Diamond Burs And Other Dental Products Used For Dental Operations

A dental clinic can appear scary to many patients because of the tools and other instruments that surrounds the patients chair. Multiple electronic instruments supported by small hand tools are a common view that one can find inside the dentists office. Small tools with their shiny look, sharp edges and hook shape are used by the dentist to operate the denture. These tools are required to examine, explore, clean, restore and implant teeth and gums. One of the most common hand held instrument used for the teeth restoration is dental drill. Made up from materials like diamond, tungsten or carbide; this drills are commonly used to clean the remaining tooth portion from the gums, creating parallel or vertical channel inside the gums for teeth implants and shaping and sanding the teeth. Diamond burs are most used burs for dental implants and cleaning purposes compare to other materials.

In addition to identifying the cause of the dental issue and curing it, accuracy and precision are equally important. And it can be achieved with the help of the right instruments. Dental instruments can be classified based on their functions like tools for teeth inspection, clean-up and wiping, tooth removal tools and restoration tools. For more details they are explained below.

Denture Inspection Tools Multiple inspection instruments are required to properly check and evaluate the state of the teeth and gums. One of such instrument and widely used for any denture operation is hand held mirror. It is used throughout the dental procedure as it gives the detailed look of the difficult part such as behind the teeth and at the very back of the mouth and also provides reflection of light to perform dental treatment. Probes are used to check the tissue surrounding the gums and into the areas between the teeth. There are also some sickle tools available that used to check tooth decay into the depth.

Cleaning Tools These tools are useful to reduce or clean sticky plaque from the cavities and sticky yellow films from the teeth surface. Sickle probe is one of the commonly used tools for cleaning purpose but due to its sharp edges it is used with high care as it can scrape the tooth surface and bleed the gums. Instead of sickle probe, Curettes and Scalars are used to clean the tartar and plaque buildup on tooth surface. The shapes of these sharp instruments are into best match of the shape of teeth to get the best cleaning and it can reach to the most critical part like between, around and behind the teeth to get rid of even the smaller tarter or plaque accumulated there.

Tools For Tooth Removal The removal of the tooth is known as extraction and which is performed due to various reasons like cavities, plaque, tooth infections, opening of enamel and weaker gums. Different sizes and shapes of forceps are the commonly used tool for the tooth extractions. This long handled and strong grip tools are used to wiggle the tooth back and forth to loosen it from ligaments, then tear it down from the gums and pull it out. Elevator tools are used to remove the tooth from gum if a stronger tooth cannot be removed easily with the help of only forceps. This elevator acts as lever and inserted down through the gum tissue to wedge between the tooth and gum.

Restoration Tools Some dental conditions require tooth or teeth restoration, especially in the case of cavities. Restoration instruments for dentists include excavators, multiple sizes of chisels and burs. Out of these all, burs are the most important tool that is made up from diamond, carbide or tungsten. Diamond burs act as a drill head and works on different tooth conditions like removing remaining portion of teeth from the gum, shaping and sanding uneven tooth and creating parallel drill into gum for tooth fixing. They are also useful for removing stain yellow film from the teeth surface.

These all tools have their own significance for performing dental implants and removing residual like plaque and tarter. Some of them are cheaper and have longer life like forceps while some tools are quite costly and require good care while operating on denture like diamond burs. It is also necessary to use the right instrument with right size and also disinfected properly if it is re-used.