Ginger As Food And As Medicine

Without question, ginger is one of the most in demand spices today. It has many uses after all. It can be used as food and as medicine, too.

What is ginger?

Ginger is a hot-tasting root consumed as a spice, delicacy, or medicine for long time already. Ginger especially young ginger rhizomes have actually very mild taste. They too are fleshy and juicy.

South Asia is where its cultivation began.

Ginger as Food

Ginger can be infused to a number of South Asian cuisine, including vegetarian and seafood cuisine.

In India, ginger is used as a main ingredient to numerous Indian dishes. That justifies why most Indian dishes are not only flavorful, they are greatly pleasing to the taste, too.

It can be a perfect flavoring to your favorite treats, including cookies, crackers, and cakes. Thus, if you are planning to make your favorite treats at this point, the thing that you must not forget to do is to flavor those mouthwatering treats with ginger.

With ginger, you will be able to make delicious gingerbread, ginger ale, ginger beer, and even ginger flavored candies.

Ginger as Medicine

Ginger can get rid of sore throat naturally. So, if you are suffering from sore throat due to cold or cough at this point and want to be healed from it in a natural manner, the best thing that you can do now is to immediately take in ginger with honey. It is, without question, an effective cure of sore throat.

Ginger can be excellent cure of flu. So, if you are dealing with flu at this present time and want to be cured from such illness naturally, the greatest thing that you can do at this instant is to quickly take in ginger with lemon and honey. There is no argument that such treat, ginger with lemon and honey, will definitely terminate the flu naturally.

Ginger can naturally eliminate cancer. That is I believe one of the best uses of ginger. As a matter of fact, it has been promoted as a cancer treatment by the American Cancer Society. Indeed, treating cancer with ginger is definitely a possibility.

Those are just some of the uses of ginger.

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Use Doctor Prescribed Chinese Herbal Medicine

There were more than seven thousand Chinese herbal medicine practitioners that came about not so long ago but many were not eligible to prescribe the right treatment to patients, hence, led to the strict licensing and standards of education regarding the study about this specific form of education. The study of Chinese herbal medicines was elevated to ensure the general health of the public.

How Effective Are These Medicines?

Chinese herbal medicine nowadays is being taught in various medical schools in the U.S. and even the age old tried and tested the treatment methods. They are being put under the scanner in modern laboratories to asses the effectiveness of ancient treatment methods as well as of the effectiveness of various Chinese herbal medicines.

The outcome with regard to these types of medicines is definitely surprising and an illustration about how effective it can be is seen when you realize that Chinese herbal medicine is even capable to cure emphysema. What’s more, look into brewer’s yeast, which is an ingredient in every Chinese herbal treatment method if you really are anxious of your health.

However, prior to start using Chinese herbal medicines it is best if you first seek advice from a specialist who is the best person to advise you about which Chinese herbal medicines to use in order to get utmost benefits. However, you may initially need to go through medical examinations like X-ray, drug test and even medical exams in order to determine what’s wrong with your body and decide on the best treatment for you.

Doctors will ask for your pulse reading, and will touch your meridian points as well as study your smell and find out how good or bad your hearing is, in order to establish whether there are any blockages hindering pathways of energy. Most people today may find such methods to be very off-putting and may therefore not use Chinese herbal medicines because of such testing.

Chinese healing herbs offer an alternative solution to those who are fed up with trying allopathic treatments. Though the truth of the fact is, Chinese healing herbs are effective if not better than more traditional types of medicines.

Medical experts who have an ample knowledge on Chinese herbal medicines usually advise the use of medicines that has mixtures of herbs so as to provide maximum benefit to the patient. It is significant to follow instructions exactly when taking Chinese herbal medicines so as to lessen the side effects especially when you are medicating yourself.

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Stress And Emergency Medicine Job

You have to do everything that you can to save them. Patients that come into the emergency room are not smiling and waiting for you in the office. They could be having a heart attack or a drug overdose. They might have been in a car accident and they could be unconscious. They might have been in a fire and they’re severely burned. Patients that come into the emergency room are not telling you their problems. They could be unconscious and you would need to ask yourself about their problems. You have to make assessments and treat them according to your assessment. You have to be quick and on your feet in order to think about their problems and treat them. They could live or die and all is up to you. This is what you have to put up with as an emergency doctor. Its high stress but its rewarding because you can save peoples lives with your skills and treatments. It feels good to save a life. There are many talented doctors out there who know exactly what to do. They have many years of experience and they can get in there and rescue the patients. If youre talented and you know how to save lives then you should try emergency medicine. Emergency medicine is stressful. Its not a slow pace type of job. Its a fast pace and stressful type of job. If you like to sit back and talk to the patients then this is not the right field for you. When a patient is admitted to the emergency room, you will have to rescue them within minutes and you dont have two hours to rescue them. Therere patients that can die within thirty minutes if you dont rescue them right away. You have to handle stress like theres no stress at all. This is the environment that youll be working in for a long time so you have to ask yourself if youll be happy with it. Its best that you spend a lot of time in the emergency room to see if you will be happy with that type of work and pressure. Pressure and stress are the words to describe the emergency room environment. If you enjoy action and saving peoples lives then you might actually do well in the emergency room. It can be intense and you dont want to go into a field that youll want to change later on. There’re many jobs out there for emergency doctors. You won’t have a problem finding work but it’s just a matter of having enough experience so you can work in the emergency room. There’re also emergency jobs oversea. You can travel with this position too. You might not be able to open a business since it’s emergency medicine. You have to work in the hospital floor most of the time. Youll need to do your research to see if this is the area for you.

