Causes, Symptoms And Prevention Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a class of diseases involving the heart, blood vessels, or both. It may refer to any disease affecting the cardiovascular system of the human body, especially cardiac disease, peripheral arterial disease, and vascular disease of the kidney and brain. If you are a resident of Chennai, there are several cardiac hospitals, adept at diagnosis and treatment to patients suffering from different types of heart disease. If you want to know more about heart diseases, then the following information will definitely prove to be of help.

Causes of heart disease

There can be several factors that cause heart diseases, but hypertension and atherosclerosis are the most common one. Several morphological and physiological changes brought on by aging can also alter the functioning of your heart, leading to increased risks of developing a heart disease. There are certain factors that can increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis, which is the primary cause of heart disease. This condition is usually caused by lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, tobacco use, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Other factors that may cause heart disease include the patients gender, age and heredity, in addition to sugar consumption, air pollution levels, psychological factors, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, etc.

Symptoms of heart disease

If you experience any of these symptoms, you probably need to see a cardiologist:

Chest pain or discomfort, characterized by any pressure, pain, numbness, choking, squeezing or any kind of discomfort in the neck, chest or upper abdominal area
Palpitations, identified by missed heartbeats, or periods of irregular or rapid heartbeats
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Loss of consciousness or fainting
Lethargy, fatigue, day-time sleepiness
Shortness of breath, especially with exertion, or while lying flat on the back

Prevention of heart disease

Any cardiologist in a heart specialist hospital such as Fortis Malar in Chennai will tell you that you need to avoid the causes of heart disease in order to prevent it. You need to practice the following measures in order to prevent heart disease:

Take high-fiber, low-fat diet, that includes whole grains, and lots of fresh fruits and veggies
Quit smoking, and avoid being near people who smoke
Limit alcohol intake
Control your blood pressure levels
Obese and over-weight people should reduce their BMI
Increase your daily activity level
Reduce your sugar consumption level
Reduce stress, and try a few relaxation therapies

An angioplasty specialist in Chennai might also prescribe you vitamins and antioxidants after careful consideration to maintain your hearts health. So, use this information to maintain and improve your hearts health.