Jobs in the Dental Field-Salt Lake City, Utah

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A career in the dental field provides the opportunity to help people by improving their oral health and appearance. There are many career options in this growing industry and jobs are ripe for the picking. This article is geared towards providing information and resources about the various occupations, the education and training involved, as well as some salary information for the local Salt Lake City job market.

So you want to be a dentist?

Excellent choice! What kind? The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes a number of specialties for dentist. Some of those included are a Periodontist, Endodonist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, and a Pediatric Dentist. Definitions of each of these specialties can be found on our FAQs page- Answer 17-20.

What does a dentist do?

A dentist diagnoses and treat diseases, injuries, and malformations of the teeth and mouth. Additionally dentists serve to educate patients about their oral health, train future dentists and hygienists, and research new treatments and procedures to improve oral health.

How do I become a dentist?

Becoming a dentist typically requires attending a four-year dental school after obtaining a Bachelor degree. Some dental schools accept applicants without a Bachelor, so long as certain prerequisite courses have been completed. While Utah does not have a four-year dental program, the University of Utah offers a couple options through their Regional Dental Education Program (RDEP). This program is available to a very select number of students that either help to offset the expense of attending an out-of-state school or allow a student to attend their first-year of dental school at the University of Utah and then finish the remainder of the program at Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska. Tuition information for the Creighton University partnership is available here.

Not too far away from Salt Lake City, Utah- the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Dental Medicine offers a four-year dental program. Tuition for an Out-of-State Resident is about $273,000.

A dentist must be licensed in the state he or she practices in. This involves taking a written and practical examination. Information on licensing in Utah is available on the Utah Division of Occupation and Professional Licensings website.

What does a dentist make?

Salaries vary by specialty and whether a dentist owns his/her own practice. According to the ADA, in 2009 the median earnings for a general practitioner in the U.S. was over $207,000 and a specialist averaged over $342,000. lists the median yearly salary for a dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah at about $130,000.

Want to work in the dental field but dont want to be a dentist?

There are a number of other options. Following is information pertaining to career choices as a Dental Hygienist, a Dental Assistant, and a Dental Lab Technician.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

According to the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA), a dental hygienist is a licensed health care professional that works under the supervision of a dentist to provide preventative, educational, and therapeutic services to patients. A dental hygienist typically completes a two-year program after obtaining a Bachelor degree. However, many schools only require a minimum number of prerequisite credits to have been completed prior to acceptance into the program. The Salt Lake City, Utah vicinity offers a few different schooling options to become a dental hygienist. The Utah College of Dental Hygiene is located in Orem, Utah. The college offers a twenty-month program to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (BSDH). Salt Lake Community College also offers a two-year ADA accredited Dental Hygiene Program. Tuition for this program is approximately $10,600. On average in Salt Lake City, Utah, a dental hygienist makes around $60,000 a year.

What is a Dental Assistant?

A dental assistant provides some patient care in addition to lab and office work. Training to be a dental assistant can be in the form of on-the-job training, formal training, or a combination of the two. There are many programs in the Salt Lake City, Utah vicinity available to those interested in becoming a dental assistant. Some of these programs are listed with the Utah Department of Workforce Services and the cost of such training programs ranges from $1,500 to $8,000. A dental assistant in Salt Lake City, Utah can look to make $9-$16/hour.

What is a Dental Lab Technician?

A dental lab technician manufacturers dental prosthetics as prescribed by a dentist. Training is typically on-the-job, but formal education is also available. The Fine Arts Dental Academy in Provo, Utah offers a training course and equipment for $15,000. In Salt Lake City, Utah, a dental technician earns an average of $11.69/hour.

The dental field offers many rewarding career possibilities and is one that continues to grow. The dental field is always looking for a few good men and women to help educate and improve the oral health and appearance of patients. Make sure to check out the various resources provided within this article and visit us at our website.

Medicare Fraud and Abuse The Most Profitable Healthcare Crime in the U.S.

Medicare fraud and abuse cost taxpayers approximately $60 billion a year. Its one of the fastest and most profitable crimes in the U.S. The government health insurance program that covers 46 million elderly and disabled Americans is being hijacked by opportunists preying on patients, doctors, suppliers, and lack of oversight of the system itself.

According to President Obama, Medicare fraud and abuse is fueling enormous federal budget deficits. He recently explained that we could pay for healthcare reform if we could eliminate Medicare fraud, abuse, and waste altogether.