Treating Pcos With Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine

For many women, losing weight is a never-ending struggle. No matter how hard they try, the pounds just won’t come off. All the dieting and endless hours in the gym leave them feeling fatigued, hungry and infinitely frustrated with lack of progress. Well, guess what? It might not be your fault. You may have a hormonal condition call Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), making it all but impossible to lose the weight you want to lose. There are many possible symptoms for PCOS and treatment options are available from both Eastern and Western medicine. Western treatments involve different types of hormone therapy, while Eastern treatments rely on acupuncture and herbal therapy.

Women with PCOS develop numerous cysts on their ovaries, which is how it gets its name. Other signs and symptoms include weight gain (very often in the abdomen), obesity, excessive hair growth on the face, thinning hair on the scalp, acne and irregular periods. For women, with PCOS, who exercise rigorously, the weight in the belly just never seems to go away and is a constant source of frustration for them. Very often women with PCOS will have delayed cycles or even miss a period completely and when the period comes, it is usually quite painful. This disruption in the cycle also makes it very difficult for women with PCOS to get pregnant. In fact, PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility in women, yet many women don’t even know they have it. Many of these symptoms can be associated with a high level of testosterone, which women with PCOS have. Chinese Medicine can help to balance the body, regulate the natural cycle and restore ovulation.

While Western medicine looks at illness in a linear way, Eastern Medicine takes a holistic approach. What this means is that having a specific illness doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone gets the same treatment. We treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. In Traditional Oriental medicine, PCOS can be attributed to three different diagnoses. A patient may have one, a combination of two or all three syndromes (having all three is the most common). These three diagnoses are: Accumulation of Phlegm and/or Damp, Kidney Yang deficiency and Stagnation of Qi and/or Blood. If the patient has all three going on, one of the syndromes is usually predominant, but all three need to be addressed. Acupuncture treatments to resolve phlegm and damp, move Qi and Blood, and Tonify Kidney Yang are used, along with Chinese herbal formulas. Studies have shown that electro-acupuncture treatments are the most effective for patients with PCOS. The low electrical current (machines are run on 9-volt batteries) can help lower testosterone levels.

Women with PCOS should take this condition very seriously. Besides the obvious physical signs, PCOS can lead to some even more serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity, stroke and cardiovascular disease. A treatment plan involving acupuncture, natural Chinese herbs and a regular exercise routine can keep your hormone levels in check and help you avoid going on hormone therapy.

What You Need To Know On Heartworm Medicine

Learning that your dog has been infected from parasitic roundworms is quite traumatic. Living and growing in numbers inside your dogs heart and irritating the pulmonary artery of its lungs, you have now been worrying too much with the possible long term and irreversible effects on this heartworm disease to your favorite dogs health. You start wondering what options you have when it comes to treating heartworm disease and what best heartworm medicine should be administered to your dog.

Choosing the best heartworm medicine for your dog may not be very hard after all. Brands of heartworm medicines are available in the market and perhaps the only problem that you will have to decide on is the price that you can afford and the other treatment capabilities of the drug that you will use. Some brands do not just target heartworm disease but also treat infections from hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, dog ear mites, dogs and puppy fleas, arcasid, sarcoptic mange mites, and a particular species of ticks. It is advisable therefore to consult it with your dogs vet since your dog may have a special caring concern than other dogs.

There may be kinds of heartworm medications available for your dog. The first one is ingestible. Usually they come in tasty flavored chewable tablets that your dog will surely feed on. Heartgard brand of medicine is the famous chewable table among this ingestible medicine. It has a beef flavor so you wont have a hard time feeding your beloved animal. Heartgard supplies for six months and the tablet is just given once a month; affordable and effective. A prescription however is first needed before you can buy Heartgard so better visit your dogs veterinarian. Heartgard is available in drug stores, vet clinics as well as in online shops; just make sure that you know the expiration date before buying the said product.

Sentinel is another chewable tablet that may be given for your dog to treat Heartworm disease as it also treats other infections. This brand is given once a month and similarly, it supplies for six months. Dogs although must be at least four years older and up to take this tablet. Although these two brands have side effects such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, and red skin itching—- these have been found very rare in dogs who have taken the tablets.

Meanwhile, Interceptors, is a brand specialize in killing hard to identify whipworms, may also be given to treat heartworm disease as a monthly oral medicine. If there are ingestible medicines, there are also medicines that are just applied on spots and these are the topical heartworm medicines such as Revolution and Advantage Multi. They are multi-tasking medicines since they treat not just heartworm disease but as well as other infections including mites, fleas and the like. Revolution, for instance, is a liquid medicine administered to the skin of the dog. Administered monthly, Revolution may be quite expensive but it is a favorite amongst dog owners as it could treat other infections as well.