Major Dental Implants Manufacture

There are a lot of companies around the world that manufacture dental implants. While many have been around for years, some of them are comparatively new . Several of these manufacturers have been responsible for recent innovations in this field. A comprehensive list of these manufacturers, along with their pathbreaking offerings in dental implant technology, is given below in alphabetical order :

3i Implant Innovations

This Florida-based company produces an external hex implant in both the screw and cylinder format .

Asden Ltd

This British manufacturer offers a specialized range of prosthetic devices such as a wax tray system (for denture production), denture gauge, bite plane and bite gauge.

Astra Tech Ltd

Originally from Sweden and now part of global giant AstraZeneca, the company produces implants such as the Astra Tech BioManagement Complex with conical seal design, microthread, osseospeed and connective contour.


This Boston manufacturer offers a fin-shaped internal taper that is is tapped into place rather than screwed for improved ease of use.


Part of the Swiss group Straumann since 2003, it manufactures guided instruments for implant procedures and bone level implants.


This company, based out of Alabama and with offices around the world, offers a range of products such as implants, prosthetics and instruments.

BT Lock srl


This Italian manufacturer offers a “Next Generation System” featuring a locking type implant in which the abutment “locks” into the implant.


This German manufacturer offers a tapered internal hex implant among other things

Geistlich Biomaterials

Part of the family-owned Swiss Geistlich Pharma group, it markets dental implants and bone grafting materials.

General Medical Equipment Co.


This UK-based company is a specialist supplier of dental implant accessories and MEDPOR porous polyethylene implants for craniofacial reconstruction.


Headquartered in Oklahoma and part of the global 3M group, this company manufactures an extensive range of dental implant products, including an external hex implant in both the cylinder and screw format.

Innova Life Science Co.

Part of a family of world renowned companies such as Kerr, SybronEndo, Ormco, KaVo, Gendex, Pelton & Crane and Imaging Sciences International (i-CAT), this California-based company manufactures the proprietary Endopore and PITT-EASY dental implants.


This Florida manufacturer is a recent entrant in the field of dental implantology. They produce both internal and external implants and their much-vaunted patented Drive Lock system.

Keystone Dental

Based out of Burlington, Massachusetts, this company manufactures several different types of implant that include an external hex implant and a Morse taper implant under the brand names Prima, Restore, Renova and Stage I.

Nobel Biocare

One of the oldest companies in this field, this Swiss firm concentrates on the development, production and marketing of dental implants, crowns and bridges as well as veneers and laminates as dental prostheses. In the 1950s, Per-Ingvar Brnemarks research in the field of bone regenerations led him to the discovery of osseointegration, a milestone in reconstructive dentistry. Osseointegration is the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing artificial implant, typically made of titanium.

Osteo Care

Osteocare Dental Implants System

This British company, besides offering a wide range of implants, also markets a wireless hand-held unit for measuring osseointegration.

Osteo-Ti Ltd

Another British company in this field. One of its products is the Eezi-Combi implant system which is suitable for both immediate loading and delayed placement.

Zimmer Dental

This California-based company manufactures a range of implants which include a spline implant connection, a tapered screw vent and a tapered Swiss plus.