How Stress Leads to Acne

Acne has been affecting people emotional and physically for many years because of the drastic changes it makes in someone’s life. Acne has been widely known to start when someone enters puberty and continues for several years into early adolescence but some even longer. The cause of acne on the face, back and chest area has been researched and one of the leading factors is stress. This article will cover how acne and stress are related through lifestyle and hormonal changes. First, stress is the leading cause of many other illnesses included heart disease which is currently the number one death factor in North America. Stress can be caused by everyday struggles and some people have a difficult time dealing with it which is why some people tend to suffer from more illnesses then others. Stress has also been linked to causing acne due to the hormonal changes that it causes within your body. For example, the hormone producer directly linked to acne is sebum and this hormone is secreted through your body at different time. Too many sebum-producing cells will cause your hair follicle to clog causing oil built up leading to acne. Now stress is directly relating to these cells because when someone experiences stress these cells tend to produce more sebum clogging your hair follicles and acne breakouts occur. With clogged hair follicles comes a built up of toxins and oils which is the worse for anyone’s skin. Secondly, during stress your body sends out hormones throughout your body because it thinks that you are in great danger but sometimes you can have stress and not be in immediate danger. The problem is that with all these hormones circulating throughout your body, your body can begin to produce sweat which contains a lot of bacteria. Bacteria in general are very bad and can not only make you sick but if on your skin can cause acne. Due to some of the other hormones which are circulating throughout your body, your acne can worsen which is why sometimes you will develop blackheads and puss. Men suffer from a more serious form of acne because they have more testosterone compared to women. Testosterone is known as an aggressive hormone associated with strength which is good but during stressful times this hormone can cause you to have more oily skin. How can you solve this problem?

The good news is that stress can be controlled through exercise and even counselling. For example, exercise caused endorphins to be released throughout your body which are great to fight bacteria and control stress. Next, if you are dealing with higher forms of stress and cannot handle it on your own, then many resources are available to you. For example, go online to find ways to control your stress since there are many stress controlling activities that can help. Next, you can always seek counselling to help you out and after sometime you will learn how to control your stress automatically or find new creative ways to deal with specific situations.

There are many new products like medications and even books that can help you control stress and overall acne breakouts.

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