Use Wheatgrass Juice To Aid In Your Fight Against Heart Disease And Cancer

Today, many of us have experienced a loved one dying or becoming deathly ill from Heart Disease or Cancer. Death is already hard enough to deal with, but these illnesses tend to make those who have them, suffer tremendously from pain and heartache for months and even years. Modern medicine has countless treatments to help fight against these diseases, but people continue to die at alarming rates. However, alternative medicine seems to prevail when conventional medicine has loss, and I will explain just how Wheatgrass juice can help you in your fight against heart disease and cancer.

In the year 2007 alone cancer was responsible for 7.6 million deaths. It affects people of all ages, and the risk increases with age. It is caused by tobacco smoke, carcinogens in our air and food, chemicals, radiation and infectious agents. You can also be genetically pre-disposed through complex interactions between carcinogens and the hosts genome.

Cancer affects your cells. The body cells begin to display uncontrolled growth and this abnormal cellular growth can invade other tissues and spread to other parts of your body. Some forms of cancer can be cured and/or removed from your body. For instance, most benign tumors can be removed fairly easy with a full recovery prognosis. However, around 7 million adults and children die annually from this disease, and some scientists predict that in the next 40 years, this number could double. It is very obvious that conventional medicine has failed horribly in the treatment and overall cure of Cancer. So, the question is how can we prevent and protect ourselves from Cancer?
Heart disease consists of many conditions includingheart attack, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, and congestive heart failure. Heart disease nearly affects the life of everyone living in the U.S. In fact, this disease is the leading cause of death of both men and women in the United States.

Heart disease is caused by tobacco smoke, poor cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. Other factors can contribute to developing heart disease, like heredity and diet. In fact, heart disease has hit quite home for me. I have a 91 year old grandmother that currently suffers from heart disease. And, most of the deaths that occurred in her immediate family were from heart disease. So the question of urgency is how can we prevent and treat heart disease, so that less people suffer?

An answer that I have found is Wheatgrass Juice. And, I wont be one to say that Wheatgrass Juice is a Cure-all, because it is not. But, it is the most powerful and safest healing aid there is. I truly believe in the benefits of Wheatgrass Juice in your diet because of my own experience and because of the extensive research done about it. Dr. Thomas a plant scientist said in his research that he believed that Wheatgrass juice contained many vital nutrients that he believed could help to regenerate and protect human health. So how can Wheatgrass aid you in your fight against cancer and heart disease?
Diseases that lead to a depressed immune system, like heart disease and certain forms of cancer can be helped by drinking wheatgrass juice or chewing on the wheatgrass itself. Wheatgrass does an amazing job of improving the health of the immune system. It is also very cleansing and nourishing. One major reason why wheatgrass can be used to help heal cancer and heart disease is because of the grass factor. Wheatgrass contains over 70% crude chlorophyll. And, research shows that chlorophyll has amazing healing properties, dating back to biblical times.

Chlorophyll has also been researched and shown to be able to increase your hemoglobin levels tremendously. In a study done, it was showed that raw chlorophyll can increase hemoglobinregeneration levels up to 50% above normal! This helps by increasing the amount of oxygen in your body. A German biochemist by the name of Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize when he discovered that Cancer cannot exist in the presence of oxygen. So, by increasing your hemoglobin, you can fight back against cancer by simply raising the oxygen levels in your blood. And that can be done by drinkinga few wheatgrass shots daily.

Conventional medicine has failed us tremendously. In fact it seems that as medical sciences advance, the diseases that plague us the most become stronger. Wheatgrass juice can help us when we include it in our everyday diet. Wheatgrass should be consumed regularly in order to receive the most benefits from it. Take your health into your own hands, and try using wheatgrass juice to help you in your fight against heart disease and cancer.

Source: The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

How To Manage Your Medicine Cabinets The Best

People often search their medicine cabinets in their bathroom vanity end up getting frustrated for finding things late or simply not getting the desired medicine on time. If you are at such state you are justified being losing your temper since you have a painful head or running to nose to deal with immediate effect to make you come out of this difficulty as soon as you can. Therefore it is important to manage the space in a suitable fashion; this post will definitely guide you on the ways you do this with perfection. Here’s how:

This best deal to organize any disorganized medicine cabinet is prevention. To prevent the above kind of scene you are required to make your space free from all the medicines which are unused and seen expiring. Make sure you free your bathroom vanity cabinets carrying a quantity of outdated stuffs like ointments, medicated creams and the number of drugs and prescriptions. If you see no expiry date, check the situation, if it’s okay then you can put at a suitable place rather than discarding them. So this comes as your first step, wherein you need to prevent all the obsolete and outdated medicines.

For medicine cabinets you need to see or examine how organizing of medicine inside goes. Therefore check effects thoroughly, check the number of health care products and the other stuffs stored in cabinet shelves. You have to pair them in two or more categories as per effects found inside. Ensure avoid using these cabinets as Bathroom Cabinets or bathroom vanities for keeping a amount of effects like shaving creams, shampoo, and other toiletries stuffs . Hence storing accurate medicine should be your priority in a conducted way rather than keeping some other stuff in medicine cabinets.

The moment you are done with the paring of medicine cabinet content by putting both the categories like health-care and first aid essentials at different places, then comes is the step to organize things as per the size and type of the medicine kept inside the cabinet. The medicine cabinets usually come with three to found inches deep shelves which may not allow storing the large bottles of medicine. To get rid of this difficulty, you can get a quantity of refillable bottles and fill them in these to accommodate in the thought shelves of the medicine cabinets.

