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Throat Cancer

Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop in your throat (pharynx) or voice box (larynx).

Your throat is a 5-inch-long muscular tube that begins behind your nose and ends in your neck. Your voice box sits just below your throat and is also susceptible to throat cancer. The voice box is made of cartilage and contains the vocal cords that vibrate to make sound when you talk. Throat cancer can also affect the piece of cartilage (epiglottis) that acts as a lid for your windpipe.

What causes throat cancer?

* Smoking
* Excessive consumption of alcohol.
* Inhaling coal, asbestos or diesel fumes.
* Poor oral hygiene.
* Excessive consumption of salty meat.
* Abnormal tissue growth.

Signs and Symptoms
Cancers that involve the throat, base of the tongue, tonsil, pharynx, or tube that extends from the nasal passages to the mouth to the esophagus and sinus are called oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers.

Symptoms of throat cancer may include: –

* A sore throat that does not go away
* Cough
* Pain or difficulty swallowing
* Weight loss for no known reason
* Ear pain
* A lump in the back of the mouth, throat or neck
* Advanced tumors may invade the voice box, causing hoarseness or breathing difficulty
* Bleeding from the throat or blood-tinged sputum

Risk factors for developing throat cancer may include: –

* Smoking tobacco
* Heavy alcohol use
* A diet low in fruits and vegetables
* Drinking mat, a stimulant drink common in South America
* Chewing betel quid, a stimulant commonly used in parts of Asia
* Being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV)

In making a diagnosis of throat cancer, your doctor will first start by recording your medical history, asking about any symptoms you may be experiencing and conducting a thorough physical examination. Your doctor may also may recommend one or more of the following diagnostic tests:

This test is performed in the operating room with general anesthesia to determine the extent of the tumor. During the procedure, the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract are visualized with endoscopes, which are long, thin and flexible tubes equipped with a tiny video camera and light on the end. The endoscope is used to look at areas in the throat and respiratory tract that cannot be seen during a physical exam. Other areas examined include the esophagus, trachea and bronchi of the lungs.

The endoscope has a channel that allows instruments to be passed through in order to take tissue samples. By adjusting the various controls on the endoscope, the doctor can safely maneuver the instrument to carefully examine the inside lining of the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. The high-quality picture from the endoscope is shown on a TV monitor. In many cases, endoscopy is a more precise examination than X-ray studies.

Imaging Tests
Your doctor may also recommend imaging tests, such as a computerized tomography (CT) scan, positron emission tomography (PET) scan, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provide additional information regarding the stage of the tumor and whether the cancer has spread to surrounding lymph nodes in the neck or elsewhere in the body.


Before having surgery, your doctor will discuss the procedure with you in detail and discuss any possible side effects.

If the tumor is small and localized, surgery will often successfully remove the tumor with few side effects. However, if the tumor is advanced and has spread to surrounding areas, surgery will be more extensive and may involve the removal of parts of your throat, mouth, jaw or voice box. In these cases, your ability to speak, chew, swallow and breathe may be affected. Reconstructive surgery can help restore your appearance and rehabilitate speech and swallowing function. Prosthetic devices in your mouth may replace removed portions of your teeth, gums and jaw. In more advanced cases, you may need to use tubes for feeding and breathing and an artificial voice aid for speaking.

You will also work with a speech-language pathologist to assist you with problems related to speaking and swallowing. In addition, you may work with a dietitian who will help you develop a nutritional plan that includes healthy foods that are easy to swallow and chew.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy can be used for select small tumors as primary treatment. It is also administered following surgery or in combination with chemotherapy for advanced tumors.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Researchers are looking for effective drugs or drug combinations to treat throat cancer. They are also exploring ways to combine chemotherapy with other forms of cancer treatment to help destroy the tumor and prevent the disease from spreading. For advanced tumors, chemotherapy is often given in combination with radiation therapy, typically in the setting of a therapeutic clinical trial.

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My Personal Experience with the Mental Health System

What follows is my journey into madness with the help of so-called mental health professionals. Keep in mind these events took place in Massachusetts. You will find this story somewhat amusing, and yet undeniably disturbing.

In the early to mid-1990s, I mentioned to my PCP that I was experiencing trouble with my memory. He in turn, said -Has anyone ever talked to you about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I was quickly referred to a psychiatrist. I told the doctor what my PCP said. This psychiatrist immediately offered me a prescription for Ritalin. There was no discussion regarding symptoms or tests of any kind. It was simply this way: If the Ritalin helps you then we’ll know you have ADD. I returned for my next appointment telling him that the Ritalin was not working. The doctor put me on another stimulant called Dexedrine. That did not work, so he prescribed some other stimulant that I cannot remember.

At this point, I told the doctor that I was getting anxiety, so he prescribed Zyprexa. This was when it was first put on the market. I was also given a referral to a psychologist. My conversations with this psychologist focused on what I had done the previous week and how my medications were working. This went on for several years. Nothing was accomplished therapeutically. I saw some of her notes in my medical records. My mother did psychic readings for entertainment. Based on this information, my psychologist stated that my mother ran a cult. She also stated that I was sexually abused. This never happened. There was an entry in my record that said my father was not in my life because he had moved out-of-state. My father moved when I was in my mid-twenties, and he called me regularly. This is all terribly absurd.

