Acupuncture For Cats – A Safe, Drug-free And Natural Feline Pain Relief Therapy

It seems quite unusual to offer acupuncture for cats as part of a pain relief therapy. Cat parents may find it at first hard to imagine that their cat would stay relaxed during a session and be patient enough to bear this kind of treatment. However, the initial scepticism disappears very quickly when a feline patient settles and relaxes visibly within a few minutes.

Pet acupuncture is a gentle, but very powerful natural pain relief treatment and may work very well for cats suffering from certain painful conditions. It can be well combined with conventional veterinary treatment and medication and helps in many cases to reduce dosage and side effects of pain relieving drugs considerably. Integration into normal Western veterinary treatment is possible and therefore becoming more and more popular amongst practising vets.

‘Rosie’, a young and very active domestic short hair, has had a bad accident. She broke her hind leg and needed specialist orthopedic surgery to plate the bone so it could heal properly. When the wound was healing up it became obvious that ‘Rosie’ was not able to use her leg at all. She also started to chew her left hind paw constantly. It was that bad, that amputation seemed to be the only option.

Acupuncture treatment was started and during eight sessions in one-weekly intervals she made a very nice recovery. ‘Rosie’ is able to use her leg again and the chewing on her paw would decline and finally stop. Her owners were a bit anxious at the beginning as they knew their cat is usually very active and would not stay or sit in one place for more than a few minutes. They did not hide their relief and surprise when they realised how well ‘Rosie’ tolerated treatment!

Cats respond usually very well to acupuncture therapy. Being a hunter and predator, felines possess a very alert and responsive nervous system, which reacts readily to the stimulation of acupuncture points with special, fine needles. Improvement of a condition that can be treated with acupuncture may be truly amazing sometimes, depending on a cat patient’s individual health condition.

Feline patients usually tolerate acupuncture treatment very well and the initial doubts of cat parents, whether their pet may “behave” during a session, will quickly disappear. A trained veterinary professional will reassess and adjust treatment to the individual case during each session.

As a complementary treatment can acupuncture for cats help to relief pain and initiate healing processes in a gentle, but powerful way without causing known drug-induced side effects.
This form of therapy is becoming more and more recognised as it is usually very effective and can be well integrated into conventional treatment plans.