Benefits Of Acupuncture

It is assumed that acupuncture is based on the self-awareness, introspection and calm, relaxation and depth, all necessary attributes in any healing process. Acupuncture works by removing energy blockages. Information that gives your body are interpreted by your acupuncturist using pulse diagnosis, tongue, eye and ear diagnosis.

Acupuncture can help you whatever illness you have. The treatment involves a rebalancing of your energy. When the energy flow bottlenecks are removed, the body heals itself. Therefore the range of diseases that can be successfully treated by acupuncture is very large, such as insomnia, back pain, emotional disorders, chronic diseases.

Energy circulates on certain routes, stops and starts from certain points. All these places can block or work harder if you have a wrong lifestyle, an improper diet, negative thoughts or medication abuse. Your doctor may unlock those points, this process being experienced by the patient as a great relief.

If you’re sick acupuncture helps to heal or reduce drug doses used. Many patients who have used this method of treatment were observed numerous benefits including: reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing pain and fatigue, regulate metabolism and restore body weight. The acupuncture is often used for relaxation, stimulation of the immune system, improve blood flow, weight control, insomnia, stress, neurosis, recovery after stroke.

Cosmetic acupuncture aims to restore the beauty of aging skin. Inserting needles into acupuncture points on the face and body the therapists activates the blood circulation and gets energy to stimulate collagen production and restore the firmness, radiance and smoothness of your skin. Each person responds differently to treatment depending on age and lifestyle. Results are visible after a few weeks. The cosmetic acupuncture treatment often involves a proper diet. Each treatment is customized, the patient has various remedies necessary for a successful treatment. The cosmetic acupuncture treatment usually includes between ten to twelve sessions of sixty minutes each, three times a week.

The treatment involves the insertion of ten to twelve fine needles into the skin in certain energy points to stimulate nerves and directs energy flow to vital organs. The stings can cause drowsiness, or numbness. You will rest twenty-forty minutes, then the needles will be removed. It is a painless procedure. A few hours after treatment you may feel some pain in the skin. This is normal and practitioners say it is a sign that the treatment is working.

The researchers say that acupuncture can produce complex changes in the brain and body by stimulating nerve fibers that transmit signals to the brain and spinal cord to release certain hormones. Acupuncture risks are: infection from unsterile needles, nausea, dizziness and fainting, allergic reactions to needles, nerve damage.

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Working Through Post-traumatic Stress Disorder With Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been proven effective in treating a wide variety of ailments and recent studies have shown that post-traumatic stress disorder has now joined the long list of illnesses that acupuncture can actually treat.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing art that involves the stimulation of the acupuncture points located in the meridian pathways where the body’s vital energy flows. These acupuncture points are associated with the vital organ systems of the body.

Earlier reports from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) stated that acupuncture shows efficiency in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, which was then echoed by the results of a randomized controlled study conducted by a team at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky.

The University of Louisville School of Medicine team, headed by Dr. Michael Hollifield concluded that acupuncture treatments actually displayed the same results as that of a cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that is common in an environment that poses physical threats to the well being such as that in tragedies, disasters, war zones, violent assaults, and military combat, among others.

In fact, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington now requires acupuncture treatments for soldiers with mental and physical trauma. The US Air Force operates the sole acupuncture clinic in the military at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland where 44 Air Force, Army doctors and Navy are undergoing acupuncture trainings for emergency care in war zone hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But how exactly can acupuncture deliver beneficial results in treating post-traumatic stress disorder?

To combat post-traumatic stress disorder, acupuncture rejuvenates the acupuncture points that are associated with the brain where the emotional memories of the patient are stored thereby aiding the patient to naturally heal from the trauma.

Acupuncture has been proven as a gentle treatment that stimulates the emotions of the patient and works through the trauma without causing panic or unpleasant flashbacks on the patient. The ear acupuncture, otherwise known as auricular acupuncture is the commonly used form of acupuncture in treating post-traumatic stress disorder as it helps balance the Qi and helps the mind relax.

Studies have clearly shown that post-traumatic stress disorder acupuncture treatment is more effective when complemented with other treatment such as talk therapy, meditation, yoga, journal writing, and art therapy among others.

The acupuncture treatment helps the patient to start processing the trauma in a more relaxed and balanced state, while the other treatments will serve as support system that will provide the patient an outlet for working through the trauma and be free from the disorder for the rest of their lives.

How Radiology Technology Helps To Ease The Medical Office Workload

In decades past, many of the routine tasks associated with the running of a medical facility that offered radiology services had to be performed by hand, because that was the only option available at the time. Now, however, with inexpensive personal computer technology becoming widely available, there has been a shift to moving many of these radiology tasks to a digital environment for ease of use, increased productivity, and cost reductions.

One of the most sought-after pieces of radiology technology is the fully functional PACS system. For those working in a radiology or cardiology department, a Radiology PACS or Cardiology PACS can help with everything from viewing digital images to storing them or distributing them.

