Cancer and Cancer Cures, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Read this, even if you haven’t got cancer and not currently at risk. Keep it for future reference for yourself or someone else. It might just turn out to be a life-saver.

It may be interpreted as a death sentence when the doctor solemnly pronounces judgement, telling a patient that they have cancer. Indeed, this Earth-shattering news will leave no room for misinterpretation when the doctor tells the patient just how long he/she has got left to live. Having said all that, death doesn’t have to be the outcome: Here’s a whole load of things what your doctor won’t tell you because he/she may not even know about the following vital life-saving information. .

The first important thing to understand is this. Is the doctor’s short life-expectancy estimation of the cancer patient a way of saying that the soon to be administered orthodox medical treatment will be largely ineffective?

Think about it.

When someone becomes a cancer statistic it opens the double-doors to a whole host of sales reps keen to fix the patient up with one or a combination of orthodox medical cancer treatments; chemotherapy, radiation or surgery: Every thought, deed or action implemented will be based on the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds to be made on the patient… Indeed, this seriously needs to be considered when most patients die of the treatment NOT the cancer.

The analogy I use is this. If you go to the butcher’s shop and tell the man you’re hungry he’s not going to send you to the vegetarian store, right? Well, the same applies to those in the medical/pharmaceutical establishment: Vested interest and money rules over genuine welfare concern and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment will not let any highly effective cheaper, natural and non-toxic alternative cancer treatment find its way into the limelight and undercut their business. From what could be gleaned from this there would be far less suffering and unnecessary cancer death… more about those highly effective cheaper, natural and non-toxic alternative cancer treatments later.

The early detection myth

“If only the cancer had been detected earlier…” I’ve heard this said about many people who had died of cancer, including my father. Whether it’s through colonoscopies, mammograms, prostrate or Pap tests… etc, the medical/pharmaceutical establishment often chant the “early detection saves lives” mantra but is this really the case? Not according to some for the following reasons.

The overall evidence does not support the early detection theory. Sure, there’s been more early cancers caught but there is no proof that early intervention has made any difference to overall survival. It’s the opposite in fact. In a way, the more cancers detected the more, some might say, that ultimately nothing can be done long-term to prevent cancer deaths.

The idea that “early detection saves lives” is made improvable by the fact that many early cancers detected are not known to be malignant or benign. Hence, there have been cases of over-diagnoses and unnecessary treatment.

Further evidence in support of the above point comes from the startling fact that the majority of cancers are only found during post-mortem. For example, pathologists report some 30-40 times more cases of thyroid, pancreatic and prostate cancers than those alive with these cancers and presented to the doctor. In other words, these people died of something else; they had been able to contain (encapsulate) the cancer, and had rendered it as symptomless or harmless. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment doesn’t like to talk too much about the body’s ability to heal naturally. No money to be made there.

Orthodox medical treatment can cause cancer in many ways. For example, here’s an important message for women receiving treatment for breast cancer by radiation therapy and screening. You have a 20% plus higher chance of getting breast cancer than no treatment at all. That’s because of the potentially harmful mutagenic effects of the x-rays encountered during treatment. The solution is to be treated with infra-red thermography which is far less harmful. This startling information is never revealed: Think of the money lost by the ‘establishment’ if you found out and ‘defected’ to infra-red thermography… By the way, don’t fall for the nonsense statement that “mammograms save lives,” they don’t. The only truthful thing about mammograms is that they detect some cancer.

-I bet you’ve never read all this in your daily mainstream paper. That’s because they’re too busy playing propaganda patsies for their sponsors the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, chanting the unfounded mantra that early detection saves lives, allowing the stats to be fudged…

The 5 year survival rate

For me, the most eye-opening stat fudge is the 5 year survival rate. I’ve heard it said from time to time that someone has received orthodox medical treatment for cancer and they’ve been cured. Indeed, if it has been 5 years or over since treatment the official stat is ‘cured.’ However, the cancer can come back for example in year 6 and the patient can then die, making it a case of statistically ‘dead and cured’ all at once.

