Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best Medicine-, it is a common saying we have heard for countless years. But is it true?

Medical research has shown the body responds well to humor, it helps us deal with illnesses, the pressures of day to day life; we cope better at work and will change the quality of our lives.

We laugh for different reasons, what I find humorous may not necessarily make you laugh. But whatever makes us laugh makes us feel good. And for a detectable health reason-

Laughter has been shown to reduce certain stress hormones, changes the flight-fright responses that occur in times of stress.

Laughter boosts our immune system, lowers our blood pressure, and increases our oxygen levels.

Laughter due to its’ physical nature gives us an overall body workout. So you can have fun, keep fit and stay healthy all in one easy step. Just laugh-

So we should laugh more, read comics, see funny or light-hearted movies, watch comedies on television etc. Whatever it takes just laugh and more fun.

John Kehoe said in one of his books -if you are not doing three fun things in a day, you are ageing quicker than you should’. Can you remember when you last did three fun things in a day or even a week?

A person I know has a job that isn’t overly interesting- you guessed it, he’s an Accountant. One of the things he does each day to bring a bit of fun into his job is to choose a word each day.

Now this word is not necessarily a normal word. It might be -Quasimodo’ for example. He then has to use this word in context in three conversations in his day without anybody suspecting. It doesn’t detract from his work but it makes it more fun for him. If you have a larger staff numbers, this can get very interesting and a great way to make the day go quicker and keeping the day light and fun filled.

But there are numerous things to do, both at work and at home to add laughter into our lives. Look at the number of web-sites that are dedicated to humor, many will send you a joke of the day, or a humorous quote etc. An email with a small laugh attached is a good way to start the day.

But make a point of seeing a funny movie, or hiring a DVD regularly to lighten the mood. Buy TV series that you find funny and watch them every now and then. But make it a habit; it is the habitual nature of things that bring us down. Changing bad habits to good will also raise the energy and laughter in our lives.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine. Life is fast paced, hectic and chaotic at times. Taking a break and having a laugh with friends or family is one of the best remedies you can have – go ahead just laugh.

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