Alcohol And Mental Rehab Centers For Alcohol Detox Symptoms

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Are Your Tennis Errors Mental Or Technical

Scores of tennis players believe that most of their problems on the tennis court are technical (eg. The action of hitting a forehand, backhand etc) and not mental (thought process behind the action).

Players practice the technical aspects of their shots or pay huge sums of money to coaches to work on areas of their game that probably don’t need as much technical attention as they may think.

Here’s my advice.

When you play a match you need to focus at the other end of the court tactically. Every shot you play must have a purpose to either neutralise or hurt your opponent tactically. The only thing you must be aware of at your end of the court is the ball and where you are aiming to hit it.

During a match you MUST NOT think technically. As soon as you do, more often than not you lose the match. Why? Because it’s almost impossible to mend a shot during a match.

When you play a match you go into battle with what you have and you have to make the best of it. If you try to hit shots you have not mastered in practice then you will probably end up disappointed.

Most errors are mental because they have a lack of purpose or the players’ concentration is on technique and not where the ball is being aimed!

Here’s a typical example:-

A player came to me after a recent match and said that his forehand needs a lot of work because it let him down big time in his last match.

Now I know this guy can hit great forehands and does so regularly in lessons. I asked him “When did your forehand let you down?”

He answered “It was okay at first but once I made a few errors it just seemed to get worse and worse from them on.”

This statement told me a lot. It told me he was analysing his technique because of an error and became more and more conscious of what he was doing at his end of the court instead of trying to affect the points tactically at the other end.

So we hit a few rallies and played some points out. Something went wrong as I approached the net and his forehand flew out the back of the court.

I asked him what he was trying to do? His answer was “I didn’t cover the ball with enough topspin and lost control.”

He was right – his ball flew out because it had no topspin on it. BUT, it wasn’t a technical error.

So I asked him the same question again but wanted a more specific answer. So I said “tell me exactly where you pictured the ball going and where you expected it to land?”

His answer was “Cross court somewhere!”

This guy wanted a technical answer, but the answer was mental. His ball went ‘cross court somewhere’ and that’s all he’d asked from himself. So in effect he actually succeeded.

If you want to hit a short angled topspin forehand cross court to a target and you miss then that’s a technical error and we can then work on that.

BUT if you are not aiming specifically and don’t know where you want the ball to land without first visualising it, then how can you be upset when you miss?

If you don’t know where you are aiming then that is a mental error. Your racket can’t do the aiming for you, no matter how much it cost you!

If this guy had pictured the exact shot he wanted he would have automatically covered the ball, and hit with more topspin, and been successful, because he has done it in many practices before.

You wouldn’t shoot a gun without aiming would you, as it would be dangerous? To hit a tennis shot without purpose is effectively doing the same thing and is a danger to your confidence.

How many people do you know who don’t aim their second serve but just try to get it in? (are you one of those people?!).

Visualise and aim. You have a much better chance of hitting the target and succeeding.

So the key is to practice these shots and scenarios, so you know what to do in these pressure situations. You will then build up a visual memory of succeeding under pressure.

Then all you need to do is watch the ball and visualise what you want to happen. What you focus on in life becomes reality.

If the shot has been practiced enough it will begin to happen in those pressure situations as pure muscle memory. (See it, then do it!)

The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Negative Ion Clothing

Have you ever wondered why a trip to the beach or day outside in the fresh air is so invigorating? Have you noticed that you feel better, happier and more content, and even sleep better after a day spent outdoors? University studies have shown that there is a reason for these good moods that are not simply attributable to relaxation or a day off work. The great news is that you can help to create an environment to give you these same benefits every day at home, at work, and every place you go.

The air we breathe is electrically charged with both positive and negative molecular ions with the composition of the balance or imbalance of these ions affecting our moods and health. An imbalance of ions exists in the enclosed spaces where we spend most of our time. Electrical appliances like computer screens, TVs, radios, and air conditioning create a surplus of positive ions resulting in a kind of electrical “smog” that has a negative effect on our moods, energy levels, alertness, and health. This requires the addition of negative ions, or anions, to the air to regain the balance.

Scientific studies demonstrate the powerful impact that negative ions have on our mental and physical health. Ionic air purifiers work by emitting negative ions that attach to particles and bacteria, removing them from the air to create a more healthful environment. This was found to be helpful particularly to those suffering from asthma. Further studies discovered that negative ions directly affect the serotonin levels in the bloodstream and stabilize the brains alpha rhythms resulting in increased mental agility, alertness, enhanced performance, and a feeling of well being.

We cannot control the air quality and ion balance everywhere we go but we can now surround ourselves with a “Negative Ion Shield” by wearing negative ion clothing. After many years of research, Japanese scientists have developed durable negative ion fibers, named Teviron, to create clothing and bedding that generate negative ions to positively benefit the mental and physical health of those wearing the garments.

Clothing made from Teviron produce anions for the life of the garments when cared for correctly to help maintain a healthy balance of ions both inside and outside of the body. The fibers have the added benefit of keeping the wearer warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. It is safely worn by everyone, including children and women who are pregnant, offering only healthful benefits.

