Health Insurance Policies – How to Get the Best Plan at the Best Price

In the market for health insurance? Want to know how to get the best policy at the best price? Here’s how …

Best Policies

The best health insurance policy is the one that gives you the coverage you want at a price you can afford. The most popular health insurance plans are:

1. HMOs (health maintenance organizations) – With an HMO your receive health care from a specific network of doctors and hospitals. The HMO pays for your doctor bills, hospital fees, and prescriptions, and you pay a co-payment (usually $5 to $15) for each doctor visit.

You must choose a network primary care physician who will be responsible for overseeing your health care and referring you to specialists when needed. Visits to doctors outside the network are not covered.

HMOs are the least expensive comprehensive health care plan and involve the least amount of paperwork.

2. PPOs (preferred provicer organizations) – With a PPO you also receive your health care from a network of doctors and hospitals, but you don’t need to choose a primary health care physician and you don’t need to get a referral to see a non-network doctor. However, you’ll pay extra to see a non-network doctor.

PPOs are more expensive than HMOs because they are more flexible.

3. POSs (point of service plans) – These plans are similar to HMOs, but you may use non-network doctors by paying a higher co-payment and a deductible.

POSs are cheaper than PPOs, but more expensive than HMOs.

Best Companies

There are three websites where you can check out insurance companies:

The A.M. Best website ( – This website lists a company’s financial status and is a good site to use to determine their financial stability and their ability to pay claims.

J.D. Power & Associates website ( – This website provides customer satisfaction ratings and is a good site to use to see how well a company treats its customers and how well they pay their claims.

Your state’s department of insurance website – All states maintain a department of insurance website, and most states provide a list of complaints filed against insurance companies so you can see if a company has had more than its share.

Best Rates

To get the best rate you’ll need to do a little comparison shopping. The easiest way to do it is to go to an insurance comparison website.

Visit or click on the following link to get health insurance policy quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more tips and advice in their Articles section, and get answers to your questions from an insurance expert by using their online chat service.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on health insurance policies.

Where to Get Inexpensive Texas Family Health Insurance

Twenty-five percent of Texans do not have health insurance and are risking financial ruin because even minor illnesses like appendicitis can cost thousands of dollars. Here’s how to get inexpensive Texas family health insurance so and your family will be protected.

Government-Sponsored Health Insurance Options

Texans have a number of options when it comes to government health insurance programs:

* Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health insurance coverage for low-income families, people with disabilities, pregnant women, and elderly people who cannot afford private health insurance.

* CHIP, The Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides health insurance to families who earn too much money to be eligible for Medicaid, but cannot afford private insurance coverage for their children.

For more information on government-sponsored health insurance, visit the Texas Health and Human Services Commission website at:

Private Health Insurance Options

Private health insurance options for families living in Texas include:

* Indemnity plans, which pay for comprehensive health care – doctor visits, hospital and surgical fees, plus prescription drugs. These plans allow you to use the doctors and hospitals of your choice. You must pay a deductible ($500 to $2,000) before your insurance company will pay for a percentage of your medical expenses, usually 80%. Indemnity plans are the most expensive health insurance plans.

* Managed health care plans such as HMOs and PPOs, which also pay for doctor vistits, hospital and surgical fees, plus prescription drugs. Unlike indemnity plans, you are assigned to a group of doctors and hospitals, and can only use a doctor or hospital of your choosing by paying an extra fee. Managed health care plans are much cheaper than indemnity plans.

Inexpensive Texas Family Health Insurance

If you don’t qualify for government sponsored health insurance, you can get inexpensive health insurance by going to an insurance comparison website. There you can get quotes from a number of health insurance companies so you can compare them and choose the least expensive plan (see link below).

Visit or click on the following link to get Texas family health insurance quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more insurance tips in their Articles section, and get answers to your questions from an insurance expert by using their online chat service.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on Texas family health insurance.

How To Save On Family Health Insurance Plans

Family health insurance plans are a necessity to protect all the family members against health problems. While many companies provide employer-sponsored health insurance with coverage for the entire family, there are cases when people turn to the medical plan sellers in the private market sector because their conditions suit better their necessities.

Family health insurance plans have the advantage of being cheaper than individual plans. You can save money by working with local physicians that are part of the network and who provide medical services for fixed rates according to their contract with an insurance company. This is a way for doctors to get customers and for patients to reduce costs and afford treatments.

Indemnity, PPO and HMO can provide good family health insurance plans even if the costs and the availability of the services could vary. Each plan has a certain health focus and only a close comparison of various possibilities will allow a user to select the right option for the entire family. Details like the company history in health insurance and the level of customer satisfaction are important elements not to be overlooked.

