Choose a Natural Cream for Eczema Relief

Why choose a natural cream? Why not get a prescription from the doctor for a cortisone cream? Both work, and by all accounts the cortisone will work more quickly to relieve your eczema itching. So, why would you want to choose a natural cream for eczema relief?

It’s almost an absolute truth that a cortisone cream will give you relief from your eczema symptoms much more quickly than creams that don’t contain cortisone. However, this quick relief comes at a cost. If you use steroids for an extended period of time, and cortisone is a steroid, you open yourself up to a lot of side effects, none of them good. Cortisone works by suppressing your immune system. The itching stops, but your body is open to infections that you might not otherwise have to worry about.

Other side effects include glaucoma, hypertension, weight gain, and thinning of the skin. Cortisone cream can also give you contact dermatitis. That’s just what you need, another skin problem! As if that’s not enough, just as with any other drug, your body will build up a tolerance to cortisone, so you will have to periodically change dosages and types to continue to get relief. These are only some of the negatives of long term use of cortisone.

A natural eczema cream has none of the negative side effects of cortisone. Your body won’t build up a tolerance so you won’t be constantly changing lotions. Unless you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients in the cream, you can safely use a natural cream day in and day out for relief of your eczema flare ups.

What makes a natural cream “natural” and is one cream better than another? Look at the ingredients. If they are artificial, if they come from a lab, then they are not natural. If they come from plants and essential oils, such as coconut oil, then the ingredients are natural. As to which one is better, that is a matter of choice. Each of us is different, with different symptoms, so a cream that works for one person might not work for you. You might need to do some experimentation to find the one cream that gives you the best results.

Understand that even if you find the perfect natural cream for eczema relief, you are only treating your symptoms. At some point you should consider getting to the root cause of your eczema. By finding and addressing the root cause you will be able to put your symptoms into permanent remission. In essence, you can find an eczema cure that works for you.

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