Acupuncture Helps in Decreasing Abnormal Breast Symptoms

More and more women had been giving up on contemporary medicine to recover from abnormal breast symptoms. Women are now turning on ancient Chinese practices that have been proven over time and by science. One practice is called acupuncture, which gives women the chance to stay away from breast ailments. This practice or medication is proven to improve one’s breast health. >

It believed that when relieving an ailment, nerves are involvement as emotions contribute an important part on the occurrence of breast diseases. Women are commonly moody; changing stress levels from time to time therefore the body fluids which is also known as Qi becomes thick, they clog and turn to nodules. These nodules then increase the chance of women to develop health disorders such as breast cancer. Since most women get stressed almost everyday of their lives since they are also more emotional compared to men, a large percent of females develop breast cancer over time.

Cancer cells develop and attack the normal tissues in our body; it also spreads through blood flow or lymph fluid producing another cancer in other parts of the body. Statistics show that over 80 percent of women suffering from breast cancer are over 50 years old; women are more prone to abnormal breast symptoms when they get older.

To be aware of the causes and symptoms of breast cancer, one should also take note of his or her family history; if anyone suffered from breast cancer in the family, most likely you can have it too due to genetics. If you have an early start of menstruation and delay in menopause, also women who have never experienced breast feeding are more prone to having breast cancers. Other research concludes that some women who engaged in hormone substitution therapy can also develop breast cancer.

Do not fret if you feel a lump on your breast since not all lumps can be considered as cancerous, however it would be advisable to go to your doctor for proper check-up. Make sure that you have a monthly check up of your breast to ensure its health and condition; when you are getting old, you should be more conscious with your health because you are prone to more diseases and cancers. Check also for cysts and tumors that might develop in your breast. Be aware of the changes in your breast so that you know when to go for a check up; lump in breast or armpit; changes in the nipple area, change in size, etc.
In order to increase your chances of survival for breast cancer, make sure that you treat it on its early stage. Acupuncture is useful in treating symptoms that causes pain from beast cancer. Some people engage in acupuncture after chemotherapy since it helps in decreasing the side effects. This involves the sticking of needles into the skin you are targeting to lessen pain on your body. The location of the needles are called acupoints, most patients do this to maintain the flow of energy in the body.