Actors And Entertainers Fighting Cancer

It’s been called the dreaded C and many more. It is a disease that can shake the faith of the ones faithful and diminish the small hope of those hopeless. It is a disease that does not discriminate and can care less for the afflicted’s status in life. It is a disease that the world is fighting. It is cancer. To put it in layman’s terms, cancer is an disease caused by a tumor. Any person can have cancer. Even the famous and prominent personalities go through the trials of cancer. Here are four of very talented and well known celebrities that were diagnosed with the Big C. All of these celebrities came forward in the open and gave it their all while fighting the life altering disease.

Christina Applegate is a much loved mainstream actress that played the part of Kelly Bundy in the sitcom: Married With Children and currently as Samantha Newly on the show, Samantha Who. Last August 2008, reports that Applegate have breast cancer comes out in every medium known to man. Her publicist confirmed the news that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. The positive thing about the diagnosis is that it was caught in starting stages. The cancer cells were found on only one of her breasts but Applegate decided to have a double mastectomy operation within the same month. Christina’s mother is a cancer survivor Which means her disease is greatly on the hereditary side, she decided to take action upon the fatal threat as soon as she could. Christina is now doing well and will undergo reconstructive surgery soon.

Hailed as one of the most successful female pop singers, Sheryl Crow is also a songwriter, political activist and has nine Grammy Awards to her credit. The performer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. As with Christina Applegate, the discovery was caught early. The entertainer underwent a lumpectomy, which is a surgery to remove the tumor in the breast. Sheryl also went through radiation treatment for around two months after the surgery. The singer has been without cancer since the surgery and is amazingly on her second year as a cancer survivor.

Christened as Francine Joy Drescher, Fran is widely known all over as Fran Fine from her TV series, The Nanny. In 2000, Drescher was hurried to the hospital because of uterine cancer, a type of cancer where the tumor attacks the uterus of a person. Her cancer, luckily, was still in its early phase when the procedure to remove the tumor was made so she didnt go through chemotherapy or radiation treatment. After seven years of being free of cancer, the fantastic actress created an organization to help others who are afflicted with cancer. The name of the organization is Cancer Schmancer Movement.

The charming and sexy Patrick Swayze… Dudes envied his scene with Demi Moore in the movie, Ghost, and girls went numb with his dancing moves in Dirty Dancing. No one can utter that they dont know Patrick Swayze. He is now battling pancreatic cancer. He has been having chemotherapy and a operation to take out soiled areas of his stomach. His struggle is far from being over but hes still out there winning the battle. He recently gave a remarkable speech at the Stand Up To Cancer 2008 event.

Cancer, Drysol, And Your Armpits

You’re out shopping and see Drysol on the shelves. You consider buying the product because your friend has told you so much about it. You haven’t. Take a close look at the product – do you know for a fact that it’s risk-free to use?

Dismiss the question all you want, but that does not change the fact that there are those who worry about it. In fact, there is a raging debate over the likelihood that Drysol may cause cancer. Studies have shown that Drysol and other perspirants like it contain chemicals that affect hormones, which then stimulates malignant cells. In particular, a number of studies indicate that breast cancer may be tied to the usage of underarm deodorants.

These days, you can find large amounts of information on the connection between cancer and genetic predispositions. While there may not be gene tests available yet, you should be very careful about using Drysol, especially if a family member has had breast cancer. Why? It’s simple really – cancer tends to appear in families. I don’t mean to scare you, but family history is always a good gauge of whether you will develop cancer or not later in life.

Without a question, manufacturers of certain chemicals have been fighting to prove that their products pose no danger to consumers. Companies that produce aluminum chloride are one of them. But you cannot hide as major an issue as toxicity from consumers. What this tells you is that you should never rely on what marketing pitches tell you about Drysol.

Sometimes, it seems like every product under the sun can cause cancer However, do not dismiss the connection out of hand because it may very well be true. As may be expected, manufacturers of Drysol and other potentially harmful products would prefer you think that all these warnings are just media sensation. But would you really put yourself at risk, testing the product on yourself? By that time, you may not even remember that you used Drysol at some time in the past, let alone have the mental wherewithal to seek damages for your condition.

Cancer is a terrible thing to deal with; but as early as now, you can take steps to avoid it. A great way to do this is by avoiding anything thay can harm your DNA and your cell makeup. Avoid using Drysol as much as possible. It’s not far off that one of these days, newer research just may single out deodorants like Drysol as cancer-causing so be very wary, be very careful, and be very watchful for natural alternatives you can try, instead of Drysol.

Aquarius And Cancer Love Match And Astrology Relationships – Relationship Or Fling

Cancer’s warm, responsive character is chilled by Aquarius’s excellent self-possession. In change, Cancer’s clinging, cloying demonstrativeness makes Aquarius feel hemmed in. Aquarius is quickminded, unpredictable, apt to be impatient with cautious, hesitant Cancer. And thin-skinned Cancer is quickly damage by Aquarius’s caustic humor. Cancer doesn’t recognize Aquarius’s necessary detachment. Most cancers needs to feel close and secure; Aquarius is a lone wolf. Sex may be all right, but there’s puny different heading for them.

