Learn How To Eliminate TMJ Through Acupuncture

In the medical field, temporomandibular joint is identified as the paired joints that connect the upper and lower jaws. As one of the most complex joints in the body, TMJ can be a source of various disorders, which leads for the term TMJ to be used as a reference to the pain and dysfunction of these joints. Often, an effective treatment for TM is hard to secure because this medical condition is directly related to a wide range of aspects that concern the body and mind, including mental stress, dental problems and neuromascular disorders.

Although there are various ways to treat TMJ, these treatments could only provide symptomatic relief to such disorder. They rarely get to the root cause of the issue, which is why TMJ recurrence is likely to happen even after several treatments. Good thing, for individuals inflicted with TMJ, acupuncture is now available and is perceived as one of the most effective forms of alternative medicine treatments that could greatly reduce the pain and discomforts induced by temporomandibular joint disorder. As an evidence to its effectiveness, a 2007 study have shown that acupuncture for TMJ profoundly reduced the muscle pains created by TMJ among its sufferers who were receiving acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture for TMJ can be combined with a variety of TMJ treatment approaches even with medications such as analgesics, anti-inflamatories, muscle relaxants, and corticosteroids. This is because acupuncture does not interfere with these modern treatments. As a matter of fact, acupuncture can even be utilized as a stand-alone alternative for such treatment approaches without positing any risk of side effects.

Acupuncture has been greatly acknowledged to effectively lessen the pain that TMJ induces. This is because acupuncture functions by directly targeting the network energy channels known as meridians that are experiencing the pain, thereby allowing the neuromascular tension found in the jaws to reset itself and for the body and mind to achieve balance. It should be noted that the underlying stress and contractions in the jaw and face are what cause TMJ pain. Therefore, acupuncture is applied to relax the muscles surrounding the jaws, which also lowers the stress experienced by the body, alleviating TMJ-related pain and discomforts.

Commonly, TMJ sufferers that are experiencing the chronic stage of the said condition are suggested to undergo six or more acupuncture treatments, while mild conditions can be treated in just four therapeutic sessions. It should be taken into consideration, though, that despite the relief that can be achieved through acupuncture for TMJ, there are instances that long-term treatment might still be required so as to “reeducate” the muscles surrounding the TMJ to their right functions as to avoid recurrences and complications. Complete TMJ long-term care can be achieved through lifestyle and dietary changes, stress reduction, jaw stretching exercises, relaxation techniques as well as modifications in chewing habits.

If you are thinking of using acupuncture as your main TMJ treatment option, do not think of applying the acupuncture yourself. Rather, visit a reliable acupuncturist to make sure that the disharmonies and other factors causing your TMJ would be properly addressed. Do not forget that acupuncture involves needle insertions in various target areas around your body, so it should be professionally done to avoid Qi disruption that could worsen your TMJ. Nevertheless, a reliable acupuncturist could also help you in doing the changes in your lifestyle in order to reduce and eventually eliminate the discomforts of your TMJ.

Temporomandibular joint disorder could have painful effects. Because of this, it is necessary that you address the discomforts it induces. One of the most effective means to treat TMJ is through the aid of acupuncture. Acupuncture for TMJ has been proven effective to relieve the said disorder since it is capable of targeting the root causes of TMJ. By targeting the network of energy channels around your jaws, acupuncture could reset the neuromascular tension in the jaw.