Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the process of traveling abroad in order to receive medical care, be it cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, breast implants, a hip replacement, or dental work.

Rising health care costs and longer waiting times in the western countries like United States, Canada, and UK etc. are inducing patients to seek treatment overseas. While U.S. consumers are concerned mainly with the exorbitant cost of health care, Canadians are more troubled by wait-times for certain treatments. Indeed, approximately 1 million Canadians claim to be experiencing difficulties in access to care. As for UK, it is believed that more than 50,000 people from the UK travel for treatment abroad because of high medical care costs in UK.

Medical Tourism in South Korea South Korea has been growing as a tourist destination of choice for health and vacation because of their world class physicians, modern technology, and unique caring and compassion at great values for money at a fraction of the cost in the west. The country is home to some of the best hospitals and stand alone Specialty clinics in the world, offering world-class expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and the warmth of hospitality. Also, some of the world’s best spa retreat resorts and tour destinations can be found in this part of the earth. Additionally, it’s not unusual to find plus accommodations, foreign language translators, and other amenities at some of the major facilities.

South Korea has made its initial foray into the lucrative market of medical tourism by launching the Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion. Funded by the Government and 28 private hospitals, this organization will market medical packages to foreign patients seeking affordable health care. The Council has initiated a set of measures to promote the medical vacation industry by aiding hospitals in their marketing strategies. In this way, South Korea can generate greater overseas awareness of the country’s medical and tourism offerings. According to a Council official:

The average charge for an in-patient visit in a US hospital is dollar3,762, which is 13 times higher than in South Korea.

The average charge for outpatients in the US is dollar13,000 which is 9 times higher than in South Korea. South Korea’s affordable health care system has seen the number of foreign patients rise from 10,000 to 13,000 in just 2 years. With all these added measures in place, South Korea is on its way to claim its share in the prosperous medical vacation business

Benefits of Medical Tourism Health care costs are constantly on the rise in countless Western countries. In the US alone, it is already a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no sign of stopping (worldwide it is over dollar3 trillion US). But why pay exorbitant prices at home when you can travel abroad and receive the same treatment (if not better) from a fully certified medical facility for a fraction of the price?

Top 3 Reasons Why People Want to Become Medical Assistants

With our vast growing economy, jobs are insufficient but the economy continues to grow and the medical field just doesn’t stop expanding and growing. Have you always wanted to do something within the medical field but simply do not want to become a doctor or nurse? Well consider taking on the job of a medical assistant. Don’t looks down on this position as they are considered the wing man of all doctors and play a huge role in the medical industry. There are many reasons why people would want to become assistants in the medical field.

First, studying is easy and convenient as you can not only do in on campus but you can do it online too. With our advance technology, you can download your lectures and go at your own pace to gain your certification. Having said this, if you are on rocky grounds about taking this path into your future, you could always use the eCampus which many teaching institutes offer to study part time. in addition to that, this subject gives you the advantage to do your own research and explore the internet to look for informative details to help you understand. As this field is one that is pretty much on the surface with no difference in terminology and such, it is easy for you to look up different sources.

Second of all, by placing your future in this line, you can get trained in less than a year and start kicking it in the real way. This is because during the training process, you are not only taught the theoretical side of things, you also get to do many hands on activities which would give you the experience and exposure that you need. This would include doing simple medical things such as drawing blood from a patient, cleaning wounds, bandaging a sprained ankle and moving on to bigger things such as removing casts and sewing stitches. Instead of spending a good 3-4 years in college taking general education classes along with your subjects of interest, medical assisting schools generally focus on training you in the subjects you need to know on a daily basis.

Furthermore, another reason people would want to look into medical assisting is the hot employment rate. This job is one that is at high demand hence there would be no problem in landing a good and solid career, even more if you’ve got a certificate to show your work quality. By pursuing this career, you are actually guaranteed a job provided you are responsible enough to carry out your duties. This is so because once you’ve completed your full training course, you would be well off to work in any medical sector doing almost anything that your certificate allows you too. In example, patient care, clinical assisting, pharmacology, medical insurances, bookkeeping, laboratory procedures, therapeutic care and so on.

In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why one should consider heading their careers into the path of medical assistants. Not only do you get to work with a wide variety of people, you also get to pick up many skills along the way from soft skills right down to good informative knowledge.

Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Lane and Lane

When it comes to Medical Malpractice, individuals understand that it is nothing short of a delicate matter. In all sides of the story, every party will feel fragile and wronged, but of course, the victims are always effected the most, and in many cases, they have been wronged, and mistreated, which is why the outcome of a situation has led them to take or seek out a Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney, to see if any compensation can be received. Although sometimes the outcomes of cases isn’t as victims desired, they can at least feel more at peace knowing they did something, and tried to right a wrong in the most grown up and adult manner. But in order to win a case, you need to get the very best of the best attorneys behind you, so that no detail is missed, and every corner of the case is examined.

It is widely known, that doctors can take out certain professional liability insurances, which cover them for many cases of medical malpractice, but this doesn’t always stop victims from receiving compensation and what is deserved, as they are the ones who have either lost a loved one, or have to live with the outcomes of medical treatments. Attorneys can look into how this doctor has performed in the past, and if anything else has ever gone wrong with their medical procedures, and attorneys can also end up changing policies through winning cases, so where it may seem impossible to win a case because of a already set policy, an attorney can provide reasons why that policy should be changed, and win the case, thus making the world a better place by preventing future cases being developed. If you have been wronged, and lost someone, at least you will know that you have helped others avoid the same corruption you have had to encounter.

