A Complete Description Of Medical Transcription

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting medical audio-recordings created by health care professionals into their text equivalent. The text documents produced from the audio recordings are then used for different purposes medical or legal purposes.

The Medical Transcription Process

The medical transcription process allows the physicians to take fast and efficient dictated recording of a patients’ record, findings, operations and the physicians’ recommendations without the need to manually write them down. This allows the physicians to proceed to more critical tasks directly related to saving lives and not have to worry about proper documentation.

The Medical Transcriptionist

On the side of the medical transcriptionists, they receive the dictated audio-recordings, listen to it and transcribe it. It’s not as easy as it looks because these recordings are heavily abbreviated and filled with medical terms and description of medical analysis and procedure.

Duties of Medical Transcriptionists

The duty of the medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the audio-recordings completely and correctly. A mistake in certain medical terms can lead to negative health effects to the owners of the medical records being transcribed.

So the medical transcriptionist needs proper background on medical terminologies, processes and procedures along with good language skills particularly in grammar and punctuation.

Technology and Medical Transcription

The medical transcription industry benefits a lot from the internet and related technology improvements. This is because data exchange is now much faster between the medical transcriptionists and the consumer of information that includes Doctors, record section of hospitals, insurance agencies and the patients themselves.

In fact the internet is a very efficient platform for medical transcriptionists. Through the internet, medical transcriptionists can receive audio-recordings and send the transcripts of the recordings anywhere in the globe as long as internet connection is available. Doctors on far-flung clinics can have their patients’ audio recording sent to medical transcriptionists in the city and retrieve the information as soon as it’s done without having the need to travel. This allows Doctors more time to focus on their patients and other critical tasks they need to do.

The Medical Transcription Industry Is Growing

Recently, the US labor statistics released a report predicting the further growth of the medical transcription industry. It said that the biggest growth will be experienced by the home-based service providers. This isn’t surprising, considering that technology is making data transmission and retrieval fast and efficient. It only makes sense that in the coming years a lot of medical transcription jobs will be outsourced to work-at-home service providers.

But what is causing the growth? Sad to say that the increase in health care service demand is driving the growth of this allied health service. Remember, the more patients require medical care, the more information will be required to be transcribed. This is the reason why there is an increasing demand for this service.

The professionals in this industry are lucky because it means there will be continuous growth and long term job security in this sector.

Medical Transcription Certificate

Clearly, proper training is required for those who want to start a career as a medical transcriptionist. The proper training must include not only language training but a comprehensive background on medical terminologies, punctuations and procedures and on physiology as well. Most training programs will allow students to take a certification exam at the end of the course, and it’s ideal to take it. However, at present a medical transcription certificate is not an enforced requirement when applying for a job as a medical transcriptionist.