Acupuncture For Ivf Treatment – The Potential Benefits

The decision to undergo in vitro fertilization is never an easy one. Not only do you have to consider the financial cost, but the emotional cost can be just as high. Once you have made the decision to go ahead, you will want to know just what you can do to improve your chances of success and one quite surprising area which is often recommended is acupuncture for IVF treatment.

There are various alternative treatments which you might read about but acupuncture is probably the most commonly recommended-even by medical doctors. The technique involves inserting very fine needles into particular points over the body to improve the life energy flow. Many acupuncture specialists believe that fertility problems are caused by blockages in the pathways to the reproductive organs (these pathways are also known as “meridians”). The belief is that the stimulation of certain points will unblock the points, thus restoring fertility.

Not only that, but using acupuncture for IVF treatment is believed to have other considerable benefits. For example. Acupuncture is thought to reduce the side effects of the commonly used fertility drug, Lupron and can also help prevent ovarian hyperstimulation. In addition, it can also increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs, including the womb. Various studies have also indicated that women who receive treatment via acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer have increased pregnancy rates.

Although many women are put off the thought of acupuncture for IVF treatment due to the use of needles, women who have undergone the treatment are generally big advocates and say that it is not painful, as the needles are so fine, but that it is a very relaxing procedure.

Only you can decide if acupuncture for IVF treatment is suitable for you. However, as the results seem to be generally positive, then it is worthy of consideration as any discomfort or fear is probably a small price to pay for such potentially great results!

Cure Respiratory Disorders Without Medications Using Bishops Weed

Bishops weed is known to be the erect and small shrub comprising with soft fine hairs. The fruit of this particular herb is egg-shaped, greyish and minute in nature. In India this herb is known by the name of ajwain which is derived from the word adarjawan.

The seeds of the herb are used to prepare several valuable carminative and unani medicines. It has numerous healing or curative properties for health ailments such as the seeds of ajwain acts as a stimulant to counteract the affect of spasmodic disorders.

Gastro-intestinal disorders: It acts as an effective medicine for curing various gastro-intestinal disorders such as dysentery, diarrohea, dyspepsia, colic, cholera, indigestion and flatulence. It is advised that 1tsp of ajwain should be taken with rock salt to cure the problem of indigestion.

Respiratory Disorders: For curing respiratory disorders it is advised that the seeds of ajwain should be consumed with buttermilk to cure phlegm. For curing cough caused by influenza it is advised that ajwain seeds should be consumed with clove and salt to have beneficial results.

Common cold: For curing common cold it is advised that 1 tbsp of ajwain crushed seeds should be tied in the cloth and used for inhalation to have the beneficial results.

Migraine: To cure the migraine it is advised the ajwain seeds should be sniffed or smoked to have beneficial results.

Rheumatism: To cure the rheumatic or neuralgic pain it is advised that the oil extracted from the ajwain seeds should be applied thrice a day over the affected area.

Mouth Disorders: To cure various mouth disorders it is advised that the decoction of the seeds prepared with salt should be used for gargle daily to have beneficial results.

Earache: Ajwain proves to be an effective remedy for earache. It is advised that the ear drops prepared by boiling the seeds in 40 ml of milk till gets thicken and later filtered should be administered three times a day. For curing the pain caused in the ear by boils it is advised that 4gms of ajwain seeds should be boiled with 2 garlic cloves in sesame oil till it becomes hot. Later this oil is filtered and used as ear drops twice a day to have beneficial results.

Aphrodisiac: To cure aphrodisiac problem it is advised that the powder prepared by frying ajwain seeds with tamarind kernel seeds in pure ghee should be consumed in the ratio of 1 tsp daily with honey and milk at nighttime to have beneficial results.

Mental Health – The Most Important and Ignored Health Issues

When it comes to health, we all concentrate on our physical problems. However, most of the time, the reason of being ill is mental. In these days, the issue of mental health is raising all over the world, with the increase in suicidal attempts, premature killing and so on. Now, all these can get fixed in a single way only and that is counseling of the patient who is mentally ill.

To save you from all kind of mental troubles, there are many institutes, counseling centers all around the world, but there are not many few better than that of Virginia Mental Health institutes. There are many highly esteemed agencies which are taking care of the mental illness of the people in Virginia. Basically they are treating their patients in the best possible way, and they are not only providing their services to the people of VA, but also outside VA. They provide counseling for each and every kind of mental problems, and the most common one is the marriage counseling Virginia. This is really essential to save many all over the Virginia and around. There are another problem regarding mental issues is autism. In Virginia, with the help of Autism VA, this particular problem is cured very efficiently and thus one live happily with others even if he or, she have some kind of mental disorders.

There are various institutes in Virginia which can take care of someones mental health properly. There are hundreds of highly qualified and professional doctors and counselors who are taking care of the Virginia Mental Health for years. They have a high success rate as well. Most of all, you can have all your problems cured in one institute and also in surprising low rates as well. They provide online counseling also, and thus their services are spread all over the world. Among the various cities and counties of Virginia, Counseling Richmond is the most well-known center for perfect and effective counseling of ones mental health. The psychology department of University of Richmond is world famous. In Richmond, couple counseling is also available as a part of marriage counseling Virginia to help out two people to save their marriage and regain their love all over again. You must find out a good quality institute in Virginia to cure your mental problems as per your needs and also within your budget. To do this, the best option that you have is to go online and search for such institutes in Virginia and the compare among their rates, success and so on. By doing so, you can opt for the best institute that suits you the most in every aspect. However, to treat acute mental problems, one must find out a professional institute that is working on such problems for year. Autism VA is highly esteemed for the procurement of this disease, and thus, you can rely on Virginia mental institutes on the fact that your patient will be cured in best way possible and as soon as possible too.

A Remedy Intended For Heart Disease

Outside of major invasive surgery, we regret to see the various readers asking “is there a cure for heart disease disease?” a resounding “No”. However, that’s not to imply that there isn’t treatment, that there isn’t prevention, that it can’t be reversed. Rather, there’s simply no easy cure, no easy, one-stop remedy for heart troubles. So about them of dealing with heart disease, let’s simply break it down into a couple of stages.


Protection against heart trouble is an essential part. Once you’re dealing with cardiovascular disease, it requires extreme measures to improve it, but through prevention, you can easily sidestep the issue. The method for prevention of cardiovascular disease is fairly simple: First, you need to eat well. Stay away from junk food, fast food, anything fried and excessive red meat. Next, drink a lot of water and get some exercise every day. Finally, dietary supplements designed to control cholesterol levels can be a huge help.

The fact is that once you begin suffering from cardiovascular disease, damage has been done. Yes it can be reversed, but most patients are never quite a similar again. Prevention is absolutely, positively the most important step when controlling the threat of cardiovascular disease.

First Alerts

If you haven’t managed to prevent disease, then the best you can hope for is to catch it early. If you can catch coronary disease in the earliest stages, it’s still possible to reverse or at least stop any further damage before it becomes irreparable.

The only way to detect it early is to keep a regular check up schedule with your doctor (and this becomes more important the older you get), and to create sure that you take seriously any sign that may have to do with heart troubles. Most people experiencing the early signs mistake them for simple indigestion or heartburn, so don’t worry about seeming just like a hypochondriac if some minor chest pains have you worried.

Answering Heart Disease

Once disease has taken its course, there is usually little that could be done outside of invasive surgery and heavy medication, which is why it’s so important to deal with it early on. Unfortunately, at this point, there’s little that will be done not in the hospital. For now, just make sure that you take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, drink more water and try some cholesterol controlling supplements to ensure that it never comes to the point where you’ll NEED the doctor’s help.

Just When Is It A Good Idea To Try Acupuncture Remedy

For some people, the idea that pain and other physical problems are caused by an imbalance in their universal life force and “elements” may sound outlandish. This, however, is the basis of one of the oldest forms of medical treatment: traditional Chinese medicine. In the West, the most popular aspect of this form of medicine is acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on the very principle that the flow of life force through the body is imbalanced and that the balance needs to be restored.

Acupuncture clinics like nursing journal in Toronto note that in many cases, conventional Western treatments are unable to relieve pain, or at least, can’t do so without giving the patient drugs that are so powerful that they become part of the problem. Such strong drugs are addictive, hard on the body, and often leave patients so intoxicated that all they can do is lay around. Needless to say, blasting pain with addictive narcotics is not a real solution for anyone except the terminally ill.

For this reason, many patients seek a treatment that will get rid of their pain without causing any bad side-effects. This is where acupuncture comes in. Traditional acupuncture involves inserting between five and 25 needles into highly precise points on the body. According to Chinese medicine, this will re-balance the flow of life energy by eliminating blockages, points of congestion, and normalizing flow that is either too fast or too slow. Whether the theory of how it works is correct or not, patients swear by the effectiveness of the end result. Pain is reduced or eliminated without any of the negative effects common to pain-killing drugs.

The number of acupuncture sessions that will be needed depends on the underlying problem. If there is an ongoing cause of pain such as joint degeneration, you’ll need to get occasional re-treatments to get rid of new pains the problem is creating. On the other hand, some muscle cramps and similar issues may be permanently relieved by just one session as long as you aren’t doing anything to aggravate the affected part. In any case, medicinecentral says that relief after a session is often immediate.

Often, people get acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional therapies. With issues like cancer, conventional therapy is needed to fix the underlying problem. Then, acupuncture is used to make that therapy more bearable. For example, it can help with the pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy. Acupuncture is also used to deal with things like post-surgical pain or to help restore motion after an injury. For more information, contact Medicine Central through their site at medicinecentral.