A Complete Description Of Medical Transcription

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting medical audio-recordings created by health care professionals into their text equivalent. The text documents produced from the audio recordings are then used for different purposes medical or legal purposes.

The Medical Transcription Process

The medical transcription process allows the physicians to take fast and efficient dictated recording of a patients’ record, findings, operations and the physicians’ recommendations without the need to manually write them down. This allows the physicians to proceed to more critical tasks directly related to saving lives and not have to worry about proper documentation.

The Medical Transcriptionist

On the side of the medical transcriptionists, they receive the dictated audio-recordings, listen to it and transcribe it. It’s not as easy as it looks because these recordings are heavily abbreviated and filled with medical terms and description of medical analysis and procedure.

Duties of Medical Transcriptionists

The duty of the medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the audio-recordings completely and correctly. A mistake in certain medical terms can lead to negative health effects to the owners of the medical records being transcribed.

So the medical transcriptionist needs proper background on medical terminologies, processes and procedures along with good language skills particularly in grammar and punctuation.

Technology and Medical Transcription

The medical transcription industry benefits a lot from the internet and related technology improvements. This is because data exchange is now much faster between the medical transcriptionists and the consumer of information that includes Doctors, record section of hospitals, insurance agencies and the patients themselves.

In fact the internet is a very efficient platform for medical transcriptionists. Through the internet, medical transcriptionists can receive audio-recordings and send the transcripts of the recordings anywhere in the globe as long as internet connection is available. Doctors on far-flung clinics can have their patients’ audio recording sent to medical transcriptionists in the city and retrieve the information as soon as it’s done without having the need to travel. This allows Doctors more time to focus on their patients and other critical tasks they need to do.

The Medical Transcription Industry Is Growing

Recently, the US labor statistics released a report predicting the further growth of the medical transcription industry. It said that the biggest growth will be experienced by the home-based service providers. This isn’t surprising, considering that technology is making data transmission and retrieval fast and efficient. It only makes sense that in the coming years a lot of medical transcription jobs will be outsourced to work-at-home service providers.

But what is causing the growth? Sad to say that the increase in health care service demand is driving the growth of this allied health service. Remember, the more patients require medical care, the more information will be required to be transcribed. This is the reason why there is an increasing demand for this service.

The professionals in this industry are lucky because it means there will be continuous growth and long term job security in this sector.

Medical Transcription Certificate

Clearly, proper training is required for those who want to start a career as a medical transcriptionist. The proper training must include not only language training but a comprehensive background on medical terminologies, punctuations and procedures and on physiology as well. Most training programs will allow students to take a certification exam at the end of the course, and it’s ideal to take it. However, at present a medical transcription certificate is not an enforced requirement when applying for a job as a medical transcriptionist.

Medical Alert Systems and Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help What you Need to Know

Parents, to us, have always been the people who took care of us. When we were kids, they were unflappable, and there wasnt a crisis (yours or theirs) they couldnt handle. Now theyre getting older, and you can see their weaknesses start to show through. Our parents are human, and now that were visiting family for the holidays, we may notice that somethings different about mom or dad.

When you see signs of declining health in your parents, that is when taking action will be the most effective. The best action is to find a method of preventing accidents before they happen in your aging parents homes. This may mean looking into medical alert systems, nursing homes, retirement communities or in-home care. The discussion may be difficult, but is so much easier than dealing with the aftermath of an accident at home. So what is there to look for?

Changes in Health:
– You notice bruises on your loved ones arms, legs, or face
– Your loved one has trouble balancing, sitting down, or standing up
– There is evidence of weight loss, or eating habits become less healthy. (Over eating, under eating, eating only candy, refusing to cook)

Changes in Attitude/ Behavior:
-Your once sweet and kind mother has snapped at you or another family member.
-Your parent seems disoriented, not as “sharp” as they once were, or slow to react.
-Your Parent has begun to slur their words in conversation.
-Your parent has received speeding tickets, and gotten into more accidents than is normal.

Changes in Routine:
-Hygenic habits such as brushing teeth, showering/bathing, and hand washing seem to have stopped (You smell odors in the home like urine, or body odor)
-Your mother who was once super-tidy has stopped cleaning, and clutter has started to build up in every corner of her home.
-Your father, who once took great pride in his appearance, has stopped combing his hair, ironing his clothes, etc.

So, now in this holiday season when were seeing our parents for the first time in months in some cases, pay attention to the subtle cues that perhaps your once young and strong parents may need your help.

Have the talk with your parents, if you suspect they need help, and discuss your concerns, and ideas for a solution. A medical alert system, home care, nursing facilities, and medical attention can all help, but the first step for those that think these solutions are necessary is to talk.

Elite Aesthetic, Medical & Business Training – Professional Medical Training In Florida

ELITE Medical Training is world renowned for the quality and expertise of their aesthetic medical training programs, led by experienced professionals within the industry.

The aesthetic medical training programs designed by ELITEs medical professionals, encompass several years of industry experience with the latest evolving trends in theory and practice.

ELITE is comprised of a team of over ten experts, including noted aesthetic medical professionals like:

Oksana Kless, M.D., Ph.D.

Twyla Norsworthy, M.D. – OB/GYN

Jesalyn Taylor, M.D.

Kimberly Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M.

Goar de Lamerens, M.D.

Hugh A. Coleman, D.O., P.A.

Paula Gill, D.M.D.

Mike Van Thielen, P.T., A.P., O.M.D.

Greg Carder, A.P., O.M.D.

Randy Marscherz, Engineer.