Aquarius bristles at Cancer’s possessiveness and can’t understand why Cancer won’t cling loose. Aquarius is careless and free with affection, creating sensitive Cancer feel neglected and rejected. Aquarius dislikes Most cancers’s clinging restrictiveness and complaining, which stem from Most cancers’s frequent need for proofs of love. Most cancers desires a safe, safe home, but Aquarius should a very flexible living arrangement. Most cancers desires Aquarius to stay, but quickly Aquarius is inclined to wander away.

Please notice which sun signal compatibility is generalized. There are 11 various planets and 12 houses in the delivery graph that influence the general personality of an individual.

Don’t choose the partnership only from the sun sign. Other planets in your beginning chart possess various effects on various component of your romantic relationship and compatibility. To understand the roots of any relationship problem, to forecast your romantic relationship and to improve you comprehend your partner better, get the astrology compatibility evaluation now!

Cancer In Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ever Heard Of It

Ever heard about cancer in dogs? You heard it right. Cancer as the most feared and dreaded disease of human beings also occurs in dogs. Because of this killer disease’s unpredictability, we cannot really tell which dog breeds will be susceptible to cancer. Even the tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can have it forming in or on their bodies.

In the case of dogs, oral cancer is most common type that can affect them. Oral cancer forms in two areas : in the mouth or in the nasal cavity. Each area has its own symptoms to look out for and can be deadly if left untreated.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can grow tumors or a mass that looks like a lump in their oral cavity These lumps can form on the gum or in the bone in the mouth. Lumps forming on the lips, gum, or skin around the mouth are easier to recognize than the bone cancer in the mouth. Oral cancer in the mouth usually has a black formation that is small at first but grows continuously.

When the disease progresses, these lumps spread, can make the gum bleed and the teeth fall out. Symptoms of oral cancer are usually bleeding, persistent growth of the cancer cells, pain, change in how they eat, weight loss, and sluggishness.

Be observant of the weight loss and eating patterns of the pet. A dog who experiences pain in the mouth generally will not want to eat dry hard food. He will start to avoid the food even when he is hungry. Not eating of course will lead to weight loss. This is typically the first symptom or symptoms that you will see in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. You may also see the masses if you check the dog’s teeth regularly.

The bleeding will usually result the longer the illness goes on. This happens towards the last stages of the disease where death could be imminent. They can choke on the blood as well as experience lethargy due to blood loss.

Once you have realized your dogs health has worsen, seek for a veterinarian’s help. Three methods of treatment are being offered by the vets although it still depends on their facilities. The methods include a) surgery to remove the masses from the gum or nasal cavity b) removal of bone for the bone cancer in the jaw ( This procedure can be extremely expensive and difficult for reconstruction of the jaw is needed) and 3) radiation if you do not want to undergo surgery for your dog.

Losing pets like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be a very heart-breaking experience. Although some may say that they are just dogs, but the affection and happiness they can give a person cannot be underestimated. While there is still time, check on your pet regularly to avoid tragic diseases as cancer.

Mast Cell Cancer In Dogs – Where To Find Answers

One of the problems with mast cell cancer in dogs is we often cannot see it. Dog cancers work similarly to human cancer, hidden below the surface where we don’t really understand the affect it is having on our pet. Sometimes it may be too late when we discover the facts. Fortunately this can be prevented.

It is very important that we keep a watchful eye on our pets looking for outward signs that things may not be 100%, especially if you think there may be a chance your dog is in the early stages of mast cell cancer or any other form of dog cancer. It often misunderstood that more than one type of cancer can simultaneously develop over the years, not just mast cell cancer in dogs.

Take your pet for regular check-ups with your local vet, making sure you tell them of any changes to their behaviour, their skin condition and if any lumps or bumps have been found during grooming. Mast cell cancer in dogs is usually found in small lumps which may develop into large unsightly growths if not treated early on.

So how do we care for our canine companion if mast cell cancer has been diagnosed?

Naturally you talk to your veterinarian about all your options and get their recommendations. Sometimes surgery is the best way to go which will have very positive outcomes especially if the cancer cells can be remove early in their development stage. The younger your dog is the quicker their recovery from evasive surgery and a longer healthier life from there on. If left untreated mast cell cancer in dogs can grow at an alarming rate, especially as the dog gets older. I’ve seen growths get bigger by the day which may mean it is too late for surgery as the amount needed to be removed would be too great for any quality of life afterwards.

The main thing for mast cell cancer in dogs is to ensure your best friend is not in pain. Cancer can be a very painful disease which will affect their daily life and no amount of tender loving care will take that away. This can be as simple as low dosage of Panadol (please see your vet first as the correct dosage relative to their weight is of utmost importance) to other specific pain relief drugs for dogs.

Dogs are naturally very stoic animals because in the wild, an injury or outward sign of pain makes them vulnerable to attack, so they mask it well. Even the most loving of carers can sometime not be aware of the actual pain their dog is in on a daily basis. Pain management should be your number one priority.

It is not all gloom and doom. With the correct treatment and pain management mast cell cancer in dogs can be treated and your loved one will still live to a ripe old age. Oh, and TLC is a must as well and not just for the dog!