How Male Andropause Symptoms Are Similar to Menopause

Male menopause may sound like a gimmick, but it exists. Named Andropause, it is caused by a decrease in testosterone levels in men, just like menopause is caused by a decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels in women.

Andropause (male menopause) and menopause are both caused by a drop in hormone levels, and both affect men and women in their 40s and 50s. However, men may start experiencing the symptoms of andropause in their late 20s, when testosterone levels begin to decline. In contrast, menopause symptoms usually start in women in the early to mid-forties and menopause occurs when women stop menstruating, which occurs when women are around 51 years old.

Men and women experience many of the same symptoms during andropause and menopause, although the symptoms of andropause are generally much less intense and less noticeable. The symptoms shared among men and women are listed below.

Symptoms Common in Both Andropause and Menopause:
– Hot flashes–a sudden sensation of intense heat
– Decreased sex drive
– Depression
– Fatigue
– Memory problems
– Muscle and joint aches
– Mood swings

How Estrogen Levels Affect Andropause:
Like menopause, andropause is related to estrogen levels. While menopause is caused by a decrease in estrogen levels in women, men may experience an increase in estrogen levels during andropause.

Maintaining a healthy balance of estrogen is important in men. Small quantities of estrogen helps improve brain function, protect the heart, maintain strong bones, and increase male sex drive. However, men may experience a spike in estrogen levels during andropause, causing negative side effects.

For example, high estrogen levels can reduce sex drive and cause fatigue, loss of muscle tone, and increased body fat (especially around the middle). Excess estrogen can also reduce levels of testosterone, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. To prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen, some men are treated with an estrogen blocker.

Andropause Affects Men in Less Noticeable Ways:
Andropause can affect the way men feel about themselves on a daily basis. Men with andropause have reported feeling more irritable and depressed, less motivated, and more fatigued.

In the past, people have attributed male menopause symptoms to the midlife crisis, depression, or aging, but low testosterone levels can affect a mans mood and his sense of well-being. Low testosterone levels can also decrease energy levels and cause insomnia.

The symptoms of andropause vary from man to man, and many of the symptoms may go unnoticed for years. To help you identify andropause, the most common symptoms of andropause are listed below:

Symptoms of Andropause:
– Body fat gain, particularly abdominal weight gain
– Decrease sex drive and inability to achieve or maintain an erection
– Reduced motivation (depression)
– Nervousness, anxiety, and irritability
– Poor sleep quality or insomnia

Next Steps:
Now that you better understand male menopause (andropause), it is your responsibility to raise awareness. The next time you hear about andropause in conversation, remember the information youve just learned. Most importantly, if you think you have the male andropause symptoms, take action. Contact professionals that specialize in low testosterone treatment as a method of treating andropause. The sooner you speak with a physician and get checked for low testosterone levels, the sooner you can begin feeling like yourself again.

Choose The Best HRT Free Menopause Treatment For You

Menopause is not a disease but a natural part of the middle-aged woman’s life. It’s something that should be accepted by women in a positive way. Menopausal symptoms do not have to get in the way, preventing women to go on with their daily lives. And, one of the best things that women can do to make that possible is to research about menopause and find treatments that they can make use of. This way, she can have a deeper understanding of the phenomenon, and thus come across ways that may allow her to enjoy her menopause.

Every woman’s experience of menopause is unique. Symptoms vary from woman to woman. What’s universal, though, is the fact that knowingexactly what your body’s going through can guide you in selecting the treatment appropriate for your symptoms.

There are countless ways to combat the symptoms of menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is considered to be one of the best of these treatments. But, because there were scientific findings saying that its risks far outweighed its benefits, there came an abrupt halt in promoting and recommending such treatment. Thus, researchers turned to discover new and effective natural treatments to alleviate the discomforts.

Herbal medications pose no health risks. There are herbs and certain plant sources that are known to reduce the pain and calm down anxieties when taken in the right amounts. This includes the herbal tea Black Cohosh, soy, ginseng, St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E. These are known to easily relieve sleep disturbances, hot flashes and mood swings. Thus, the woman is left feeling more relaxed and well-rested after taking the herbal concoction. But, you have to learn the correct way of preparing the herb medicine to get all those benefits.