It is also important to understand how the costs of the health insurance may increase periodically in relation not only with the policy of the insurer but closely related to inflation, the costs of the drugs, the number of chronic illnesses, the number of hospital admissions and so on.

Family health insurance plans allow coverage for hospitalization, children immunizations, treatments, check-ups, emergency services and even surgery. Hospital bills may contain errors, and if at a certain moment you are not pleased with the billing process, you can hire an auditor and let him/her look into the matter and understand the charges.

Even if you benefit from family health insurance plans, you can still do your best to reduce the costs of the medical services. For instance, there is no point in going to the hospital emergency room unless it is really an emergency.

Another wise way to keep your money in the pocket and still get the benefits of family insurance plans is by checking the costs for all sorts of treatments practiced by the doctors in the network. If you choose a doctor close to your home, you will save on transportation, and if the charges are also lower, you get a double saving.

Moreover, if you know how to home treat for very minor health problems, it is all the better, because not any headache deserves a visit to the doctor. Good luck and good health.

Students Need Health Insurance

The economic recession is making the need for health insurance stronger than ever. Most Americans are aware of the fact that senior citizens need coverage since they experience illnesses more often than younger people. Still, young students need health insurance just as much as anyone else. Without adequate coverage, young people and their families face the risk of financial ruin.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 85 percent of Americans have some form of coverage. The vast majority have health insurance through their jobs. Recent job losses have caused some families to cut back on their health insurance or risk going without it all together. In some cases, parents will try to cut costs by covering themselves but not their children. They do this since children and teens are less likely to develop chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. This is a big mistake.

It is important to keep in mind that children need continuous health care throughout their formative years. They will have to see a physician several times a year from infancy until their teen years. This will include their routine check-ups for vaccinations, and appointments to chart their growth and development. Furthermore, there will be many unexpected trips to the doctor when children are injured in accidents or become ill.

Conditions such as ADHD, asthma, and autism, usually surface when children are very young. Students need health insurance so that they can have access to health care providers who can recognize the early symptoms of developmental delays or learning disabilities. Certain viruses that are left untreated in children can cause permanent disabilities, so a lack of medical coverage can lead to life-long health problems.

College students need health insurance as well. However, many of these young adults often go without it. This is another age group where families often underestimate the need. The reason is because many college students are healthy. Also, some colleges and universities have clinics where students can get treatments for minor injuries and illnesses. Still, students who don’t have health insurance will not have coverage for emergency care.

A major accident or injury that requires hospitalization could cause a substantial financial burden for students who don’t have health insurance. No student should have to face something like this. Students should have the freedom to spend their college years exploring their educational opportunities and building their futures. They should not be stressed out over a mountain of medical bills or be consumed with worry over the possibility about what could happen because they don’t have health insurance.

There are several options available, when you are searching for health insurance for students. If you log onto to obtain health insurance quotes for different companies, for you to compare.

Affordable Kentucky Individual Health Insurance

Most Kentucky residents get health insurance through an employer-sponsored group health plan. If you do not come under such a plan, that’s when you should consider finding affordable Kentucky individual health insurance to cover yourself and your family. Individual and family health insurance plans are available for newborns on up to the seniors at age 65, self-employed and unemployed persons and students.

Selecting an Affordable Health Insurance Plan

Insurance companies offer different kinds of private individual health insurance plans for Kentucky residents. These include indemnity health insurance (fee-for-service), HMO (health maintenance organization) plans, PPO (preferred provider organization) plans, POS (point-of-service) plans, and HSA (health savings account) plans. A greater choice of doctors and hospitals usually means that a plan will cost more.

Leading insurance companies offering affordable health insurance in Kentucky include Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and United. They offer various kinds of policies depending on the kind of coverage you need and the state of your health. A health plan would cost more for a person with health issues. However, according to recent legislation, individuals cannot be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

The best way to find an affordable Kentucky health plan is first see how much premium you can afford to pay and then look for a plan that meets your budget as well as the health needs of your family. You need to compare the quotes for the plans from various health insurance companies. Premiums differ for different kinds of individual health plans. Besides traditional health coverage and HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plans, it would be helpful if there is a provision to add on optional benefits such as dental, life and supplemental accident coverage for an additional cost.

Get Professional Advice

Professional companies that represent leading insurance providers in Kentucky offer expert guidance on selecting the right kind of health insurance plan. They can help you get quotes and compare them to get affordable individual Kentucky health insurance.