Bio-identical hormone replacement what about it

Bio-identical hormone replacements are natural occurring compounds or chemicals found in plants. They replace reduced hormones in the human body by mimicking the effects of the actual hormones produced in the body. The main hormones which are derived from the plants are progesterone, estradiol, and estriol, which is a naturally occurring estrogen.

These naturally occurring hormones are mainly used by women during and following menopause and they replenish the hormones lost during this period. Menopause is a natural occurrence in women and is often accompanied by different changes within the body. During this time the hormones which were previously needed for menstrual regulation vary widely.

Estrogen is a vital hormone in womens development and a decrease due to aging is what triggers the onset of menopause. The different hormonal imbalances during menopause cause different symptoms like insomnia, hot flushes, depression, moodiness, night sweating, headaches, skin aging, nervousness and other symptoms. There are different treatment strategies which are used to balance these hormones in women but one of the most commonly used approaches is the use of natural hormone replacements that are commonly formulated with natural herbs and substances found in nature such as wild yam or soy. Such hormonal replacements thus provide a natural alternative to reducing menopause symptoms.

It is important to note that the effects of these hormonal replacements vary in different individuals due to the different variations in hormone levels. With the current advancements in medical technologies medical experts are able to produce customized hormone replacement plans and programs for different individuals. These customized solutions are now available to many women and are effective in meeting individual needs. The replacement of the crucial hormones benefits women physically and psychologically and effectively relieves the symptoms associated with menopause. Bio-identical hormones can be given orally or sublingually.

Before any course of therapy is advised simple tests are usually done and these mainly involve the collection of saliva samples over a specified period of time. The saliva samples are then analyzed to identify the exact hormone levels in ones body. With these results the physician can then determine the right replacement therapy for ones body. Medical advice should be sought before using any one of the products available. Indeed there are numerous products being sold as hormonal replacement solutions but knowing your individual needs by first visiting a physician is certainly the best way forward to ensure that you get the right hormone replacement therapy.