In addition,a healthy diet and proper exercise would also contribute to relieving the symptoms of menopause. Herbal treatment plus diet change and exercise have been proven effective in treating the symptoms. A diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables with reduced intake of sugar, coffee and tea will provide good benefits to the body. When it comes to exercise, there are several light regimens that are beneficial to menopausal women. Many have found postural yoga exercises effective in treating mood swings, depression and anxiety. Also, one need not ask about the negative effects of vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Aside from promoting hypertension and heart diseases, they can also compound the pain that you’re feeling from your menopausal symptoms.

But before going into any treatment method to help you deal with menopause, make sure you consult first with your physician. This would put you in a better position to know what the most suitable HRT free menopause treatment is for you, which could help in reducing the risk of developing certain complications that may arise in the future.



There are teas to aid in digestion, teas to calm the nerves of persons going through a life
change, teas to help with menopause, menstrual periods, male complaints, even headaches and the
common cold. Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes or night sweats,
difficulty sleeping through the night, weight gain (especially around the mid-section), vaginal dryness,
mood swings or depression, feelings of confusion and hair thinning on your head. Other
women experience headaches for the first time during menopause, usually the result of fatigue, stress,
rapidly changing hormone levels racing through the liver, and rushes of kundalini moving into the crown

Many women have found that it is possible to avoid the symptoms of lack of estrogen that are
associated with menopause, without using synthetic estrogen supplements. While there are
several symptoms of menopause, there are even more solutions to reduce or eliminate menopausal
discomforts. An alternative view of the causes of menopause symptoms places more
emphasis on the role of progesterone, and the imbalance between progesterone and

3) Menopause is also a very good time for a woman to ask herself what she always wanted to achieve
but never got around to do. So, substitute the foods that should be eaten regularly during
menopause for the red meat and high sugar, high fat foods that you once ate and increase your level of
physical activity. Women going through menopause can experience urinary incontinence
due to a lack of estrogen.

However, most of the 34 menopause symptoms are indications of underlying hormonal imbalance or
damage to the body from poor eating habits, stress, obesity and other factors. This is why
women who take hormone supplements to help ease the symptoms of menopause have an increased
risk of developing cancer over women who do not treat their menopausal symptoms with hormones like
estrogen therapy. One easy and effective way is to take an online test for early signs of
menopause and the 34 menopause symptoms.

This occurs mostly during the years immediately following menopause. for more information about this visit

Holistic Medicine For Hormone Imbalance

Have you been feeling a little off balance lately ? For a woman, hormone balance is essential to her every day health and well being. It affects her sleep, weight mood, and almost every aspect of her every day life.

Around age 35 a woman’s ovaries start to become less efficient while estrogen and progesterone production start to decrease at different rates. Since the reduction rates of the two are not the same, an imbalance occurs. Since the progesterone rate drops faster than the estrogen rate, a woman becomes estrogen dominant while actually being low on estrogen.

Progesterone induces a calming effect, so a reduced progesterone level will naturally cause problems like weight gain, sleep problems, bloating, changes in menstrual patterns and the decreased ability to handle stressful situations. Regrettably, chronic stress restricts the effects of progesterone creating an endless cycle. Depleted progesterone is a major problem, but it’s not the only problem. The imbalance among other hormones coupled with low estrogen levels all contribute to the symptoms of menopause.

Standard, though ineffective, treatments for menstrual problems, hot flashes, and mood swings are birth control pills and anti-depressants. Actually, according to a recent study, anti-depressants consumed by women between the ages of 40 and 55 has a high potential for triggering night sweats. For women who suffer from mood swings and hot flashes, St. Johns Wart is a more effective natural remedy with no side effects.

Birth control pills can cause problems. Whether you art taking them to prevent a pregnancy or if you are taking them as an ill advised remedy for menstrual problems. They contain an artificial form of progesterone called progestin. Progestin prevents ovulation but also suppresses the natural ability of a woman’s body to produce progesterone. When natural progesterone is depleted it contributes to the side effects of the pill and soon after aggravates menopause related symptoms like weight gain, bloating, irritability, and the increased risk for breast cancer.