Why does the cancer come back?

This indeed is a key question. To answer, first we must ask another question. What is cancer?

First understand that cancer, like all diseases, is ONLY a symptom of some underlying root cause. The symptom may be treated effectively but because the underlying root cause is left untreated the disease (symptom) WILL eventually return. -I cannot stress this very important point enough.

So, to answer the above question “what is cancer?” it can be said that cancer (the symptom, knock on effect, warning sign…) is the result of a failing immune system (the root cause). This explains why orthodox medical treatment will never cure cancer because it only treats the symptom and basically ignores the underlying root cause and its reason for failing.

So the solution therefore is to deal with both the symptom and underlying root cause to stop the cancer. To find out how, go to part-2, the follow up of this article.

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Natural Remedies For Acne Problems That Help Eliminate Pimple

When you have acne it can affect every aspect of your life. You may be embarrassed to go out with your friends. You may not feel attractive enough to ask that girl or guy out for a date. You may be so embarrassed by your acne you won’t apply for that job or promotion you have been wanting.

Moisturize your face regularly using facial moisturizers. Toners, facial wash and facial creams can help clean your face, but it can also take off the natural moisture of your skin, making your skin sensitive. Moisturizing your skin can keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Avoid dust as much as possible.

Dust get mixed with sebum oil on face and creates blockages to pores. For these blockages, our skin responds with an inflammatory response. As a result, acne pimples shows up.

Most fruit, though not all, is safe if you eat just a piece at a time. Eating too much fruit will give you a blast of sugar which will set off the inflammation process leading to acne. Dried fruit is bad for acne because just about everything has been dried out of it except the sugar. Dried fruit is essentially a lump of sugar. Eating just a few pieces can give you a surge of sugar, thereby raising insulin and starting inflammation process. stay away from dried fruits.

What we eat impacts acne more so in adulthood than as teens. As we age the body becomes less efficient in absorbing nutrients in food, including the vitamins and minerals that help keep skin clear and young-looking. Simple sugars and carbohydrates can also have a greater impact on our blood sugar levels, which for some reason also makes our skin oilier and more acne-prone. To keep skin acne-free and glowing, add more leafy vegetables and bright yellow fruits and vegetables to your diet. These include spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, squash, and pumpkin. You can also augment the skin vitamins you’re missing with over-the-counter supplements and capsules.

You can also use a home remedy. Just mix real tomato pulp with honey and rose water and apply the mask on the face and leave it there for about twenty minutes. Wash it off carefully and see the difference! You will start looking fresh already!

Avoid exposure from the sun. Even if you are inside a building or in your car, your skin can still get the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Do not walk under direct sunlight. Avoid the sun between 10 am to 2 pm. Apply sun block lotion to protect your skin.

Two Points To Consider While Selecting Best Dental Surgeons

Some of the points related to selection process of best dental surgeons are discussed.

How will you find best dental surgeons? The process is not that difficult to follow if you select online medium for proper research work. Before that you need to first make out the dental problems you have and the one that you want to get treated. Depending on that you can look for expert dental services. Services offered by reputed dentists are root canal treatment, crown and bridge treatment, orthodontic treatment, maxillofacial surgeries, oral surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, etc. The dental surgeon you select should be such that who can deal with most difficult problems of even age old people successfully. This is possible bys electing experienced dentist.

Good dentist will suggest you to replace the brush frequently and will also ask you to select soft bristle brush that has small head. Soft bristle and small head can allow you to clean teeth successfully and are also good for gums. Along with teeth they also recommend to take care of health of gums in order to prevent dental problems.

To find best dental surgeons following are two important things you need to take in to account:

Look at the doctor’s profile

To find good doctor you need to first have a look at its professional working profile. Before making appointments inquire about the doctor’s professional profile in order to take decision accordingly. Best dental surgeons are those that are experienced enough in the dental clinical and hospital field. The surgeon you look for should be proficient in treating different dental problems and gum diseases. Surgeon should have experience and enough knowledge in different treatments like root canal treatment, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, removable orthodontics, fixed restorations, oral surgery, etc. Be it surgical or non surgical process, the doctor has to be efficient enough to deal with it.

