Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Lane and Lane

When it comes to Medical Malpractice, individuals understand that it is nothing short of a delicate matter. In all sides of the story, every party will feel fragile and wronged, but of course, the victims are always effected the most, and in many cases, they have been wronged, and mistreated, which is why the outcome of a situation has led them to take or seek out a Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney, to see if any compensation can be received. Although sometimes the outcomes of cases isn’t as victims desired, they can at least feel more at peace knowing they did something, and tried to right a wrong in the most grown up and adult manner. But in order to win a case, you need to get the very best of the best attorneys behind you, so that no detail is missed, and every corner of the case is examined.

It is widely known, that doctors can take out certain professional liability insurances, which cover them for many cases of medical malpractice, but this doesn’t always stop victims from receiving compensation and what is deserved, as they are the ones who have either lost a loved one, or have to live with the outcomes of medical treatments. Attorneys can look into how this doctor has performed in the past, and if anything else has ever gone wrong with their medical procedures, and attorneys can also end up changing policies through winning cases, so where it may seem impossible to win a case because of a already set policy, an attorney can provide reasons why that policy should be changed, and win the case, thus making the world a better place by preventing future cases being developed. If you have been wronged, and lost someone, at least you will know that you have helped others avoid the same corruption you have had to encounter.

One company of attorneys which has a glowing reputation is Lane and Lane personal injury lawyers. Lane and Lane offer a service unlike any other, they offer the expertise to win cases and provide victims with what they deserve from situations, and also offer a personal human touch, that creates a warmth and comfort in all their clients. The one thing missing from most law offices is the ability to act humane, people forget they are dealing with peoples emotions, and everything goes by like 1,2,3. But with Lane and Lane, you can feel at home and get to know who you are dealing with, and as they are a family run company, you can feel the closeness in the offices, although they are built up of partners, they all work as a team of partners, which is a very effective way to run a business.

The lawyers at Lane and Lane have won many Medical Malpractice cases, and have even changed some policies working towards a brighter future. Simply take a look at their website, and view all the information they have on offer, you will soon see that they are up there with the best of law offices, and will assist you in winning your case.

Your Worksite and Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, with 14 US states that have legalized medical marijuana, there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of employers, who wonder about the ways to keep the worksite drug free and meantime provide the adequate environment for workers, who are taken through marijuana treatment. In reality, the general medical marijuana topic is a mess. The federal authorities dont want to move from their all marijuana is illegal position and marijuana-legal states have unbelievably different approaches to the issue. Thus, there has never been a better time for reviewing drug policy of your company.

Here are some guidelines to the major white spots:

For enterprises that work for the government, like those with federal contracts, the directing document should be Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, which bans the utilization of marijuana in jobsites that participate in federal contracts.

The DOT Department of Transportation as well bans the use of medical marijuana for employees that are in so-called safety-sensitive positions, such as bus drivers, subway operators, truck drivers, armed transit security, ship captains, and pilots. This ban covers all states, involving the states that have legalized medical marijuana. Thus, even if you have a medical marijuana card, but you have to fly a 757, you have to make sure that your medical marijuanas effect has passed, when you board your pilot seat.

Some attorneys advise to treat marijuana treatment as if it was a use of any other prescription drug, and the worker could do it legally and safely. They claim that such attitude can save employers both money and time in a situation that leads medical marijuana to the point of getting more and more accepted by society and becoming legalized in greater number of states during the next few years.

Different States Different Regulations

First of all, in the legalized states, every patient that has a medical marijuana card is protected from detainment as long as they have dealt with all the needed documentation and has the proof of a doctors approval for their marijuana treatment. But this is just the beginning.

If you live and work in Oregon or California and you are tested positive for marijuana at your workplace, you can get fired. You can even be fired if you use medical marijuana with the required approval, and a prescription from your physician, who takes you through your marijuana treatment.

Just recall a precedent back in 2008 the Ross vs. RagingWire case. Back then, the Supreme Court of California settled that the employer drug test is legal and that it isnt discriminative to fire a worker for marijuana use, even when its not used in the jobsite. Oregon had the Emerald Steel Fabricators, Inc. vs. Bureau of Labor and Industries, the states Supreme Court settled that Oregon employers have to not support the workers medical marijuana use, since the federal law takes priority over state laws.

Patients that undergo marijuana treatment in Vermont, will be most probably arrested if found using or under the influence of medical marijuana in their workplaces. The same is true about New Mexico patients.

In certain states, such as Rhode Island and Maine, you wont be discriminated or fined for your employment of medical marijuana, if you have a medical marijuana card.

In the end, simply dont forget to review the regulations and laws of your state thoroughly, prior to using medical marijuana either at home or in the jobsite.

Medical Billing Service Agreement

Its normal to be concerned when it comes to entrusting your medical billing to a medical billing company. Often times, if you have a medical practice that youve built up yourself, it is common for you to feel unsure about entrusting your billing to someone else and removing yourself from that aspect of management.

Medical billing companies, though, can be a great asset to your company, and while it may be difficult to hand over control to them, medical billing companies often help you get your reimbursements more quickly and efficiently, and in the long run, can even save you money.

The great thing about medical companies is that initially when setting up your service you and the company come to an agreement and write up a medical billing service agreement. Service agreements are vital when services are being provided, as they offer legal backing and standards of service for both the company and the client.

In your medical billing service agreement, the responsibilities of each party involved will be laid out, and you will have all the information you need so that you know what to expect during the duration of your service. Your service agreement will lay out what you need to provide to your medical billing company and when, and also will lay out the standards the billing company will be held to.

For example, if you have a time frame that your insurance claims need to be submitted by, this information will be laid out in the agreement, and the medical billing company will be obligated to meet your standards of success, which they will also be aware of with your agreement.

