Eczema Treatment Compounding Pharmacy

eczema sufferers are believed to have a problem with their immune system which causes the condition but as yet no-one has discovered how this occurs. Normally, something in the person’s environment will cause the skin complaint to occur almost immediately they come into contact with it. For baby’s, eczema can be an awful condition where the rash is followed by flaking skin that can easily become cracked, causing a great deal of distress. Anything up to one fifth of infants in the USA will suffer with this awful skin complaint.

In the majority of these cases, the condition resolves by the time they reach two years of age. For a small number of children this skin complaint does not disappear when they are young but continues into adulthood. While people of any age can get this condition, it is most common in babies and young children. however, almost all contracted it before they were five.

atopic eczema is the most common form of baby eczema and can be recognized by red, scaly looking skin on their arms, legs and scalp which make the baby want to scratch themselves. Atopic eczema often runs in families, and can be triggered when a baby’s skin isn’t moisturized properly. A baby’s skin is much more sensitive and it is not uncommon for washing powders and softeners to trigger an attack. It has also discovered that baby eczema was more likely if the mother gave up breastfeeding early which could mean that breast milk may contain something that protects the infant.

Some instances of this skin complaint have also been linked to a variety of medical problems which seem to trigger the inflammation. It has also been found that if the baby’s mother has asthma, they are more prone to suffer with this condition but other contributing elements include food allergies and allergic rhinitis. The number of childhood cases where food is responsible for the condition is considerable at almost 30 percent,however, if this is the situation, there is no longer any reason why the child should have it its diet once the problem food has been confirmed. some of these groups are mentioned below:

Fish from either freshwater or the seaFood containing milkFoods containing wheatAny type meal prepared using eggsAny meals or candy etc.

Baby eczema is often the result of antibiotics given to the baby when it is born, as many doctors will attest. Infants, in particular babies with the condition need to be washed gently in lukewarm water using proprietary lubricating creams.When they are dry, the use of fragrance free products is highly recommended and only natural fabrics like cotton for example. Keeping the baby’s finger nails short is an important point not to overlook as they can inadvertently scratch inflamed skin making the situation worse. Antihistamines to ease the itching sensation can be prescribed by a pediatrician in more severe cases of baby eczema,when required it is not uncommon for the child to have steroid cream applied to the affected area but this cannot be done for very long. This is a difficult medical condition to not only control but overcome despite being a common complaint