Rest assured, with a prodigious team of experts for quality instruction in courses, students obtain a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience from ELITE Medical Training and their aesthetic medical training programs.

Courses are offered in a variety of environments to suit the learning style and needs of each individual. ELITE Medical Training considers that one training option is not superior to another for aesthetic medical practice. In fact, a content and comfortable learning environment is more essential. Consequently, ELITE offers 4 different options for aesthetic medical training and education:

Option 1: Private Training

Option 2: Seminars

Option 3: Webinars

Option 4: Online Training

For those who prefer hands – on education, ELITE delivers private training, where a qualified ELITE professional directly trains a medical practice at their own schedule with their choice of curriculum. Therefore, a prospective student acquires personal training with ELITE experts at face value.

Medical Training Florida.

For those who live in Florida, ELITE is located in Ormond Beach and often provide particular medical training programs in Florida. Courses are similar to other training sessions by ELITE with the added value of convenience for those who are located in Florida.

ELITE also delivers seminars and webinars for ELITE medical training and ELITE aesthetic training. The seminars allow prospective students to interact with presenters, provide them with the option to learn hands on and ask questions. Attendees of ELITE seminars have not only found the educational experience to be quite enriching but have also found industry connections through networking. The webinars offer something similar without the added bonus of hands-on experience and social interaction, however, students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the online lecture.

Finally, there are aesthetic training programs online from ELITE Medical Training. A medical professional can gain instruction at their own pace, save on the expenses of travel and enjoy course instruction in the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about the programs offered by ELITE Medical Training and medical training in Florida, contact an ELITE representative today, or, for more information, visit EliteAMBT.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Medical Coding Career

Medical Coding is a growing industry that offers a lot of potential for employers and job seekers alike. For the past few years, this industry has been considered one of the few lucrative job markets. The main task of Medical coders is to apply codes to different healthcare services and procedures and then send them to the insurance companies for payment. Just like any other field, this field also has some advantages and disadvantages that are discussed below, and any firm that wishes to adopt medical coding or any employee who seeks employment in this field must be aware of them.

The primary advantage of this field is the growth rate. Because of the high growth rate, this industry has a high demand for medical coders, and by 2014, it will start to grow faster than the average rate. Thus, it is a lucrative job market for today as well as for the times to come. The second primary advantage of this field is ‘Work from Home’ opportunity. Since most of the employers follow this, the employees have the advantage to work from home conveniently.

Another benefit of medical coding is for the insurance companies who get everything in a specific pattern. The technical language of medicine is converted into an easy language of numbers and codes. Medical coders can specialize in a specific medical field and get a certification for it. They even have opportunities of advancement, depending on their education and continuous trainings etc.

Just like any other field, medical coding also has certain disadvantages. People who want to take up this career must be aware of these disadvantages, so that they can career plan accordingly. First of all, fresh medical coders usually have difficulty in breaking into this industry, since most of the firms have specific experience requirements.

Medical coding might also require you to relocate to another part of the world or another city or state. That way, you might be able to advance in your career but you might have trouble in settling down to a new work and domestic environment.

Medical coding is a relatively new industry, having a lot of potential and scope. However, it must be kept in mind that like any other job market, this market also has certain positives and negatives that an employee has to bear with. People who are considering a career in this field must be aware of these and prepare themselves accordingly.

How To Become A Competent Medical Writer

Due to the Internets domination, more and more people are becoming content writers. This opens up the demand for more specialised writers, including sports writers, political writers, legal writers – and medical writers.

What Is Medical Writing?

Any writer must possess a certain amount of knowledge about the subject theyre writing about. A lot of copywriters are hired hands who get to write about a variety of different things, from soccer to basketball, nutrition to health and wellbeing, politics to blogging, and so on and so on. The general idea is that the writer does a bit of research on the topic and comes up with an informed article that engages the reader and imparts a good amount of information.

Medical writing is more specialised. Medical writing requires the writer to understand exactly what theyre writing about because theyre not simply writing about something – theyre also interpreting it and discussing it. A medical writer writes scientific documents, which includes medical literature, magazine articles, manuscripts, medical abstracts, content for medical websites, and even news articles for a variety of people, including doctors, physicians, regulators and patients.

The content will be centred on topics such as disease, drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, medicine as well as a whole wealth of subjects in the life sciences. Medical writing is a specialised, niche type of writing that requires the writer to understand not just the vast amount of medical topics, but also terminology, the target audience, as well as existing medical literature and the data they will be researching and presenting. Target audience is important because the tone of the piece is paramount in medical writing.

Knowing what is medical writing is therefore knowing that not just any copy writer can become a medical writer – a certain amount of expertise is required. But because the demand for these writers is getting bigger, more and more writers are considering a career in this sector.

How To Become A Medical Writer

How to become a medical writer? Good question! Lets take a look:

Good Grasp of Language

It sounds obvious that a writer needs to have a good grasp of language, but the truth is that there are a handful of bad content writers out there who are cluttering websites up with their poor grammar. In medical writing, your grammar and language has to be exemplary because the information you are communicating has to be absolutely perfect. Medical writing has a lot of technical information to convey, and for this reason its imperative that the grammar is as good as it should be.

Study Medicine

Although its not essential that a medical writer goes to medical school before becoming a medical writer, academic knowledge of the life sciences certainly helps. If you cant afford to study medicine at University, it might be helpful to at least devote some time to reading medical books so as to familiarise yourself with the terminology and concepts. Becoming a medical writer without the adequate knowledge will only prove difficult.