Eczema Eyes 5 Easy Steps to Transformation

In order to eliminate your eczema naturally and without harmful drugs it is necessary to change the way you eat.

Eczema is caused by toxemia and deficiency. You more than likely have a nutrient deficiency even if you eat very healthily.

Your body is undernourished and your digestive tract is being overloaded and as a result allergies have developed.

Over 80% of the western population has some form of deficiency disorder. You must eat foods that are full of nourishment in order to cure your eczema and return your body to optimum health.

Toxemia is where your body is overwhelmed by poisons. Poisons or toxins are formed from eating processed, impure and chemicalized foods. By changing the foods you eat these toxins are eliminated from your body and then the nutrients from the good foods are then absorbed by every single cell.

Eczema Eyes Transformation Step #1

Making the transition to raw foods does not have to be a struggle. Complete one step at a time until you have totally transformed your eating and you are cured of your eczema.

Eliminate chemicals, tobacco and alcohol from your diet. If you cannot go cold turkey then decrease the amount you consume on a weekly basis.

Eczema Eyes Transformation Step #2

Eliminate white sugar, white flour, salt and coffee from your diet. Again you can decrease the amounts you consume daily.

For instance if you consume 6 cups of coffee per day you can reduce your consumption to 5 cups in week one and then to 4 cups in week two and so on.

Eczema Eyes Transformation Step #3

Instead of eating refined and processed foods increase your intake of live foods. Use raw honey, raisins and dates instead of white sugar. Use whole grains instead of white flour.

Eczema Eyes Transformation Step #4

Eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables instead of canned, packaged and frozen foods.

Eczema Eyes Transformation Step #5

Once you have completed all the above, the next step is to cut out all mucus-forming foods such as dairy products. These include milk, cheese, butter and eggs. You can substitute with seed milk, seed cheese and seed yoghurt.