Cancer Treatment With Alternative Medicine

People suffering from any type cancer may be breast cancer or lung cancer and even prostate cancer or colon cancer highly depend on traditional cancer treatments namely radiology or chemotherapy. But many search for other solutions like various forms of complementary and alternative cancer treatments to relief them from pain. There are few alternative cancer medicines that are safe and provide benefits as well to cope up with various signs and symptoms that are brought about by cancer. The very common symptoms of cancer are anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, pain, stress and vomiting.

Patients must use alternative cancer medicines as an add-on to cancer that he is getting from doctors. But such treatment cannot be used as a replacement treatment.

Cancer alternative treatment include strict diets as well as the macrobiotic diet, nutritional supplements, bio-electromagnetics, mind-body interventions and even acupuncture that helps greatly in reducing nausea or pain. Other types of alternative cancer treatment are massages, meditation and even aromatherapy with taking additional supplement of vitamin and mineral to help enhance the efficiency of the particular traditional treatment undertaken by a patient.

Today, people are seen to combine traditional treatments with the usual alternative cancer treatment based on the severity of the cancer and its types. It is highly recommended to take active advice of medical practitioner before partaking alternative cancer treatment to fight cancer.

Another effective alternative cancer treatment is to use “laetrile”, a substance available in some fruits that can provide relief from few cancer symptoms or after effects of painful chemotherapy and radiology.

An effective cancer alternative treatment involves the active use of shark cartilage. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a very effective treatment method that involves the use of high pressure oxygen that is available in such atmosphere of the earth which is much higher than sea level.

Some of the alternative cancer treatments are not proven and you might be requested to volunteer in a clinical trial by your doctor to test the side effects and its efficiency. You should never hesitate thinking negatively that it would make you feel worse as you could even feel much better by adapting to such treatment techniques.