Acupuncture school Earning Potential of an Acupuncturist

A thought that usually crops in the minds of aspiring acupuncturists before they join acupuncture schools is how much an acupuncturist can earn. Actually, the earning potential of acupuncturists is much higher when the profession started years ago. This is because acupuncture is a widely recognized natural treatment option in the market which many conventional and alternative physicians and even naturopaths have incorporated in their individual practices and treatment centers.

How much you can actually earn as acupuncturist greatly depends on whether you want to open your own practice or acupuncture clinic or if you plan to operate under another doctor like a physician or specialist.

Employees don’t have high overheads In case you work as an employee, you automatically get compensated in your income. However the benefit here is that you need not bear as much overheads as you would have had to bear if you had started your own practice. You can thus reduce your expenses if you share working expenses with another person or if you sub-let space or just find out other means of reducing your expenses. So if you manage to reduce your expenses, you will be able to earn more with your own practice than working for someone else for a salary. Experience matters

On an average, based on the experience you have, you can earn between $44,000 to $67,000 every year. It’s better to dedicate yourself to your profession so that you get some hands-on experience and get a better understanding on how acupuncture works.

Additional factors rely on the kind of practice you’d be employed in, just how much education you have, and if you are a new graduate or not. You can find out what the different alternative and conventional treatment centers in your vicinity pay acupuncturists.

Accredited acupuncture schools

Of course, before you actually start finding out how much acupuncturists are paid, you have to get your training in a certified acupuncture school. This is important as you may not get a job if the school you choose for your training is not an accredited one. So make sure you look for, and choose an accredited acupuncture school for your acupuncture training.

So looking at all this, there’s lots that go into deciding, and choosing the right acupuncture school you wish to pursue to become an acupuncturist. And in case you need financial help pursuing your studies, there are many federal grants, loans and scholarships you can use to help you through your training. Visit the Southern California University of Health Sciences.