The Best Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Exercise: We have all heard about the lack of exercise being detrimental to our health. But there are numerous degrees of exercise. Exercise like training for a marathon or “Iron Man” categories can trigger stress hormones and aggravate others. These types of exercises should be avoided. Try exercises that produce a relaxing effect on the body like yoga, gentle aerobics, or a 3 mph walk.

Manage Stress: Start by getting 7-8 hours of of restful uninterrupted sleep. Manage schedules so there is adequate down-time between the end of one and the beginning of the next one. And make sure you schedule some relaxing activities.

Avoid Toxins: Everywhere you look, there are toxins in our environment. So, this is what you should do. Keep an eye out for the following additives and if you spot them when you read those lists of ingredients put the item back on the shelf. And don’t limit your ingredient reading food items. Check out anything you put into or onto your body. And avoid the following:
Propylene Glycol
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Sodium Benzoate
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Flavoring

Try to choose food with organic labels.

Chaste Berry: Also known as Vitex, is an herb used to relieve PMS, menopausal distress, and irregular periods. One study revealed Chase Berry reduced numerous PMS symptoms including irritability, breast tenderness, and dyspeptic moods.

Dong Quai: This herb is used in traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of menstrual problems. It is also effective at relieving menopausal symptoms and balancing estrogen levels.

L-Theanine: this amino acid is found in Green Tea and lowers elevated stress hormones. It improves sleep but does not cause grogginess. For best results take 50-200 mg during the day for stress reduction or the same dosage in the evening for quality sleep. When starting with the lower dosage (recommended), the effects usually take about 30 minutes to take effect, and usually last for about 8 hours.

Black Cohosh is a plant source of estrogen. It increases estrogen levels to various areas of the body like the brain. This results in the reduction of the occurrences of hot flashes. Also other areas of the body are also affected like the bones, lowering the risk of osteoporosis, and the vagina, preventing vaginal dryness. Taking Black Cohosh in conjunction with St. John’s Wart has proven to be effective in treating depression and the symptoms of menopause. Once again Mother Nature to the rescue.

A Woman’s Right to Larger Breasts

If you want to enhance your breasts without the costs and risks of surgery, you should know about natural breast enlargement options. There are plenty of horror stories about women w/ surgery gone wrong, breasts pointing in different directions. Natural Breast Enlargement is an all-natural breast augmentation supplement shown safe and effective in gradually enhancing the size and shape of your breasts. Surgery always involves risks, for example infection, bleeding, or implant failure.

Most women prefer the idea of natural breast enlargement pills as opposed to plastic surgery. Studies by groups of researches and scientists have also shown that natural breast enlargement supplements help to maintain female hormonal balance. Modern techniques of breast enhancement are carefully performed to minimize risks but cannot guarantee a perfect result every time. A common misconception about natural breast enhancement is that it will only take weeks or a few months to gain results such as 1-2 cup sizes. This quite simply, is not the case most often since most women who do see success in naturally increasing their breast size do not see considerable results for anywhere from 6-12 months. Also, it is important that the right product is chosen. Some women may respond to one product or method, while other women may not respond at all. Since everyone’s body and chemical makeup is so diverse, it is nearly impossible to guarantee one single product will work the same on everyone.

Specific exercises can help tone the muscles around your breasts. Stronger muscles give your breasts better support which in turn gives them a firmer appearance. Press-ups are very good for this. Another great exercise is where you put your hands together as if you are going to pray, making sure your elbows are at 90? angles and you push hard for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Next time you are down the gym ask an instructor to recommend some exercises for you; and if you can’t make the gym then look up ‘breast-firming exercises’ on Google. You can do these exercises at home – you don’t need equipment. You could also do exercises that help improve posture. Standing tall and walking correctly will not only make you look slimmer, but will also make your breasts appear more pert as opposed to looking droopy when you are hunched over.