Heart Disease Age Range

Heart disease age range is not as an obscure topic as one might initially believe. After all, with an aging population it is not unusual for dinner table conversation to turn to when and if heart disease will strike. And quite honestly the topic of heart disease age range, along with what can be done to push it back, or postpone it altogether, has been coming up a lot lately around our dinner table, along with ideas on healthy cooking and getting more exercise.

Heart disease age risk Who is the most vulnerable?

As we age our risk of having a heart attack or stroke increase. Most studies suggest that around the age of 45 the risk for men to rise, and above 55 for women. Basically the older we get the greater our risks of heart disease with the average age for a first heart attack being 66 for men and 70 for women. But if you are younger dont be deceived by these averages, remember they are just averages and young people have heart attacks too. But to answer who is the most vulnerable it is without a doubt the growing senior citizens population.

Heart disease and age risk Why does age play a major role

As we age a number of factors come together to increase the risk of heart attack, artery disease, or stroke. To start with our hearts beat on average about 100,000 times a day and sends 1,800 gallons of blood coursing through our veins daily. Over time the heart simply starts to lose its pumping power and by age 80 the hearts resting capacity has been cut in half.
Another factor is the accumulation of plaque within our arteries which makes it more difficult for the heart to do its job. If not addressed either through surgery or lifestyle modification cholesterol will continue to accumulate in the arteries eventually producing a heart attack or stroke.

Heart disease and age risk Inactivity is often an overlooked risk factor

As we age staying active becomes a greater challenge. Things that used to be a breeze all of the sudden become more difficult. Our joints may constantly ache due to osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Our breathing may become labored due to smoking, heart strength, or a decline in heart and artery health making physical activity something we would rather avoid. With all of these headwinds it is sometimes just easier to decline an invitation to become more active than accept one. But this type of thinking can get us into trouble according to Center for Disease Control. In statistic compiled by the CDC inactivity was a factor in 39.5 percent of heart attack victims.

Heart disease age range What are the odds of surviving

There are almost two heart attacks every minute in the United States with most occurring in the wee morning hours when blood platelets become sticky and prone to form clots. Ironically, this is not the case for those who take a daily baby dose of aspirin.

The odds of surviving a heart attack are 75 percent for men and 60 percent for women. These are the averages though, and statistically your odds are worse of surviving a coronary event on the weekends when fewer emergency surgeries are scheduled.

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