Lytec Medical Billing Software

One of the most widely use software in the area of medical billing is the Lytec medical billing software. Many professionals completely rely on this software for assistance in billing, coding and insurance reimbursement.

Around for nearly two decades Lytec medical billing software, since 1989 have proved indispensable for thousands of medical billing pros who have found it to be a trustworthy tool to operate their businesses.

What is it that makes Lytec so trustworthy? It is not the brand reputation nor the marketing hype, but rather its unique combination of a proven technical superiority and personalized services which make the brand so popular amongst all other brands available in the market. The software not only hikes up profitability of the business, but also helps in economizing on costs as well.

Nearly 20 years after the first Lytec software hit the market a newer and improved system has been launched the Lytec 2005. As incredible as it may sound more than 40000 systems got sold out within the first few months of its introduction. Thus Lytec clearly emerged as the market leader in practice management and medical billing software segment. The software delivers exactly what is needed by its user, including patient accounting, insurance billing, claims tracking, accounts receivable, and appointment scheduling.

If you wish to smarten up yur business, there is no alternative to Lytec medical billing software. Thousands of users unanimously agree that it is not only an asset in the office but an invaluable tool for the entire healthcare management scenario.

The job of a medical billing person is strewn with attention to details and superior levels of accuracy. There is hardly any place for glitches or errors, however small they may be.

What are the additional value-added features of the trusted Lytec medical billing software? Firstly, it is HIPPA or, Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act compliant. Incidentally, this Act has certain laid-down guidelines which every medical practice has to abide by. This has been mandatory by the US government. With this software, because of its built-in HIPPA compatibility, you need not take the trouble of familiarizing yourself with all the complex systems as the software does all that for you.

The other features which this soft ware has and which make it stand out from the rest include: ApptBox, Electronic Claims Processing, AccuScrubber MX, Direct Claims, and more. The AccuScrubber is an additional program which can be loaded on to your computer which allows you to review any healthcare claim. It is perfectly compatible with the Lytec medical billing software and does not cause any errors or hurdles during its operation. It simply adds more value to the overall system.

The ApptBox is a type of automated communication system which permits any physician’s office to confirm a patients’ appointment and other communication related functions.

Perhaps the best in terms of functionality, value-additions and convenience, the Lytec medical billing software has proved to be an asset for the user and the using companies.

What is a Medical Coder

The medical coding career is indispensable to the health care industry. A medical coders job is to report services and products provided by health care providers (such as doctors offices, hospitals, etc) to the health insurer of the patient. It is necessary to report this data in a very organized and specific manner. This is why it is important for the coder to have some sort of medical coding training.

With medicine not always being an exact science, medical coding gives it a way to be more cut and dry. In an attempt to make it more exact, the coder will convert the doctors notes, laboratory tests, requested imaging studies, and other tests into code that is usable and understood by the health insurance companies. It is vital that the medical coding specialist know enough about anatomy and medical terminology to be able to convert these notes into code. It is also vital that the coder be familiar with different types of insurance policies and companies, as the protocol of coding will be slightly different for every company and policy.

The codes used are very important for multiple reasons. One reason being that in order for there to be a system that health insurance companies can comprehend, there has to be a set standard. With this set standard they can then charge the appropriate amount to the patient and to the health care provider. Along with this responsibility, a coder may also have the responsibility to be an advocate for the care provider and patient in times that the patient requires necessary medical assistance. If the claim submitted by the coder is denied by the insurance company, it is also their job to re-file and audit those appeals.

Another reason the codes are important is because the data will eventually be used by both local and federal government for research. As a medical coder your job will help governments and researchers develop treatments for conditions that may not have enough information to make accurate conclusions on yet.

Medical coding is a profession that is absolutely vital to the health industry, because ultimately it cannot survive without someone handling the finances. The demand for jobs in the medical coding field seems to be increasing, along with the average salary which is strong despite the countries current financial uncertainty.

All about medical exams

When it comes to writing insurance policies, the decision is all about risk. Based on what you tell the insurer, the actuaries estimate the chances you will have an accident the next time you drive, or that your home will be flattened by a tornado, or that you will catch the H1N1 brand of influenza. It’s the most scientific form of gambling our society has been able to develop. If all the sums work out right, you are protected financially should any of the risks occur and the insurer will make a profit. So when it comes to insuring your life, the actuary needs to call in different professionals. Although you may give completely honest answers to questions about your own health and the health of your immediately family, there are many things you do not know. Sometimes, families are not honest with each other when it comes to health problems. Sometimes, you may not have been to see a doctor recently and so be unaware your own health is less than good. To protect everyone, a medical examination will usually be a condition when the amount of cover requested is high, or you are older, or you admit possible health problems.

Some insurance companies employ paramedicals who can bring a mobile service to your home or office. Others will give you the name of a specific doctor or a clinic and wait for you to make an appointment. Note that, almost without exception, when something more than a token amount of insurance has been requested, no reference will be made to your regular doctor. The insurers only accept evidence from independent medical personnel.

