a way out of these horrible menstruation problems.

A lot of women are not aware of it, but there is a surgical procedure that can put an end to these agonizing menstruation problems. This surgical procedure has been performed for over fifteen years, and it could be a redemption form the menstruation problems that you detest every month. This big secret is called “Hysteroscopic Endometrial Ablation”. It is a non-invasive surgical procedure and recovery from it would take just a few days. This surgical procedure is also known as the “roller ball surgery”. This method of surgery eliminates menstruation problems by actually putting an end to your periods.

It may seem drastic, but for me, this is the ultimate solution to the menstruation problems that are more than just an inconvenience to me every month. It is called the “roller ball surgery” because it entails the use of a laser shaped like a roller ball to cauterize the endometrial layer of the uterus. Yes, you will no longer have awful menstruation problems as you eradicate the cause itself your menstrual period. As the endometrial layer of the uterus is cauterized, blood is prevented from building up in the uterus, thus, no more monthly periods. Plus, your uterus remains intact and you dont run the risk of early menopause.

The only possible adverse consequence of roller ball surgery is when the surgeon misses a small area of the uterus. This may seem inconsequential as all you have to do is have the surgery repeated. Another downside of the roller ball surgery is that preparation for it involves the injection of the drug called Lupron into the patient. This drug is a bit costly, with a price ranging from around $350 to $500, and stays in the body for a month. Lupron basically puts the body in a temporary state of menopause, thus, the endometrial layer becomes thinner and it is easier for the doctor to laser.

This is essential for the surgery to be successful. Lupron may have adverse effects such as mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain and difficulty in sleeping. Its not all sunshine and roses with Lupron, but when I think of all the menstruation problems I have had to suffer for years, Id rather take this option. A month or so of sacrifice but then it would eventually mean liberty from binding menstruation problems. So, if you are an older woman struggling from your monthly periods and you have no concerns of having any more children, Hysteroscopic Endometrial Ablation could be one of the choices you could make to resolve your menstruation problems.