Kleptomania A Mental Disorder

The brain is one of the most wonderful yet complicated organs in the human body. It has areas and that is still unknown and has a lot of mysteries. One of these mysteries is the mental disorder that urges the person to steal. Such problem is said to be serious since it can have great effect to the patient’s family and to the patient himself.

Kleptomania is a kind of disorder is characterized primarily by a strong desire to steal something. Usually, kleptomaniacs steal things that they never really want or they really never needed and is of small cost. The said urge can oftentimes lead to increase of anxiety while stealing or gives triumphant feeling while stealing. After the deed, the person with the said disorder also has a feeling of regret, guilt and fear to be arrested. Usually, the urge takes place without any warning. Kleptomaniacs, people with such disorder, take something without any motive and they simply had the strong desire to steal it. The urge oftentimes comes back causing the disorder to go around in circles.

Causes of kleptomania still remains unknown. However, some studies hunches that the said disorder is caused by a chemical in the brain which controls emotions and moods, called serotonin. Serotonin is also suspected to be responsible for addictive behaviors like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Kleptomania treatment is considered to be the most difficult part for such disorder. More often, kleptomaniacs do not seek medical help because of fear and feeling of embarrassment. It is highly encouraged that family and friends will give their help and support to the patient so that he can recover from the disorder. There is no exact treatment for kleptomania, thus, resulting to the patient undergoing several treatment process first before finding out the best treatment that suits him. Some prescriptions can be administered to the patient. These drugs include antidepressants, mood stabilizers and drugs that block the specific area of the brain that causes pleasure from addictive behavior to reduce the patient’s urge to steal.

Studies also show that cognitive behavioral therapy helps greatly for a kleptomaniac to manage its symptoms. During the therapy, the patient is taught and is informed about his disorder and is also told about the negative behavior and its possible negative effects. They are also taught how to create and develop positive thoughts leading to positive acts.

Kleptomaniac cannot recover from his condition alone. Understanding and help from family and friends, as said, is really needed. They can be if great help by helping the patient know about his condition and encouraging him to follow his treatment plan. Family and friends can also help by helping the patient avoid situations that can trigger the stealing urge and teaching him some stress management techniques to help overcome the urge.