One company of attorneys which has a glowing reputation is Lane and Lane personal injury lawyers. Lane and Lane offer a service unlike any other, they offer the expertise to win cases and provide victims with what they deserve from situations, and also offer a personal human touch, that creates a warmth and comfort in all their clients. The one thing missing from most law offices is the ability to act humane, people forget they are dealing with peoples emotions, and everything goes by like 1,2,3. But with Lane and Lane, you can feel at home and get to know who you are dealing with, and as they are a family run company, you can feel the closeness in the offices, although they are built up of partners, they all work as a team of partners, which is a very effective way to run a business.

The lawyers at Lane and Lane have won many Medical Malpractice cases, and have even changed some policies working towards a brighter future. Simply take a look at their website, and view all the information they have on offer, you will soon see that they are up there with the best of law offices, and will assist you in winning your case.

Your Worksite and Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, with 14 US states that have legalized medical marijuana, there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of employers, who wonder about the ways to keep the worksite drug free and meantime provide the adequate environment for workers, who are taken through marijuana treatment. In reality, the general medical marijuana topic is a mess. The federal authorities dont want to move from their all marijuana is illegal position and marijuana-legal states have unbelievably different approaches to the issue. Thus, there has never been a better time for reviewing drug policy of your company.

Here are some guidelines to the major white spots:

For enterprises that work for the government, like those with federal contracts, the directing document should be Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, which bans the utilization of marijuana in jobsites that participate in federal contracts.

The DOT Department of Transportation as well bans the use of medical marijuana for employees that are in so-called safety-sensitive positions, such as bus drivers, subway operators, truck drivers, armed transit security, ship captains, and pilots. This ban covers all states, involving the states that have legalized medical marijuana. Thus, even if you have a medical marijuana card, but you have to fly a 757, you have to make sure that your medical marijuanas effect has passed, when you board your pilot seat.

Some attorneys advise to treat marijuana treatment as if it was a use of any other prescription drug, and the worker could do it legally and safely. They claim that such attitude can save employers both money and time in a situation that leads medical marijuana to the point of getting more and more accepted by society and becoming legalized in greater number of states during the next few years.

Different States Different Regulations

First of all, in the legalized states, every patient that has a medical marijuana card is protected from detainment as long as they have dealt with all the needed documentation and has the proof of a doctors approval for their marijuana treatment. But this is just the beginning.

If you live and work in Oregon or California and you are tested positive for marijuana at your workplace, you can get fired. You can even be fired if you use medical marijuana with the required approval, and a prescription from your physician, who takes you through your marijuana treatment.

Just recall a precedent back in 2008 the Ross vs. RagingWire case. Back then, the Supreme Court of California settled that the employer drug test is legal and that it isnt discriminative to fire a worker for marijuana use, even when its not used in the jobsite. Oregon had the Emerald Steel Fabricators, Inc. vs. Bureau of Labor and Industries, the states Supreme Court settled that Oregon employers have to not support the workers medical marijuana use, since the federal law takes priority over state laws.

Patients that undergo marijuana treatment in Vermont, will be most probably arrested if found using or under the influence of medical marijuana in their workplaces. The same is true about New Mexico patients.

In certain states, such as Rhode Island and Maine, you wont be discriminated or fined for your employment of medical marijuana, if you have a medical marijuana card.

In the end, simply dont forget to review the regulations and laws of your state thoroughly, prior to using medical marijuana either at home or in the jobsite.

Medical Billing Service Agreement

Its normal to be concerned when it comes to entrusting your medical billing to a medical billing company. Often times, if you have a medical practice that youve built up yourself, it is common for you to feel unsure about entrusting your billing to someone else and removing yourself from that aspect of management.

Medical billing companies, though, can be a great asset to your company, and while it may be difficult to hand over control to them, medical billing companies often help you get your reimbursements more quickly and efficiently, and in the long run, can even save you money.

The great thing about medical companies is that initially when setting up your service you and the company come to an agreement and write up a medical billing service agreement. Service agreements are vital when services are being provided, as they offer legal backing and standards of service for both the company and the client.

In your medical billing service agreement, the responsibilities of each party involved will be laid out, and you will have all the information you need so that you know what to expect during the duration of your service. Your service agreement will lay out what you need to provide to your medical billing company and when, and also will lay out the standards the billing company will be held to.

For example, if you have a time frame that your insurance claims need to be submitted by, this information will be laid out in the agreement, and the medical billing company will be obligated to meet your standards of success, which they will also be aware of with your agreement.

Medical billing service agreements, like all service agreements, are vital to avoid future conflict. If you have a service agreement, you are automatically avoiding the he said she said that could potentially pop up in the future. With everything laid out before the service period, everyone knows what to expect, and all the pertinent and vital information will be laid out for each party to review before they commit to this partnership.

Medical billing service agreements can add a layer of comfort to you if you are on the fence about outsourcing your medical billing to a specialized company. With a service agreement, you are not blindly letting someone manage a vital aspect of your business, and all of your standards and expectations are laid out and legally must be met, per the terms of your agreement.

Making the choice to outsource your medical billing to a medical billing company can be a difficult choice to make, but the benefits of outsourcing can far outweigh the aspects of outsourcing that may make you uncomfortable. Having a service agreement with your medical billing company its not only crucial to having a productive, sage experience with a medical billing company, but it may serve as a way to ease your mind about allowing an outside company to help manage part of the company that youre worked so hard to build.