Medical billing service agreements, like all service agreements, are vital to avoid future conflict. If you have a service agreement, you are automatically avoiding the he said she said that could potentially pop up in the future. With everything laid out before the service period, everyone knows what to expect, and all the pertinent and vital information will be laid out for each party to review before they commit to this partnership.

Medical billing service agreements can add a layer of comfort to you if you are on the fence about outsourcing your medical billing to a specialized company. With a service agreement, you are not blindly letting someone manage a vital aspect of your business, and all of your standards and expectations are laid out and legally must be met, per the terms of your agreement.

Making the choice to outsource your medical billing to a medical billing company can be a difficult choice to make, but the benefits of outsourcing can far outweigh the aspects of outsourcing that may make you uncomfortable. Having a service agreement with your medical billing company its not only crucial to having a productive, sage experience with a medical billing company, but it may serve as a way to ease your mind about allowing an outside company to help manage part of the company that youre worked so hard to build.

How Radiology Technology Helps To Ease The Medical Office Workload

In decades past, many of the routine tasks associated with the running of a medical facility that offered radiology services had to be performed by hand, because that was the only option available at the time. Now, however, with inexpensive personal computer technology becoming widely available, there has been a shift to moving many of these radiology tasks to a digital environment for ease of use, increased productivity, and cost reductions.

One of the most sought-after pieces of radiology technology is the fully functional PACS system. For those working in a radiology or cardiology department, a Radiology PACS or Cardiology PACS can help with everything from viewing digital images to storing them or distributing them.

The amount of work to process even a single film x-ray is burdensome, and in medical facilities that’s multiplied by hundreds of times throughout the course of a work year. The images need expensive chemicals for developing, which takes time. You have to work with hard copies of film, which must then be handled by humans for filing and archiving, not to mention retrieval of images.

Using cardiology PACS in your cardio unit eliminates all of this extra work. By using the DICOM digital imaging format, images taken from a variety of modalities can all be read by the radiology PACS equipment, and it allows you to view your digital medical images within seconds after taking them, unlike film images.

PACS radiology technology also allows for the storage of DICOM digital images. The PACS appliance can be used as a server to store many terabytes of digital medical information saved in the DICOM format. When there is a need for handling a large volume of studies, the radiology PACS has also been successfully used as a router as well, automating what can be a very cumbersome job of making sure everyone on each patient’s medical team receives the proper information. The servers may be located at the site of your medical facility or offsite, which helps you to stay within HIPPA compliance concerning disaster recovery of medical records.

Using a PACS also make distributing medical records much easier. No longer must you rely on postal mail or couriers to deliver hard copies of patient film x-rays. Instead, you can simply send the proper DICOM digital images to consulting physicians on your local-area network, wide-area network or on a virtual-private network in seconds, greatly improving the productivity of the entire medical system in place, and enhancing patient care at the same time.

Medical Alert Enabling Seniors to Connect Instantly to Caregivers

To fully appreciate the efficiency of a medical alert system in the context of complementing the work of caregivers, let us consider an actual real-world case. Madelyn is a subscriber to one of the leading medical alert system companies. She is 60, with narcolepsy, and lives alone at her own home in California. One day, she decides to change the light bulb in her kitchen. As there is no one else to do the job, and because it is supposedly a simple job of unscrewing the old bulb and replacing it with a new one, she gets up on the short ladder and begins removing the old bulb. At one point, however, the table slightly moves and Madelyn loses her balance and she ends up on the floor, writhing in pain, her hips probably shattered. The phone is on the other side of the house, and if not for the medical alert device shes wearing around her neck, Madelyns situation could have been worse. She presses the panic button, contact is made with the medical alert systems response center, and within minutes one of Madelyns registered responders (whose numbers she registered with her medical alert device) arrive to give her assistance as they waited for the ambulances arrival. And while Madelyn subsequently endures months of hospitalization (her age and the location of the bone fracture made her condition complicated), it is obvious that things could have been a lot worse if not for the timely response of the medical alert systems monitoring center.

Now, the abovementioned story is not a fairytaleit is actually based on a case file from a medical alert system provider. The lesson here is simple: a medical alert system is designed to allow further flexibility for caregivers. In fact, it smoothly complementsand even extendsthe duties of a caregiver in order to give the senior the best care possible.

Most medical alert systems can be programmed to register the numbers of the persons that you want to be notified first in the event of an emergency. Most people register the neighbors that they trust, while others register relatives, or their grown children if they happen to live nearby. While notifying next of kin or caregivers, the response center will also send the necessary medical help from the medical facility that is located nearest the patients address. The whole system is set up with emphasis on efficiency and speed: in a few minutes, barring other mishaps, able hands are arriving to help.

Seniors can connect much faster to caregivers in an emergency with a medical alert, thanks to the devices single push-button action: there is nothing to confuse the senior wearing the device because there are no other options. You just press it. Also, the wearer does not have to worry about pressing the button by mistake when they dont even need medical help, the response center understands that such harmless mistakes can occur and, after all, it is better to be mistaken than to be sorry about failing to respond quickly to a real issue. In fact, most medical alert companies want you to test the device periodically by pressing the button and making sure you are comfortable using the system.

The medical alert systems design is so simple. That is why you will never find a medical alert system accompanied with pages and pages of how-to guides. The medical alert system itself is pretty much direct to the point: the package contains nothing but the wearable medical alert device and the base unit.

In the end, a medical alert system provides so many benefits and advantages to both the senior and the caregiver that there is hardly any argument against using it. To top it off, the monthly service fee is very reasonable, especially when one considers that the monitoring service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Indeed, ordering a medical alert is one of the best proactive decisions a caregiver can make to bring back quality to a seniors life.