Although completely eliminating Medicare fraud isnt entirely realistic, curbing the growing crimes could provide healthcare to many more Americans and stop lining the pockets of the individuals, crime rings, and corrupt healthcare providers that steal a huge amount of the half trillion dollars in Medicare benefits each year.

The instances of Medicare fraud and abuse are as diverse as they are widespread. One recent high-profile case involved an Armenian-American crime syndicate that stole patient and doctor identities to setup dozens of fake clinics. The operation, which is one of the largest Medicare fraud schemes in U.S. history, resulted in over $35 million in illegal billings.

In another Medicare fraud and abuse case, nine hospitals in seven states were ordered to pay $9.4 million in fines for keeping patients overnight after undergoing what is typically an outpatient back procedure. The hospitals fraudulently billed Medicare for the unnecessary services. In still another case, eight nurses in Florida carried out an $18.7 million Medicare fraud scam in which they forged patient files to make it appear that they required home health care services that they didnt need or receive.

Although these are just a few of the many types of Medicare fraud and abuse scams occurring each year, they show the urgent need to be vigilant about preventing Medicare scams. From charging for durable medical equipment (DME) never received to using a deceased doctors information to continue to bill patients, common Medicare fraud and abuse schemes include:

* Advertising “free” consultations to patients with Medicare, and then recording and using their private information for monetary gain

* Offering healthcare services or DME for free in return for a persons Medicare number for “record keeping”

* Setting up fictitious clinics with people impersonating doctors to steal private information and commit medical identity theft is another common Medicare fraud and abuse tactic

* Using real patients data, but without their knowledge, to steal their identities

* Not adhering to the FTC Red Flag Rules that alert the carriers paying the bills

* Fraudulent billing for a wheelchair, specialized hospital bed, or other DME is also a form of Medicare fraud and abuse

* Falsifying claims for expensive procedures is another common tactic, such as the $5.8 million fraudulent HIV infusion scheme in Miami in which a husband and wife team defrauded Medicare by submitting unnecessary HIV injection and infusion claims

Remember that when fraud happens to Medicare, it happens to all of us. Dont let your organization become a victim. Put your employees on the front line to spot Medicare fraud by hiring a healthcare fraud and abuse expert that provides “Lunch and Learn” presentations to help avoid, recognize, and respond to Medicare fraud. Visit or call 310.831.4400 to learn how to prevent Medicare fraud and medical identity theft.

Addiction Treatment Helps With Love Avoidance, Mental Disorders, Addictions And More

When most people think of addiction treatment, they think of alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two. However, there are many types of addiction, many of which stem from traumatic instances in a person’s life. The types of addiction that you or a loved one may be suffering from can include gambling, love, drug, alcohol, sexual or even work addiction. There may even be suffering from severe depression, codependency, panic, eating or anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder or even love avoidance. If you or a loved one suffer from any of these types of problems, then you may want to consider an inpatient therapy that is available in Arizona, that provides extensive therapy treatment programs, including holistic, spiritual, nutritional and more. Your addiction treatment begins with admittance to one of these types of very unique programs, so you will want to find an unparalleled treatment model with extensive successes.

For those who suffer from love avoidance, you can also discover an extensive treatment program specifically aimed for those suffering from this condition. Often, people who suffer from love avoidance of those who stay in a bad relationship out of obligation, when they feel their partner is getting closer, or feel that something is missing. Simply put, love avoidance is the refusal to show another person love out of your own fears of being hurt. The problem is, intimacy is certain to garner feelings of pain at times. However, guarding your self in a relationship and avoiding intimacy with the thought that you are protecting yourself from rejection and pain, is actually very detrimental. Often, if you suffer from love avoidance, you do everything possible to avoid showing for your vulnerability to your loved ones. Most people who have love avoidance are not avoiding love, but are reacting to the relationship in a very unhealthy manner.

What makes this unhealthy, is that those who suffer from love avoidance often require that their partner or loved one to continually boost their own self-esteem through praise, complements and acceptance. Often, sufferers of love avoidance will act in extreme ways, such as avoiding emotional and sexual needs in the relationship, which are often self-destructive. They will also become extremely afraid of an emotional attachment or commitment, but when you find an innovative addiction treatment program, you can discover how to overcome and address your symptoms of love avoidance, as well as any other issue that contributed to those feelings in your life. The most innovative and effective addiction treatment program available will help you to recognize your love avoidance symptoms, as well as help to explain and analyze all of the underlying factors that created this problem in your life. Although the road to recovery can be extremely long and fraught with difficulties, regardless of the addiction, disorder, depression or other issue that you have, there is treatment available that will help you to find the best and most innovative treatment to ensure that you have a successful journey to recovery and take your life back.

