Fertility Acupuncture Treatment by Single Point of Acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture Treatment Thisarticlewillexplain thetechniques of fertility acupuncturetreatment thatuses only one acupuncturepoint. The advantages of single point of acupuncture technique is its simplicity, so that anyone can do it themselves, though not a practitioner of acupuncture.

Primary sterility or infertility refers to married women, who live together with their spouse and have normal sexual relations for over two years, and fail to be pregnant without contraception. Secondary fertility problem refers to those women who fail to be pregnant over two years after having a previous delivery, miscarriage, or abortion, without contraception. Acupuncture Points Used in Fertility Acupuncture Techniques Guanyuan (RN 4)


Guanyuan (RN 4) acupuncturepointis located on the anterior midline, 3 cun below the umbilicus


Moxibustion is used. Indirectmoxibustion with ginger is used on Guanyuan (RN 4). The ginger should be about 2 cm in diameter and 2-3 mm in thickness. Prick holes in the ginger, before placing a big moxa cone on top. Five cones are used per treatment twice daily, morning and evening before sleep. Tentreatments are one course. Usually one to five courses is needed. No treatments should be done during the woman’s menstruation.


30 cases, married more than two years, without children, were treated by this method of fertility acupuncture, after five courses of fertility acupuncturetreatment, 11 of these women had a child in the first year, treatments were stopped after five courses.


The point Guanyuan (RN 4) belongs to the Ren Meridian, and has a relationship to the Du and Chong meridians. It is the origin of all three of these meridians. Moxibustion on this point can warm and stimulate them. The Chong, Du and Ren meridian control gynecological function.

You can practice yourself at home with this single point of technique to overcome fertility problems in women. Moxibustiontool can be found easily at a pharmacy or chinese drug store . Good luck with this fertility acupuncture technique!