Getting back to my medications, I told my new psychiatrist that I was feeling depressed. He put me on Paxil, with no questions asked. I went back to him three times. Each time he would say -It always works,- and he would increase the dosage at each visit. Later I was put on all of the SSRIs, like Zoloft, Paxil and Celexa, as well as Wellbutrin. My PCP prescribed an anti-depressant called Pamelor. It was not the best choice of medication for me in terms of side effects.

This psychiatric treatment escalated as time went on. It went from bad to worse. At some point, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and panic attacks. Some of the doctor’s would add psychosis to my diagnosis. I asked one doctor if she would put me on Amantadine (I believe it is an anti-viral medication) because I read on the Internet that the Borna Virus caused Bipolar Disorder. I was desperate to escape this disease. She consented (for no reason), and a week later I was in the hospital for several days with severe hallucinations. This was at least ten years ago.

One psychiatrist put me on Klonopin for my anxiety. I was extremely sedated on it. I told him it wasn’t working. I believe my doctor said – I can give you three milligrams three times a day (no quote for this one). He said, -That’s the best I can do.- Not surprisingly, I got into a car accident. I never attributed the Klonopin to my sedation. I thought I was always tired due to lack of sleep from stress.

I went through every conceivable psychiatric medication on the market, including Depakote, Trileptal, and Seroquel (which gave me severe hallucinations). They also put me on all the second generation antipsychotics. There was one psychologist who asked me to undergo neuropsychological testing. His conclusion was that I had Asperger’s Syndrome. That diagnosis was later refuted by another Psychiatrist.

I spent ten years outpatient at a well-known mental health hospital beginning in approximately, 2000. The medication cocktails continued with the four resident doctors assigned to me. I even took medications for my supposed memory deficits. I was prescribed Namenda (as part of a study), Mirapex, and Excelon (at any earlier time). For the most part, I was kept on a regime of Lamcital 300mg, Lithium ER 1350 mg, and Risperdal at various milligrams. At about five years into my treatment, I began to complain to my doctor about tremors and restlessness. The doctor I was seeing called it Akathesia. She prescribed Inderal 80mg, rather than take me off the Risperdal.

I was on Ativian with one of my doctors. Once again, I told the doctor that I was feeling tired while driving. He prescribed Adderall to keep me awake during the day at my suggestion. I was eventually arrested for operating under the influence of drugs. This was later reduced to reckless driving. The only thing that my doctor had to say is, -I could have gotten sued.-

It has gotten to the point that I can no longer use a pen to even sign my name. A neurologist diagnosed me with Tardive Dystonia. She insisted that I go on a low dose of a tranquilizer/anti-convulsant medication, as my only option. It does not affect my driving or give me sedation, but neither it does it help my condition.

My current psychiatrist stated in my medical records that the Risperdal contributed to my Dystonia. . . in those very words. I was taken off my Risperdal almost five months ago. I feel the same as when I went on it, which probably means that I didn’t need it. She also lowered my Lithium. The medical director asked me if I knew that I was on three mood stabilizers. She asked me if I knew why I was on Risperdal. I replied that did not know. I remember two of my resident physicians at the hospital I was being treated ask me that same question. It is in my medical records.

The problem I can see in filing a complaint against the psychiatrists with the Board of Medicine, is that the doctors can simply say, based on my behavior at the time, they had justification in the continued use of the drugs they were prescribing me. I am interested in the paranormal as literally millions of people are in this country. That must have been a problem for them. It’s interesting that I have been in contact with dozens of people who share my beliefs. These people I am speaking of are productive members of society, and they are considered perfectly sane. It’s true I had debt and a spending problem. I wonder how many people are in debt, and have not been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? The country is 17 trillion dollars in debt for that matter. I went to Debtors Anonymous years ago, and I have not taken out a loan or credit card in three years.

I attend an unorthodox church, which is a popular religion in many parts of the United States. Their main focus is the use of mediumship to confirm the continuity of life after death. This organization has hundreds of members who receive messages from the deceased and relay them to their loved ones. I’m wondering why all of these people have not been diagnosed with mental illness. Just because, one does not accept such beliefs, does not give justification for creating a psychiatric issue. Is talk of the supernatural enough of a reason to label me as having a psychotic disorder? Am I any different those famous trance mediums who sold millions of books? I mean besides the fact that I haven’t sold millions of books.

This is what happens in the mental health system. You are already convinced of your insanity by the first mental health professional. In your visit with a new psychiatrist, you tell him or her, what you believe is wrong with you. The doctor agrees with you, and has you answer a number of questions on paper having to do with your behavior, thinking, and symptoms. Because you as the patient already know your diagnosis, you provide answers that support your belief in this diagnosis. At the end of the session, the psychiatrist gives you medications to treat the supposed ailment. In subsequent visits, you provide the psychiatrist with information, about what you believe to be bizarre thinking, and, therefore, related to your illness. The psychiatrist then documents this self-reported information in your record as evidence of your mental illness. If you move on to another psychiatrist, he or she merely accepts the diagnosis of the previous treating physician and continues on with that medication routine.

