Enjoy Onion, Enjoy Your Life

Although onion has already become the ordinary fare on our table, it is a “foreign immigrant” indeed. Since the ancient Egypt, onion has regarded as an important component of food and medicine. Its unique pesticide effect also make it as drug during the World War Two. So far, the research of onion’s nutrition and medicinal value has never stopped. In many western countries, onion was known as “Vegetable Queen”.

The nutrients in onion is rich, it not only contains potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc and selenium, but also has two special nutrient substances-quercetin and prostaglandin A. Those two substances make the onion has an irreplaceable health effect.

First of all, it has the function of anti-cancer. A research specific on female shows that women who eat more onion will has a lower chance to get breast cancer. The reason is because onion is rich in selenium and quercetin. Selenium is an antioxidant which can stimulate the immune response, and thereby restrain the division and growth of cancer cells. Meanwhile, quercetin could restrain the activity of the cancer cells and prevent them growing.

Then onion can stimulate appetite and help digestion. It contains allicin which produces full-bodied fragrance. This special fragrance can stimulate gastric acid secretion and heighten appetite. So onion has an obvious effect on atrophic gastritis, stomach underpowered and poor digestion. Well, if you are on a diet, onion does not suit you.

Besides, onion also has the function of sterilization and anti-cold. It contains phytoncide such as allicin which has a strong sterilization ability. This phytoncide can stimulate the secretion of respiratory tract and urinary tract.

To sum up, onion is really a healthy food, we should care more about healthy vegetables which could bring us health. Learn to be a health nut is a happy thing.