Effective Eczema Treatment At Home

Those of you that are suffering from any of the various forms of eczema know how truly painful and irritating these symptoms can be. They can make you into a real eyesore that can be very distracting to others. Luckily there a number of treatment options available to suffers. Your physician can prescribe medications, ointments or lotions for your eczema. Many suffers reject out of hand homemade or over the counter treatments and tips, without even trying them. Give over the counter, homemade or alternative treatments a try. Their effectiveness just might surprise you.

Home Eczema Treatment

Very often you will find that home treatments or over the counter creams are effective for eczema. Antihistamines have been shown to reduce the effects of itching and associated inflammation. You can also get many lotions and special wraps at most pharamacies that are likely to prove effective. Providing your skin with a moisture barrier can be very helpful. You will have to be careful that the barrier cream is compatible with your skin. I have found other home treatments out there that people claim to be effective. Everything from covering the affected area with Crisco to green tea baths. Another barrier solution, coconut oil has been recommended. Putting on a barrier cream before exercising can reduce the irritation cause from the sweat often produced during strenuous exercise.

Eating For Health

Food can be a two edged sword. Many eczema reactions can be attributed to certain foods. You may find that your body reacts with an eczema outbreak when you eat a certain type of food. Experimentation and good record keeping can show which foods that cause problems for you. On the other side of the food sword, many find that eating certain types of foods has been instrumental in improving or even curing their eczema. You can blend up many of these food remedies in your own food processor. An often used food concoction includes wheat grass, spinach, parsley, and celery. Another remedy often used is to take one tablespoon internally of corn oil at meal times. This is said to improve other skin disorders as well.

Preventative Ideas For Home Use

A crucial part of eczema treatment is of coarse is the prevention of outbreaks. There are a few things that you can do every day to prevent eczema outbreaks. Selecting the proper mild lotions, creams and soaps for your home, is a first place to start. This one action will surprise you in its contribution to reducing eczema problems. The avoidance of chemicals, harsh and mild, should be observed at all times.

When experiencing itchy episodes try to avoid the urge to scratch. This of coarse is easier said than done. Just rub gently areas of discomfort with the soft inside part of your hand. After taking a bath, gently use a towel to pat dry your skin. Apply a barrier lotion or cream to lock in the moisture.

Before you use up your doctors valuable time (and your money) investigate and implement some of the tried and true home remedies. There are an abundance of proven eczema treatments available to you. Remember that not every treatment will work for everyone. Experiment until you are happy with the results of your home eczema treatment.