Sometimes I feel like am a perfectly normal person with a unique personality just like everyone else. The experiments I endured at the hands of the mental health professionals have set me back. I feel as if I have lost fifteen years of my life. I feel especially cheated by the psychiatrists who treated me at the mental health hospital I was a patient at for the past ten years or so. These so-called medical professionals had me believe all of this nonsense for years. I do take responsibility for allowing them to do this to me.

I admit that psychiatry is probably one of the most unrewarding medical specialties since their patients generally dislike them. Still, I’m sure there are decent, intelligent, competent, and well-intentioned medical doctors working in the mental health field. It’s just that I have only encountered the ones who should not be practicing.

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Mental Health Continuing Education Social Work

When it comes to social workers, mental health continuing education is a must. For many professionals, it is required to remain licensed and employed. But even for those who are not required by law to maintain CEUs, it is a good idea to find accredited institutions that provide additional training beyond graduation. Social workers must remain up to date on the latest theories and research in the field in order to maintain effectiveness with their clients. Social work itself covers a broad spectrum. Some work in the public sector, helping those who are facing addictions and mental illness. Some work as advocates in the legal system. Whatever your primary goal is, however, furthering your study is never a hindrance.

Though it depends on where you work and in what respect you are employed, most social workers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their chosen field (usually some form of soft science such as psychology or sociology). These days, especially with a tight, competitive job market, it is becoming more and more common to see a Masters degree as an entry-level requirement for employment. After achieving their degree, the aspiring social worker will likely have to take the Association of Social Work Boards exam in order to become licensed. Each state has different requirements as it pertains to what is a passing grade. A candidate may retake the exam as many times as needed to pass.

Anyone interested in mental health continuing education should avail themselves of the necessary requirements by their state and local governing boards. This can make a big difference when it comes to where you can further your training. Depending on where you live and how far you want to progress in your work, you can choose to simply meet ongoing standards for education or you can move on and obtain an advanced degree in your field of study. Some government and private institutions will put a lot of weight on advanced degrees and some will not. Few places will hold it against you, however. At the same time, this doesn’t necessarily make it the right choice. Going back to school can be expensive, so you have to weight the potential increase in earnings against the loans you may have to take out.

There has never been an easier time for a social worker to keep up to date with their mental health continuing education requirements. Online opportunities abound, along with those in the traditional channels.

If you career involves mental health continuing education is a necessary part of maintaining a strong skill set. To know more, visit:

Your Mental And Emotional Health Needs Exercise To Remain Healthy

We are all aware of the benefits of proper exercise on the health of our body. We know it tones our muscles, burns fat, helps circulation, and reduces our disease risk. But what about the benefits exercise has on our mental health?

While the majority of fitness research efforts focus on the physical and health benefits of exercise, there is a growing body of work demonstrating that exercise promotes mental and emotional health as well.

Firstly exercise makes you feel good. When you exercise (with some effort of course) there are a cocktail of hormones released that stay in your system for some time after you finish lifting your mood and banishing any trace of any negative feelings.

Some of the exercise benefits that can make life so much better are:

By reducing stress hormones (cortisol), which are linked to depression
By restoring sleeping and eating patterns, raising energy levels
By releasing endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones
Getting in better physical shape improves self-esteem
Manage feelings of anxiety, sadness, tension and anger
Improves blood flow to brain, cut Alzheimer’s risk by 40 percent
Great alternative treatment for depression

Our mental health is important and its health does not lie with taking antidepressants. Prescriptions for antidepressants have increased by 33 per cent in the last six years with a third of the adult population taking a mood altering drug. Yet research shows that physical activity has the same effect as chemically addictive antidepressants and unlike these drugs has no negative side effects.

It is so much better for your health to avoid using drugs if possible as they can interfere with brain biochemistry. Our knowledge of how drugs affect the brain is in its infancy. Proper exercise will give you an instant feel good boost, unlike drugs that can take weeks to kick in.

It gives cause for concern when doctors are so freely writing out prescriptions for these unnecessary drugs. The same prescription pad could be used for a much healthier alternative – exercise. But then there would not be any money to be made with a recommendation like that.

Attitudes need to change so that people take some responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and stop being doctor and drug dependent. There are much healthier options available that address the cause of the problem not just mask it, and that is exercise.

Take some time out for a proper exercise program and discover how you can feel joy and pleasure just being in your own body. Don’t say no to exercise say no to something else.
Exercise is not a task or punishment and vigorous movement is something the human body needs to maintain wellness and can be viewed as a preventative that can help prevent physical, mental and emotional conditions.

You don’t have to spend hours to gain these benefits; just a couple of sessions each week of strength training exercise will make you feel fantastic. Just make sure you get some help from a fitness professional so you can be reaping the most benefits from your program and enjoy life to the fullest.