Mental Fatigue And Exhaustion

Stress and physical exertion contribute to fatigue and exhaustuon and if this is not checked it can devlope into chronic fatigue syndrome the pace of daily life has and impact on the body and the emotions.

1. Supta baddhankonasana using a bolster and folder blanket to support the head and neck and a strap to keep the feet close to the body.

2. Supta virasana with as much support as is needed placed under the spine neck and head to allow the back and knees to release keep the chest open and up and the soulders relaxed and back.

3. Virasana with parvatasana extending the palms towards the celling .

4. Adho mukha virasana with the head and trunk supported on a bolster and or blanket.

5. Pascimottansasana withe the forhead supported on a stool to aviid straining the back.

6. Standing Maricyasana using the wall and the stool for support.

7.Janusirsasana with the head elbows and knee supported on bolsters and using a strap.

8. Maricyasana i stitting on a support to aid the lift of the spine and turning the chest.

9. Bharadvajasana !chair! using the chair to increase the turn. Keep the leet on the floor. parallel to one another, to stabilize the hips. Turn from the waist, moving a little more with each exhalation.

10. Tadasana standing against a walL Use the wall to aid balance, keeping the feet parallel and together and the heels against the walL Lift the chest, keeping the face and eyes 50ft.

11. Adho Mukha Svanasana with the head supported on a bolster to calm the brain.

12. Ardha Halasana with the legs supported on foam blocks on a stool, and the brain quiet.

13. Viparita Karani using a wooden block and a bolster to support the lower back and hips.

14. Savasana with the head and neck supported on a folded blanket. and bandaged eyes.