Let’s say you are still young and there are no untoward signs in your own or your family’s history. The exam is likely to be fairly straightforward, going through lists of questions about your current health and lifestyle. In this remember you may be tested to ensure your answers about not smoking and no abuse of drugs are truthful. If you appear heavier than you admitted on the proposal form, there may be more tests for diabetes and other diseases that can affect the overweight. If you have admitted to health problems, the tests can be fairly intensive if you are older and asking for significant amounts of cover. This is not just measuring pulse rate and blood pressure. You can find yourself supplying a range of samples, submitting to an EKG and getting up on a treadmill to prove lung capacity, stamina and a healthy heart. Only those who pass with flying colors will be offered the larger amount in cover.

In one sense, the whole experience of a medical exam is something of a deterrent. It takes up time and can be intrusive. Yet we have to advise you to go through several exams. The reason is simple. Life insurance companies approach risk assessment in slightly different ways. What some may consider significant is more routine to others. To get the best deal, you have to get as many offers as possible. This means being prepared to go through as many medical exams as it takes. Only when you have all the offered life insurance policies in your hands can you judge which one represents the best deal for you and your family.

Medical Alert in a World of Hurt

Medical Alert in a World of Hurt
The necessity for medical alert systems

A reliable medical alert system can save a persons life. Many elderly loved-ones can be saved with a medical alert system. With the increasing age of baby-boomers, the need for medical care is becoming overwhelmingly important. In case of a medical emergency, an alert system may be the difference between life or death.

Medical devices vary in sizes and services. The medical alert system will be as unique as the person who wears it. It may be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or pendent. With the simple push of a button, help can be summoned and medical attention can be addressed to a patient in need.

The quickness in response betters the chance of a speedy and successful recovery. Many times in an emergency, you may not be able to get to the telephone and call a doctor or ambulance. Falling or passing out may leave you dizzy and incapacitated. It happens so quickly often you dont realized it has happened until after the experience. With a medical alert system you can signal for assistance at the press of a button. Also, if you are around a group of people, on of them can press the button and get the attention you so desperately need. Many times the onlooker cannot determine the nature of the illness. The medical assistance can determine the problem and immediately partake in the proper action as needed.

If you live alone, assistance may not be ready at the drop of a dime. A specific illness may prevent you from acquiring the help you need. You may not have a neighbor or family member check on you until it is too late. Think of your medical alert system as your fairy godmother who watches your back just incase of the worst-case scenario. It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Your safety and stability resonates with peace of mind of your family and friends. The stress and anxiety can make a family feel worse than the person with the medical alert system. The weight is lifted off ones shoulder so both the family and the clients are comfortable. They both can rest easy at night knowing help is just one push of a button away.

Every medical alert system has different attributes and specifications. For example, some systems allow you to rent the system on a monthly basis. Others allow only quarterly or annually rental options. In a dismal economy, price always becomes one of the critical decisions in your medical condition. In comparison to an assisted living or retirement home, it is a fraction of the cost. For a cost of less than a week at assisted living, you can activate the medical alert system for over a year.

Another concern may be the back-up battery life of your medical alert system. You do not want you alert failing because of a power shortage. Also depending on your distance from your monitor, the range of the alert may be a discerning factor. The fact is every medical alert is different. Discovering these differences will be the incisive way to discover what alert system works best for you.

You never know when medical attention is needed. It often happens at the least convenient time in a matter of seconds. It will provide seniors with the confidence and security that help is only a push button. The easiest way to help prevent an accident from happening is to prepare yourself before it happens.

You can find out more information about senior medical alert systems and the services they offer. The necessity for the medical alert system grows with elder age.

Advantages of Medical Related Technologies

What are EMRs? EMRs or electronic medical records are technologies widely used in the US today which aims to improve medical practices in different health care providers or institutions, such as in a hospital, by giving them a way to quickly and efficiently store, access, and modify their patients medical records.

Advantages of EMR over the use of Paper-Based Records
EMR was introduced to eliminate the use of paper-based records in different health care institution, which is still a widely used form of recording a patients health and medical information. According to experts, by eliminating the use of paper-based records, EMR also eliminates the usual adverse effects of using pen and paper, such as:

Storage Costs
Patients health and medical records are normally stored in a secured storage facility for 7 years. The cost of storing these records is usually expensive, particularly if stored in a secured storage facility normally found outside a hospital or other health care institutions.

Digital storages, usually in a Hard Disk Drive, normally cost lesser compared to the use of storage facilities. And this digital information produced by an EMR can be storage not only for 7 years, but for more than that time.

Medical Errors
The use of paper-based records also posed a number of problems which caused a number of medical errors. Handwritten paper medical records can be associated with poor legibility, which can contribute to medical errors. Pre-printed forms, the standardization of abbreviations, and standards for penmanship were encouraged to improve reliability of paper medical records.

Electronic records help with the standardization of forms, terminology and abbreviations, and data input. Digitization of forms facilitates the collection of data for epidemiology and clinical studies.

According to a number of studies, the use of EMR software can verall efficiency by 6% per year, and the monthly cost of an EMR may (depending on the cost of the EMR) be offset by the cost of only a few “unnecessary” tests or admissions.

Difference with EHR
EMR and EHR are said to be similar with each other. However, there are several differences that separate both types of electronic records. The EMR can be defined as the legal patient record created in hospitals and ambulatory environments that is the data source for the EHR.