Hidden Data on Heart Disease

The World Of Flat Worms!

Picture a world of only two dimensions. This is a flat world where only flat worms live.

There is no “up” and no “down,” but only forward, backward and sideways!

On this flat world, flat worms slither this way and that, in the way of flat worms.

Frank is our friendly flat worm — he slithers this way and that. He is, however, just a bit more adventuresome than the other flat worms and goes out into some flat areas where no one has ever slithered before.

One day, Frank bumps into a pole!

Now, a “pole” cannot exist on a flat world. It is a contradiction in terms. A flat world cannot have poles! What does this flat worm do when he hits the pole?

There are many different reactions to data which is unbelievable. One reaction is to decide, or pretend, that it didnt happen. To forget the whole event.

Frank decides to pretend he never bumped into a “pole!”

He continues to slither around, somewhat apprehensive now, always worried that he might again run into that “something” which he doesnt understand. One day he does! Depending on the worm, he might again try to erase the event from his memory, but he might choose another alternative — he might try climbing the pole!

Frank decides to climb the pole. He looks down on the formerly flat world and has two sudden realizations: First, his world is NOT flat! Next, there are thousands of other flat worms down there who dont know that the pole exists, that the world is NOT flat.

He may or may not immediately appreciate some problems he will encounter when he starts telling the other flat worms about the pole.

In any event, down the pole he comes — off to the adventure of telling (or shall he decide to NOT tell?) other flat worms about his new discovery.

If he is going to tell them, he has all sorts of strategies to work out — as to how to tell other worms without their getting angry, or ignoring him, or whatever other reaction they might have.

He tries his friends:

“Look,” he says, “I just bumped into a pole, climbed it and I could see the entire flat world from up high!”

This may be a sure route to the insane asylum, or he may just lose all his friends. He might get shot! In any event, he will run into a wide variety of reactions, not unlike what might be occurring within a group of different persons reading this Book on Heart Disease and Water.

You Have Been Living In A Flat World

Your flat world is made up of doctors and drug companies who tell you that you need this surgery or that drug to cure your ailments. You are bombarded with ads and non-commercial messages about the care of your body and the foods you should eat.

We are, maybe, not yet aware that our world is flat, but we sure know the health world we live in is going to pot. Its time to start looking for the pole!

This Section is a Map To Find A Pole!