The moment you are done with this step, ensure you create some space to write down a amount of instructions or reminders for your family members who use them. You can put note like asking your family members to get rid of those products which are outdated and unused for long and jot down a list of medicines which are necessary for the coming week or month.

Ingredients of a Good Eczema Cream

The ingredients you look for in an eczema cream depend on what you want the cream to do. “Duh,” you say. “I want it to relieve my itching and heal my skin. Simple.” Well, yes, but are you after immediate relief or are you after long term relief, and do you care whether or not the cream is natural?

If you are having a severe eczema flare up, you probably want relief right now. In that case, a prescription cream with cortisone as the key ingredient is probably what you want. Cortisone will relieve the itching very quickly. However, long term use of cortisone opens you up to some nasty side effects. You run the risk of thinning skin, weight gain, hypertension, and contact dermatitis – as if you don’t already have enough problems with your skin.

For long term use, cortisone is probably an ingredient you want to avoid. Now your choice is narrowed to natural ingredients or not. Many eczema sufferers have sensitivities to chemicals. If an eczema cream contains artificial scents and other ingredients with long, unpronounceable names, there is a good chance you might have a reaction to it because of the chemicals. If you still want to use one of these creams, try some before you buy a whole bottle. Most stores have testers that they will allow you to sample.

Now the choice is narrowed to a cream with natural ingredients, but you still want to choose carefully. Natural ingredients are from nature, but that doesn’t mean that any cream is okay for you to use. Check the ingredients carefully. It’s possible that even the most benign cream could contain an ingredient that you are allergic to.

Many ingredients can provide relief for your eczema symptoms. Here are just a few, and their properties:

Vitamin E – A good anti-oxidant. It promotes skin healing and helps hydrate the skin.

Shea butter – An excellent emollient. It helps alleviate dry skin.

Calendula Cream – Soothes inflamed, red skin.

It’s very important to get your symptoms under control to improve your quality of life. However, any eczema cream, no matter how good, is only treating your symptoms; it isn’t addressing the root causes of your problem. If you want to drive your eczema into permanent remission, then you will have to investigate what is causing it.

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Quickly Stop Eczema Problems

Eczema is a skin disorder that produces a lot of symptoms; the most common are itchiness, redness, irritation, inflammation, dryness and sometimes bleeding. It really is an annoying disease that causes very discomfort, in this article I will share 2 awesome tips to easy these symptoms quickly, safely and effectively.

It is estimated that there are over 34 millions Eczema patients around the world, new studies shows that anybody could experience this skin problem, from young kids to full grown adults.

It definitely is a very typical problem and it could occur at any time. Dust, weather, hygiene, clothes and diet can trigger this skin disease.

Below are 2 tips to ease Eczema symptoms:

#1 start wearing cotton clothes, cotton is a very soft, smooth, light and itchy free material. Research proved that cotton molecules upon direct contact with a diseased skin, produce a chemical reaction that results in an instantanejous decrease of eczema symptoms, mainly irritation and itchiness.

#2 drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, it is proved that water moisturises and hydrates your body and skin. Eczema as I mentioned earlier generates dryness, so moisturizing your skin is necessary. Water is a natural moisturiser, taking daily showers and drinking 2/3 litres of water a day prevents dryness and keeps your body hydrated.

So there you have it, two nice tips to prevent eczema symptoms fast, safely, and effectively. Follow these 2 tips and ease the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of Eczema from today.

Note: Eat fruits and vegetables is always a good idea, especially when you are suffering from Eczema. They contain essential nutrients (Vitamin E and Aloe Vera) that are vital for the skin self defence system.

With the right treatment for eczema you can definitely stop eczema symptoms once and for all and enjoy your beautiful skin.

Health Insurance Policies – How to Get the Best Plan at the Best Price

In the market for health insurance? Want to know how to get the best policy at the best price? Here’s how …

Best Policies

The best health insurance policy is the one that gives you the coverage you want at a price you can afford. The most popular health insurance plans are:

1. HMOs (health maintenance organizations) – With an HMO your receive health care from a specific network of doctors and hospitals. The HMO pays for your doctor bills, hospital fees, and prescriptions, and you pay a co-payment (usually $5 to $15) for each doctor visit.

You must choose a network primary care physician who will be responsible for overseeing your health care and referring you to specialists when needed. Visits to doctors outside the network are not covered.

HMOs are the least expensive comprehensive health care plan and involve the least amount of paperwork.

2. PPOs (preferred provicer organizations) – With a PPO you also receive your health care from a network of doctors and hospitals, but you don’t need to choose a primary health care physician and you don’t need to get a referral to see a non-network doctor. However, you’ll pay extra to see a non-network doctor.

PPOs are more expensive than HMOs because they are more flexible.

3. POSs (point of service plans) – These plans are similar to HMOs, but you may use non-network doctors by paying a higher co-payment and a deductible.

POSs are cheaper than PPOs, but more expensive than HMOs.

Best Companies

There are three websites where you can check out insurance companies:

The A.M. Best website ( – This website lists a company’s financial status and is a good site to use to determine their financial stability and their ability to pay claims.

J.D. Power & Associates website ( – This website provides customer satisfaction ratings and is a good site to use to see how well a company treats its customers and how well they pay their claims.

Your state’s department of insurance website – All states maintain a department of insurance website, and most states provide a list of complaints filed against insurance companies so you can see if a company has had more than its share.

Best Rates

To get the best rate you’ll need to do a little comparison shopping. The easiest way to do it is to go to an insurance comparison website.

Visit or click on the following link to get health insurance policy quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more tips and advice in their Articles section, and get answers to your questions from an insurance expert by using their online chat service.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on health insurance policies.