All Natural Cream For Acne Scarring With Skin Renewal Activators

Stop looking into lasers and other techniques of acne scar removal that will empty your credit limits. You can now lessen acne scars with a special biological serum that is made for the sole purpose of protecting and rejuvenating skin. The ingredient is embodied in an all natural skin care product that is effective in healing acne while also gently dissolving scars and reconstructing the area with new collagen and elastin components. It is a biological way to treat acne scars.

Most of the time, acne scarring forms because bacteria and microorganisms find their way into pores and kill healthy skin cells, stimulating a reddish brown appearance and in serious cases, loss of tissue. Ice pick acne scars are given their name because of their appearance as if someone pierced the skin with a sharp, pointed object, leaving a small, crater like pit.

There are various techniques of removal of acne scars relying on age, health condition and severity. There are acne scarring creams and surgical procedures that claim to be effective ways to heal a scar but the reality is each one of these procedures lacks one or more vital piece of the puzzle. The only complete and balanced ingredient effective for the healing of scars comes from a surprising place and let me tell you, you won’t see it in a dermatologist’s medicine cabinet.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Acne

Chemical peels are trendy acne scar treatments if the scarring is not too severe. It includes taking strong, abrasive synthetic chemicals and applying them to the affected areas for a small amount of time. The peel eliminates the outer layer of skin and allows for remodeling of new and healthier skin.

Normal side effects of chemical peels include tingling, inflammation, and irritation. In very rare cases, the side effects of chemical peels can include bacterial growth and scarring. The reason this isn’t always useful is because it does not help your skin rejuvenate itself with new collagen and elastin fibers.

The effectiveness of creams for acne scarring depend on their ingredients. Prescription scar creams normally use products like hydroquinone to help diminish red acne spots that were left after acne inflammation. Hydroquinone is banned in some European countries because of a perceived cancer risk. It is a whitening agent that in essence whitens the scarred areas and removes the color of the scar. The true risk of cancer is still being studied but wouldn’t it make you think twice using a product that is being studied for this reason?

How to Heal Scar Tissue

There is an all natural technique to relieve your acne scarring, no matter whether it is a simple lesion or a more intense form of scarring like an ice pick scar. It is such a potent scar cream that it can treat burn scars and regenerate age spots while also being delicate enough to use as a keloid scar treatment. What every scar needs is skin renewal. This is now possible using an all natural serum produced completely in the natural world.

When used on human skin, the natural acne scars product with the biological ingredient will fuse with your own cells and trigger the innate renewal processes of your skin. It will penetrate deep into skin and:

* dissolve injured tissues using biological enzymes and coordinate dead skin cell removal.Dissolving dead cells and scarring from the skin will lessen the reddish characteristics of acne scars.

* boost collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Advanced levels of collagen and elastin are necessary to rebuild growth in the spot where the scar was. Skin regeneration is the key to scar treatment.

* trigger the development of more of the natural antimicrobial peptides that your skin regularly emits to keep micro-organisms at bay. This is more of an acne scar prevention measure as opposed to an acne scar removal procedure.

* contain oxidative damage and free radical formation, saving the healthy cells around a skin trauma. The biological serum contains low molecular weight elements that possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics.