How to stop your body from making Cancer

Our bodies don’t get cancer; our bodies make cancer. That is we have made it ourselves. How did we accomplish that you may ask? Simply by not respecting the laws of Mother Nature. It’s the way we are now living that’s causing so much of it now days. Cancer is well understood and it is not some dreaded disease that science can’t fathom. Its cause is the result of the violation of natural laws.

What our medical system wants us to believe is it’s not our fault and there is nothing we could have done to prevent it. That is not so! The facts are cancer has been growing in your body for many years, and it’s you that has caused it. In most cases it takes about 10 years before it’s of sufficient size to be detected and that means your cancer has been under construction for a long time.

If you’re interested here is a recipe for making cancer;

* Expose your self to large amounts of radiation in the form of x-rays and ct scans.

* Make sure most of your food is processed.

* Eating cancer causing food which contains chemical preservatives, e.g. salami.

* Eating lots of refined sugar which is cancer cells natural food.

* Avoiding anti-cancer food which is fresh food in its natural state.

* Using too many toxic chemicals, many of them in personal care products.

* Avoiding natural sunlight.

* Live a sedentary lifestyle.

So when a doctor tells a patient there was nothing they could have done to stop the cancer that is not true. A doctor is only repeating what he knows and they don’t know how cancer is made or even the causes of it. Cancer is a degenerative disease and all degenerative diseases can be reversed, it is never too late to do something about it.

Cancer is a modern day problem, there was very little of it 40 to 50 years ago. It is only man and the animals he controls that are troubled by cancer. It is a complex disease and man will never fully understand it and he doesn’t need to. All you have to do if you’re dealing with cancer is to just rely on nature to help you remove it. Nature produces the perfect food for humans which is our medicine and all you have to do is to eat it. Nature provides the cure for cancer.

To remove cancer once it has been diagnosed you must respect the laws of Mother Nature and eat and live as we are supposed to.

Here is the recipe for removing cancer;

* Eat a plant based diet.

* Make sure the food you eat is fresh and no one has interfered with it.

* Get a little exercise everyday, it’s important.

* Avoid chemicals, we are surrounded by them.

* Have a positive outlook.

Remember your body strives to heal itself automatically every single day. What you need to do to assist it is to remove the barrier that’s been stopping it from healing. A strict natural diet and other simple lifestyle changes will do this.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specialising in nutrition. He has researched all aspects of cancer and how our diet is closely related to the disease. For more common sense information on effective ways to overcome cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit

Cut The Sugar Stop The Acne Anti-candida Diet

People who are suffering with mild or sever acne skin problems are suggested to try anti-candida diet. Taking this diet doesn’t mean that it will cure acne skin problems, but it supports cleaning acne skin problems. Its always good to take measures that could stack end results in your favor.

Researchers have recently found that many people with severe acne conditions could benefit from an anti Candida diet. Candida is and overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast. Normally it is symbiotic with other organisms including the bacteria in your body. For example, Candida albicans is fungal yeast that has the ability to overgrow.

Certain foods can either lead to fungal growth or help exacerbate it, or both. Good foods, on the other hand, can help cure fungal overgrowth. Candida loves to grow in the sweet environments; hence if you avoid taking sweet foods, you can avoid growth of Candida. If you are serious about Candida, then youre going to have to cut all sugars. Dieticians advise against white sugar and white flour.

Below are list of few sweet foods which should be avoided by people who have acne skin problems:
White sugar
any natural sweeteners
White rice
Commercial fruit juice from a pack
White flour and white-flour products
Sweet fruits
Beans and legumes
Soy based foods
Nuts especially cashews and peanuts

It is good to consume foods that like salads made up of organic green leafy vegetables, sprouts, and carrots and Sourdough or sprouted grain bread. Certain supplements like Goji berries, Chlorella, Zinc Monomethione, and naturally occurring supplements like Mint, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric and Ginger could be added to food in order to avoid Candida overgrowth.

What Are The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer symptoms are not apparent all times, in particular in the initial stages of development of cancer cells. Learning briefly about what is colon cancer helps you in better understanding of colon cancer symptoms.

Colon forms major part of the digestive system of the body and plays an important role in absorption of essential nutrition and water, thus facilitating good health. Further, colon also assists in removing the toxic substance and body waste through stool or as stool. Major portion of large intestine is comprised of Colon. Development of cancerous cells or malignant tumors in the colon is referred as colon cancer. Let us see the colon cancer symptoms in detail.

As stated earlier, colon cancer symptoms are not apparent in the initial stages and can be detected only when it is progressed to advanced stage. However, with deep and intense screening, it is possible to detect the signs of colon cancer.

Symptoms of colon cancer can be classified into two types namely local symptoms and systemic symptoms. Former is associated with digestive system and the later affects the entire body. Some of the symptoms of colon cancer found to be sings of other health conditions and illnesses, in particular the local symptoms. Proper diagnosis helps in detecting the cancerous growth.

Bloody stool: Blood discharge in the stool is the most common and apparent symptom of Colon cancer. However, bloody discharge is associated with some other health conditions. Moreover, the stool gets discharged in red color like bloody discharge when you eat beetroot or watermelon. Eventually, the condition can be diagnosed by Fecal occult blood test.

Constipation: It is rare sign of colon cancer and it is associated with many digestive illnesses. Constipation at frequent intervals and chronic constipation might be dangerous, because such condition is usually developed when the growth of cancer cells obstruct discharging stool.

Diarrhea / watery stool: Since the colon is obstructed by cancer tissues, it becomes difficult in discharging normal stool and lead towards watery stool, ribbon like stools and chronic diarrhea.

Unusual bowel movements: Irritable and unusual bowel movement with swollen abdomen is one of the obvious symptoms of colon cancer, where there will be a sensation of fullness of stomach, even when it is empty. And it is caused due to growth of cancer cells in colon and digestive system.

Fatigue: Fatigue and general weakness is a common problem experienced by almost everyone. But, continuous fatigue and weariness for several days is the apparent symptom of a severe health condition. Colon cancer symptoms include fatigue associated with anemic condition which is caused due to loss of blood in stool and diarrhea.

Pain in the abdomen: Difficult in discharging stool, bowel movements, fullness of stomach, blocked digestive system due to tumor cells, etc lead towards abdominal pain.

Other colon cancer symptoms include the following:
Unexpected and accidental weight loss without involvement of diet or any other weight loss plans
Loss of energy and extreme weariness
Anaemic condition or iron deficiency with much low counts of red blood cells
Loss of appetite

Since most of the colon cancer symptoms can be realized only in the advanced stage, where the tumors affect the entire digestive system, it is good to get appropriate diagnosis with several medical examinations, when one or more signs mentioned above are experienced. Earlier detection of colon cancer can prevent the development of cancer cells and enhance the survival rate.

How To Become A Pediatric Dental Hygienist

How long has he been in practice? Sometimes it’s a good idea to take the time to consider your present dentist and evaluate any changing needs and experiences you’ve had. Cosmetic dentists work very hard to demystify dental procedures for this reason. Getting a dental work done can be a very painful experience for some. The food goods that you have dont solely have an optimistic influence on teeth there are various additional excellent characteristics that may be produced by these kinds of food items.

A location convenient to your home or work may be important to you. Porcelain crowns, dental implants, and veneers are just a few of the materials aesthetic dental experts make use of to transform their patients’ frowns upside-down. This website offers lots of free printable dental coloring pages, a variety of dental images are offered. Damage to surrounding tissues is also minimized, and wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated. Leonardo Glass took great interest in dentistry since a very early age, and his passion went on to become his profession, which is still growing.

Even the things that we had our eyes on, i.e. Aren’t they the ones who put braces on teenagers? This type of aesthetic dentistry would make you very good hunting. Simply park your profile, add the specified amount of articles and other content and make sure to adjust the settings to public view where appropriate so that your user profile can be crawled and listed in a search engine. As a result you’ll be able to obtain dual advantages from cashew.

Local anesthesia is the most widely used sedation technique. It helps to see what continuing education a dentist has had after getting a degree too. Do you feel like you would be “partnering” with the dentist? If you are an occupational therapist or other teaching professional, Kids First dentist.y will give you supplies to encourage, teach, and prepare students for a visit to the dentist. It takes a continued dental education and training for a dentist to be qualified for this treatment.

The use of lasers in dentistry has increased over recent years because of its many advantages including precision and quicker recovery times for patients. It is very natural that the longer a patient consults a particular dentist.and more the work that he/she puts into a patient, the more accountability the person will have for it. As a parent, you need to remember that your tot does not harbor any ill will towards their first dental experience. When tooth care comes into the picture, it is always a good idea to see the same dentist. Word of mouth is the best way to let people know that you are on the lookout for a dentist in your area.

Healthy gums and teeth result in a gorgeous smile. Procedures that are performed by Austin dentists using soft tissue dental lasers may not require stitches or suture. Specialty dentists focus on one particular area of dentistry. The first appointment also includes a series of X-rays and tests that will be conducted to determine the dental problem and its severity. If a general dentist does not perform a service, they will refer the patient to a specialty dentist.

Amalgamators are basic and simple, which makes their servicing easy. You should only use your dental brush and cleaner for cleaning. In this world full of people who are conscious of their looks, cosmetic dentistry is a significant technological branch and is pretty popular. A firm grasp on the procedure itself and the tools involved normally is all that is required for a person to feel relieved about what the dentist will be doing in his or her mouth. The affected person gets consolation with such a area.

A Miracle Cancer Cure…one Woman’s Story

When you feel something is just not right with your body, and it does not go away you end up in a doctors office to make you well again. This is the western way of looking at medicine. The Chinese, on the other hand, view medicine as a lifestyle of health maintenance. The Chinese go to the doctor to maintain health on a regular basis. Westerners go to the doctor when something is wrong.

After living in China for many years, I learned first-hand about the Chinese view of medicine and how dramatically different it is from the way we westerners think about medical practices. It is normal for Chinese people to eat something because it is good for their health. Wellness-thinking is common practice in China.

I relate this dichotomy because when I was faced with cancer and how to treat the cancer, I had a dilemma. There are many ways to treat cancer, but which one do you choose? The process is very confusing. After being treated for many years by Chinese doctors and believing in their methodology, when I was faced with a serious disease, I reverted back to being treated by doctors in the ways of the American Medical Association.

Fear is a great decision factor in how you select a cancer treatment. Not knowing anything about cancer also leaves us at the mercy of medical practitioners who want to cure you in their method, no matter how difficult the treatment may be. The choice you make can save your life, or at the least a lot of trauma to your body which is already ill.

My own personal journey was first to be diagnosed with cancer, and to be cured the first time through Chemotherapy and Radiation; both grueling and life-threatening. Doctors tell you to bulk up your body before these treatments because you will lose almost 30% of your body fat. They know just how sick you are going to be after they infuse your body with poison. In my case, I lost 50% of my body fat and looked like a scarecrow. I lost my hair, my skin looked a whitish-green-grey color, I could not keep any food down, I totally lost my appetite, my immune system was non-existent, I became anemic, and I almost died.

However, the cancer was in remission and everyone was happy, including me.

Everyone who experiences Chemotherapy and Radiation knows what a living-hell it can be. Not only is this process of treating cancer a living-nightmare, but this method of curing cancer leaves your body totally depleted of any of the nutritional storage reserve. A cancer ridden-body is anemic which is why the cancer-gray pallor is evident on a person who has cancer. Chemotherapy causes anemia. Therefore, Chemotherapy causes the body to have a double-dose of anemia. Many people cannot survive this trauma to the body. They simply do not have enough hemoglobin for the bodys protective cells to do their work.

Recuperating after cancer treatment from Chemotherapy and Radiation takes years.

Because my bodys natural resources were depleted and my immune system defenseless, I attracted a rare amoeba in my right eye causing blindness for almost a year, and had a heart attack needing heart surgery. My natural defenses were missing in action.

With no immune system, and no natural body defense system, my body was left open to disease. The same cancer returned to my body a second time.

This time the doctors decided to perform what they term salvage surgery. This is a very radical surgery which cuts the cancerous tumor and margins. Surgical margins could be compared to the way you cut a peach. When there is a dark spot on a peach, you cut a wider part around the dark spot so that only the perfect part is left. So it is in surgery. Salvage surgery in my case would be to cut a part of my jaw, a part of my tongue, a part of my throat, remove my neck artery and replace it with the artery in my right hand. Since one cannot grow another jaw or artery, I had some serious decisions to make.

I thought long and hard about my situation with the return of cancer to my body. I sat in meditation, prayed to God for guidance, and consoled with very good friends.

My final decision was to turn down salvage surgery. I needed to find another way to rid my body of cancer without violating and deforming my body. The little voice inside my head was my guidance. Even after getting three professional opinions from three of the top oncologists in the world, salvage surgery was not an option for me.

Alternative Cancer Treatment became my chosen journey for cancer cure. A naturopathic and holistic approach to cancer became a way of life for me for the next six to nine months. I began to research and look for natural cancer cures. Alternative Cancer Therapy in many ways resembles the Chinese methodology of treating illness. I had come full circle in my thinking. Eastern medical philosophy has been treating people for thousands of years. In Asia overall, there is no where the widespread epidemic proportion of cancer cases which we have in the western world.

After visiting a Naturopathic doctor in California I realized cancer can be cured. My anti-cancer diet included cancer fighting foods such as fish, fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables and vitamin supplements in order to jump-start my body back to health. Within a few weeks, I could feel a difference in my being. I had more energy, my coloring was rosy, and I began to feel alive again.

On the other hand, the inner voice in my head kept saying dig deeper. Angel-friends were sent to me who gave me tips and ideas on alternative cancer treatments, cancer-fighting teas, natural cancer cures, Reiki Therapy, acupressure, alternative cancer cures and holistic cancer cures. I followed them all, and then some!

In the following months, I created an Anti-Cancer diet. I knew that in order for me to keep with a diet to get well and probably for the rest of my life, the food had to look and taste wonderful. To develop the Anti-Cancer Diet I researched anti-cancer foods and cancer-fighting foods all known to have anti-oxidants. Amazingly, almost all of the anti-cancer foods cross-referenced with the same foods recommended by the FDA Consumer Journals Top 20 Fruits, Vegetables and Fish. It was not difficult to come up with wonderful recipes within the Anti-Cancer Diet guidelines. I had a place to start and a goal; to cure cancer in my own body.

In my research, I read where Dr. Joanna Budwig, a German biochemist and one of Europes best cancer researchers had discovered that cancer cells were missing two essential amino acids: Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid. Her cure for cancer was to heal the cancerous cells by giving her patients a diet which included a combination of Flax-seed Oil (high in Omega3) and Quark (low-fat cottage cheese). Her theory is that cells die and regenerate themselves every day; and by feeding the cells what they are lacking, they become healthy cells. Her way of healing the cancer cells was to provide them with the essential amino acids which were missing. This is a simplistic solution to a complex problem. Her solution made perfect sense to me. With this knowledge, I created more recipes for myself incorporating the Flax-seed oil and cottage cheese in order to heal the cancerous cells in my body. I began to love my new diet.

Before long, people were coming up to me telling me how wonderful I looked. My skin had lost the cancer-grey pallor. My skin tone had color and glowed with health. I felt alive again for the first time in many years. I knew I was going to be well again.

However, my inner voice, whom I began to trust daily kept saying dig deeper.

I read many books, but the one book which caught my eye one day in the bookstore was a title by Louise Hay; You Can Heal Your Life. The holistic approach to healing is to treat the entire body, mind, and soul. It makes sense since our body is connected to the mind and the soul. We are all one unit. The holistic approach to wellness seemed very logical to me. Louise Hay relates how thoughts are things and we attract situations in our lives through our subconscious thoughts.

Many emotional situations which happened during our lives are still imprinted in our minds. I had a very traumatic event happen in my life two years before I was diagnosed with cancer. I was engaged to be married to my business partner. A month before the wedding, he died tragically while I was out of the country in China. Upon my return to the United States to claim his body, I found evidence of his alternative lifestyle. He died before he could hide the trappings of his gay lifestyle. I was devastated and could not believe my eyes. Wanting to bury him with honor, I never divulged my horror. I kept all those emotions inside. Little did I realize by burying those intense emotions, I would cause myself to get seriously ill.

Louise Hays book guided my through a thought-changing process where I was able to release the past traumas still trapped in my psyche. I was able to let go of my broken heart, the anger, the rage, the embarrassment and the humiliation. Once I was able to discharge the deep hurt inside, I was able to heal my mind and soul.

I learned that thoughts are things. Knowing and believing this fact, I set about to create situations in my life where I could heal my body, mind and soul.

What I realized is that cancer is not the basis of the disease. Cancer is the result of a long-term neglect of the body, mind, and soul until the body finally succumbs to illness. A miraculous cancer cure happened in my life. I was able to heal my body with healthy foods and a diet which I can enjoy and live on for the rest of my life and I was able to release the intense emotional blocks holding me in an illness state so that I could cure myself of cancer.

Cancer is no longer an issue in my life. My cancer journey was not an easy one. However, I feel that God guided me through all of these illnesses so that I would tell my story. I can look at a person now and know if they are healthy or not. Cancer can be cured with Alternative Cancer Treatments, Natural Cancer Cures, and Holistic Cancer Cures which are non-invasive; they heal the body, not destroy it. These therapies and cancer cures build your body back to a nutritional self with a healthy mental attitude. I highly recommend alternative cancer treatments and holistic cancer cures.they work!