Actors And Entertainers Fighting Cancer

It’s been called the dreaded C and many more. It is a disease that can shake the faith of the ones faithful and diminish the small hope of those hopeless. It is a disease that does not discriminate and can care less for the afflicted’s status in life. It is a disease that the world is fighting. It is cancer. To put it in layman’s terms, cancer is an disease caused by a tumor. Any person can have cancer. Even the famous and prominent personalities go through the trials of cancer. Here are four of very talented and well known celebrities that were diagnosed with the Big C. All of these celebrities came forward in the open and gave it their all while fighting the life altering disease.

Christina Applegate is a much loved mainstream actress that played the part of Kelly Bundy in the sitcom: Married With Children and currently as Samantha Newly on the show, Samantha Who. Last August 2008, reports that Applegate have breast cancer comes out in every medium known to man. Her publicist confirmed the news that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. The positive thing about the diagnosis is that it was caught in starting stages. The cancer cells were found on only one of her breasts but Applegate decided to have a double mastectomy operation within the same month. Christina’s mother is a cancer survivor Which means her disease is greatly on the hereditary side, she decided to take action upon the fatal threat as soon as she could. Christina is now doing well and will undergo reconstructive surgery soon.

Hailed as one of the most successful female pop singers, Sheryl Crow is also a songwriter, political activist and has nine Grammy Awards to her credit. The performer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. As with Christina Applegate, the discovery was caught early. The entertainer underwent a lumpectomy, which is a surgery to remove the tumor in the breast. Sheryl also went through radiation treatment for around two months after the surgery. The singer has been without cancer since the surgery and is amazingly on her second year as a cancer survivor.

Christened as Francine Joy Drescher, Fran is widely known all over as Fran Fine from her TV series, The Nanny. In 2000, Drescher was hurried to the hospital because of uterine cancer, a type of cancer where the tumor attacks the uterus of a person. Her cancer, luckily, was still in its early phase when the procedure to remove the tumor was made so she didnt go through chemotherapy or radiation treatment. After seven years of being free of cancer, the fantastic actress created an organization to help others who are afflicted with cancer. The name of the organization is Cancer Schmancer Movement.

The charming and sexy Patrick Swayze… Dudes envied his scene with Demi Moore in the movie, Ghost, and girls went numb with his dancing moves in Dirty Dancing. No one can utter that they dont know Patrick Swayze. He is now battling pancreatic cancer. He has been having chemotherapy and a operation to take out soiled areas of his stomach. His struggle is far from being over but hes still out there winning the battle. He recently gave a remarkable speech at the Stand Up To Cancer 2008 event.

Cancer, Drysol, And Your Armpits

You’re out shopping and see Drysol on the shelves. You consider buying the product because your friend has told you so much about it. You haven’t. Take a close look at the product – do you know for a fact that it’s risk-free to use?

Dismiss the question all you want, but that does not change the fact that there are those who worry about it. In fact, there is a raging debate over the likelihood that Drysol may cause cancer. Studies have shown that Drysol and other perspirants like it contain chemicals that affect hormones, which then stimulates malignant cells. In particular, a number of studies indicate that breast cancer may be tied to the usage of underarm deodorants.

These days, you can find large amounts of information on the connection between cancer and genetic predispositions. While there may not be gene tests available yet, you should be very careful about using Drysol, especially if a family member has had breast cancer. Why? It’s simple really – cancer tends to appear in families. I don’t mean to scare you, but family history is always a good gauge of whether you will develop cancer or not later in life.

Without a question, manufacturers of certain chemicals have been fighting to prove that their products pose no danger to consumers. Companies that produce aluminum chloride are one of them. But you cannot hide as major an issue as toxicity from consumers. What this tells you is that you should never rely on what marketing pitches tell you about Drysol.

Sometimes, it seems like every product under the sun can cause cancer However, do not dismiss the connection out of hand because it may very well be true. As may be expected, manufacturers of Drysol and other potentially harmful products would prefer you think that all these warnings are just media sensation. But would you really put yourself at risk, testing the product on yourself? By that time, you may not even remember that you used Drysol at some time in the past, let alone have the mental wherewithal to seek damages for your condition.

Cancer is a terrible thing to deal with; but as early as now, you can take steps to avoid it. A great way to do this is by avoiding anything thay can harm your DNA and your cell makeup. Avoid using Drysol as much as possible. It’s not far off that one of these days, newer research just may single out deodorants like Drysol as cancer-causing so be very wary, be very careful, and be very watchful for natural alternatives you can try, instead of Drysol.