Refer to the patient of doctor

How will you find the best dental surgeons? First go online and try to find the list of dentists located near your residence. Inquire about the different dentists and sort out the list bringing out some known and best names. Further inquire about the patients they have treated in order to determine the accuracy level and expertise. Try to find the list of patients they have treated and get in touch with those patients to find out whether the doctor is efficient or not and offers better services or not. Going online can help you to find details related to dentist profile and quality treatment they offer.

Frontline Flea Medicine And When To Use It

Many pet owners, myself included, use frontline flea medicine on a fairly regular basis. It works very quickly to eliminate the fleas and their eggs that may be on our Dogs or Cats. Want I want to look at today is exactly when you should use frontline medicine.

Many of us fall in to a regular pattern of treating our pets every single month. We may not have too. According to the frontline website the treatment lasts for a minimum of a month and I have always found this to be the case. What I have also found is that it may last for a lot longer than this. It often works effectively for six weeks or more. It can depend on the time of the year and where you have been with your animals.

It is certainly worth trying to use it a little less, especially if you are not in the peak season when there are no ends of fleas in the environment. You may save yourself some money and it certainly won’t do your pets any harm. Try to see how long frontline really lasts. It may mean that they begin to get fleas again so keep a very close eye on them and treat them the minute that you discover any.

This tip may help you to save a little hard earned money by using a little less frontline flea medicine. It will certainly add up over the year. Just remember to treat the animals again as soon as you see any sign of fleas returning. There is nothing worse than these pests being present on our pets or in our homes.

Frontline Flea Medicine should only be used when needed. For more information on frontline flea medicine see the frontline flea medicine site.

The High Demand for Dental Assistants Nationwide!

The High Demand for Dental Assistants!

Dental Assistants are essential to the field of dentistry. They work hard to make sure all the dental tools are cleaned properly, that patients feel comfortable, and they assist Dentists and Hygienists with dental procedures. In addition, they help with lab work and are trained in medical emergency procedures. Combined, these duties require individuals who are energized and ready to help others. Dental assistants must also be effective communicators and fast learners.

The demand for dental assistants continues to grow. Many people are taking an interest in their oral hygiene more now than ever before. Since people are living longer, their teeth are also requiring more preventative care, as well as dental procedures. Dental technology has also made procedures less painful. As a result, more people are willing to go in for dental services, increasing the need for dental assistants. Another area is the market for cosmetic dentistry. People are going to dental facilities to get their teeth whitened and to improve the shape of their teeth.

There are over 280,000 Dental Assistants currently employed Nationwide. Most of these Dental Assistants are working in dental offices. A small number work in government agencies, prisons facilities, and physician offices. Many Dental Assistants are working in more than one dental office due to the demand for more Dental Assistants. The potential for this occupation is better than most other medical fields. It is anticipated that it will be one of the top contenders in growth through 2015.

There are many job opportunities for Dental Assistants in the market already. This means almost all Dental Assistants who complete a training program will secure employment immediately. Since the job market is Nationwide, relocation for employment is a great possibility for those who are interested. In some instances, the employer will assist you with relocation costs.

Many individuals choose to enter the field of Dental Assistant because of the job market outlook and the rate of pay. On average, Dental Assistants earn $13.62 per hour as a new employee without any job experience. The highest noted starting rate Nationwide is in New York at $19.97 per hour. Considering the minimum wage in most states, the starting pay for Dental Assistants is at least double. That is a great incentive to pursue a career as a Dental Assistant.

To find out more about Dental Assistant programs in your area, contact your State Dental Board or your local college. You can also find great information on such programs through the internet. It is very important that you make sure any program you are considering is accredited in your state. Most programs can be completed in 12 to 24 months. Tuition assistance and scholarship programs are available. And most state Human Services programs will assist with the cost of programs that can be completed within 2 years and that there is a job market for.

If you liked this article and would like more information concerning becoming a Dental Assistant, visit our website at today!