The amount of work to process even a single film x-ray is burdensome, and in medical facilities that’s multiplied by hundreds of times throughout the course of a work year. The images need expensive chemicals for developing, which takes time. You have to work with hard copies of film, which must then be handled by humans for filing and archiving, not to mention retrieval of images.

Using cardiology PACS in your cardio unit eliminates all of this extra work. By using the DICOM digital imaging format, images taken from a variety of modalities can all be read by the radiology PACS equipment, and it allows you to view your digital medical images within seconds after taking them, unlike film images.

PACS radiology technology also allows for the storage of DICOM digital images. The PACS appliance can be used as a server to store many terabytes of digital medical information saved in the DICOM format. When there is a need for handling a large volume of studies, the radiology PACS has also been successfully used as a router as well, automating what can be a very cumbersome job of making sure everyone on each patient’s medical team receives the proper information. The servers may be located at the site of your medical facility or offsite, which helps you to stay within HIPPA compliance concerning disaster recovery of medical records.

Using a PACS also make distributing medical records much easier. No longer must you rely on postal mail or couriers to deliver hard copies of patient film x-rays. Instead, you can simply send the proper DICOM digital images to consulting physicians on your local-area network, wide-area network or on a virtual-private network in seconds, greatly improving the productivity of the entire medical system in place, and enhancing patient care at the same time.

Beat Eczema Without Drugs

The diagnosis has come back and you have adult eczema. You sit down with your doctor, and he lays out your treatment options. He says you need antihistamines and cortisone cream for the itching. He reaches for his prescription pad and begins writing out prescriptions for various medicines he assures you that you need to control your eczema.

Don’t fill that prescription! You don’t need drugs to control your eczema, no matter what that doctor tells you. There are many, many safe, non-drug alternatives that your doctor won’t tell you about – mainly because he probably doesn’t know about them himself, or if he does he doesn’t care.

Rather than just treating your symptoms with prescription drugs that have too many adverse side effects to list in this article, get to the root cause of your eczema. A good place to start is to determine what, if any, allergies you have. One of the major causes of eczema is believed to be reaction to allergens, both food and environmental, such as pollens and cat dander. Getting a battery of allergy tests is a good first step.

Sensitivities to chemicals and toxins in our daily environment can also cause eczema. Examine the products you use around the house and the hygiene products you use on your body. You may find that most of them are full of chemicals with long, unpronounceable names. Replace them with products containing natural ingredients. Natural is from nature. If it’s a chemical, it isn’t natural.

Whether or not you have food allergies, it’s a good idea to change to an all-organic diet. Non-organic foods contain residues from pesticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers, and these cannot be completely removed from the foods. You get small doses of poisons every time you eat a non-organic product and these put a lot of stress on your body, especially your immune system. These poisons are not used on organic foods.

Look into taking herbs and supplements that strengthen the immune system. You might also want to consider a detox cleanse to start ridding your body years of built up toxin. You should probably do both of these with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor who is familiar with skin disorders and can help you to do these things the right way.

When you take the effort to restore your body to optimum health, you will be rewarded in many ways, not the least of which will be a remission of your eczema symptoms. You will beat eczema, enjoy greater health, and not end up taking potentially dangerous drugs for years and years.

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Etoposide Drugs Dreadful For Cancer Issues

Suffering from any form of cancer has led for no more experience of hardship due to the vast availability of the medicinal products that have flooded in the pharmaceutical market. There are a large number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer problems in different organs of their body from several decades. The proper usage of such medicinal treatments have led them a novel prospect of their life & these medicinal products have ensured innovative way of combating against the life- threatening cancerous cells & lead for their elimination from the human body.

Till date, there have been many people who have been diagnosed with the suffering of lung cancer wherein, such measures can be effectively treated with the help of available chemotherapy & radiotherapy methods. Moreover, there has been a wide collection of the medicinal products which are being utilized for such purposes of dealing with lung cancer. Etoposide is an effective medicinal product which can be utilized along with certain other medicinal

This medicinal product makes its existence in a certain class of medicinal drugs which are termed as podophyllotoxin derivatives. They cause the reduction of the development of such harmful cancerous cells in the human body. The medical experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA) have explained such medications must be administered orally with water & they must be consumed at least once within 4-5 days. The duration of such treatment measures upon the rate of recovery & the response with the medicinal drugs by the patient. You need to follow the instructions of the health expert for proper recovery.

It is also said that these medicinal drugs prove to be helpful for curing ovary cancer in certain cases. The consideration of such medicinal drug could lead for temporary side- effects which include diarrhea, constipation, loss of weight & appetite, hair etc. but such symptoms are minor & they do not persist for long time. Avoid making usage of such medicinal treatments during pregnancy & breast- feeding of the females. There must be no excess consumption of such medicinal drugs by the patient since it leads for harmful consequences. If the patient experiences any adverse responses after the administration of these medicinal drugs, they must immediately stop making use of such treatments & thereby bring it to the notice of medical concern. Consider preventive measures for overcoming harmful complications.