Pros And Cons Of Mental Stop And Hard Physical Stops

When a trader starts his new venture into trading or investing, he finds out many things that need to be learned, understood and used as part of his tools to become successful. One of the useful tools in many trading software is the use of stop loss orders. Although this a standard tool, not many use them. Some use them in different ways to try to achieve one goal: profitability. However, some use mental stop, a method in which a trader determines a stop loss (either in dollar amount, percentage or point system) in his mind but not physically place it in the trading platform. Whereas the physical stop order is placed in the platform on the broker’s server or directly on the exchange. What is the difference between the two and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using either?

Advantages and disadvantages of using physical stops:

1. Placing physical stops remove the stress that normally accompanies the trade. Once it’s placed, there is usually a sense of relief that the risk is known and cannot be changed. This advantage is due to the removal from having to think and guess what to do next during the trade.

2. Mental stops give the trader greater flexibility that may fit his trading style where adjustments can be made according to changing market conditions. This requires thorough understanding of price action to be able to use this flexibility.

3. Mental stops are difficult to implement for those who lack discipline and concentration. Discipline is the biggest obstacle for a trader to execute his planned mental stops during the trade. Many cannot cope with the fast action of the market, handling a losing situation, or cannot even stay focused with the trading plan before the trade. This cause the wish-washy decision-making that inhibit the trader from sticking to his original mental stop. Many times, the final stop loss ends up very far off the original stop planned, thus a larger loss than planned or expected.

4. Physical stops can be a disadvantage in markets that are prone to stop-hunting, a method used by floor traders, market makers, or highly capitalized traders to move market to prices where high concentration of stop loss orders are placed. Be they in stocks, futures or commodities and forex markets, all markets are vulnerable to them, especially where liquidity is low. This is especially true in stocks during lunch hour where volume is thin or stocks that have low daily average volume.

5. Physical stops protect traders from unexpected disasters and mishaps they routinely suffer. When the stop loss order is placed, it is parked at the broker’s server or at the exchange, depending on the instrument and the exchange in which the trade is made. Having this order placed away from the trader’s computer, this will protect from outages, internet connectivity problems, trading software problems, or even the trader must attend to other priorities away from the trading desk.

6. Using mental stops can keep the trader’s focus in the trade and not be distracted with anything else. Physical stops are in place will cause the trader to be less attentive to the trade and market at hand, causing him to tend to other things besides trading. Concentration and focus may suffer. If the trader must stay focused for the subsequent trades, concentration is a must; else he may miss important information that goes between trades.

It is always recommended that the novice traders use physical stops entirely and unconditionally until he can control his emotions and discipline. In additional, he needs better understand the market before he can make rapid and objective decisions in real time in order to be flexible in using mental stops. The trader may not like the idea of being stopped out just before the market goes his way, leaving him out of the market. Each type of stops has advantages and disadvantages, but stops must be seen as insurance to keep his capital from major harm. It’s a difficult decision to make and only through trial and error and assessing personal qualities or weakness will the trader can determine which is best for him.

Boost Your Mental Health And Strengthen Your Immune System With The Flavonoids

The flavonoids are a collection of plant based nutrients with numerous health benefits. They have generated more and more interest in recent years due to the many ways they can benefit your body. In this article I will be providing a full breakdown of 3 flavonoids, discussing some of the best food sources and outlining their main health benefits.


The chalconoids are found in very few foods. In fact the leaves of ashitaba, eucalyptus and liquorice plants are considered the best sources. However, you can still incorporate them into your diet by taking herbal supplements or drinking herbal teas that contain these leaves.

By eating more chalconoids you can significantly boost your overall health. These flavonoids are antibacterials (substances which slow down the growth of bacteria), antifungals (substances which treat fungal infections), antimicrobials (substances that slow down the growth of micro-organisms) and antioxidants (substances that protect your body from the damaging free radicals which are released during oxygen related reactions). In addition to this, the chalconoids act in a protective capacity by preventing acne (a skin condition characterised by red pimples), preventing Alzheimer’s disease (a mental disorder which leads to memory loss and impaired speech), preventing cancer (a disease which leads to rapid, uncontrollable cellular growth), preventing diabetes (a disease which causes your blood glucose to become extremely high) and preventing heart disease.


The flavanones are a citrus based flavonoid with grapefruits and oranges being particularly good sources. Citrus fruits are a great healthy snack and by eating them between meals you can fill your body with flavanones.

In terms of health benefits, the flavanones are potent antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and keep your blood healthy. They also act in a protective capacity against many diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Additionally, these flavonoids keep your liver healthy by acting as an antihepatoxic (a substance which protects the liver from damaging toxins) and supporting the production of new liver cells.


The flavanonols can be sourced from milk thistle and red onion although the exact amounts these foods contain are not known. They have various health benefits which include acting as antihistamines (substances that neutralise the effects of histamine and prevent allergic symptoms), anti-inflammatories (substances that reduce unnecessary inflammation within the body) and antioxidants. They also reduce your risk of contracting cancer and diabetes. In addition to this, these flavonoids boost your blood health by improving circulation and reducing high blood pressure.