Ayurveda versus Modern Medicine

A way or the science of life, ayurveda believes in the prevention of an ailment before it manifests itself. It gives one the right direction on how to conduct ones self, take the right diet and is a holistic healing process. Modern medicine, on the other hand seeks out symptoms before being treated by medicines.

Ayurveda has been used by Indians for thousands of years to treat their body, mind and soul – hence considered as a holistic healing process. As ayurveda uses natural herbs for treatments, oils, massages and yogic postures it has negligible side effects as compared to modern medicine which uses artificially created molecules or processed plant derivatives for consumption.

There may be plenty of persons who advocate that modern medicine is the best as it provides instant relief for any problems. A quick fix solution in today’s world where people do not have the time to go for herbal remedies. Even at the cost of side effects in the short or long run. These side effects are once again treated by allopathic drugs to set things right.

How many of us actually stop to think about the damage we are doing to our body in the long run? How many of us look out for a holistic process whereby the root of the problem is addressed and eradicated once and for all? It is time we realize the damage modern treatments are doing and move towards a fuller approach to life. A way of life – Ayurveda, which will give us overall healing for our longevity peace and prosperity.

Some problems that can be addressed through ayurveda are: 1. Cardiovascular problems – though heart problems can be hereditary they can also be caused by bad lifestyle habits like smoking, over exertion and so on. Ayurveda believes that heart problems can be taken care of through a balanced diet like eating greens, avoiding caffeinated drinks, exercising regularly, practicing yoga, meditation and so on. It also advocates some simple home remedies like taking of fenugreek seeds soaked in water early morning on a empty stomach to control cholesterol levels.

2. Sinus – A modern day disease sinus may be caused by stress, body toxins and disturbance of the biological clock. Ayurveda advocates healthy eating habits and certain oil massages and the nasya treatment which involves the putting of medicated oil in the nostrils under a practitioners supervision.

3. Obesity – Modern day phenomenon obesity is the result of lack of exercise, eating junk or fast food and stress. Ayurveda believes that eating healthy, avoiding of fried food, confectionery and fast food and exercising right will take care of obesity rather than any weight loss pills or surgeries.

4. Acne – The consumption of salty and spicy foods is a major cause of acne. Ayurveda uses natural ingredients like turmeric, cumin for the control and treatment of acne. These are mixed with other substances like yoghurt, sandalwood paste to make face masks or prepared in the syrup form for consumption.

These are just a few of the modern ailments that can be treated by ayurveda. There are hundreds of other problems to which ayurveda provides a cure. Doctors of modern medicine are also incorporating some ayurvedic practices like yoga and massages in conjunction with allopathic medicine for treatment of some diseases. Followed in true spirit ayurveda is truly the best way to heal yourself naturally.

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